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WhatsApp To Continue Support BBOS & BlackBerry 10 Until June 30 2017
At the moment iOS and Android are the dominant mobile platforms. A few years ago the market was different and we would see more variety in terms of operating system, like BBOS and BlackBerry, which is why back in the day, developers would actually have more platforms to develop their apps for.

BlackBerry Has One More Keyboard Phone For Their Fans
About a month ago, BlackBerry launched the DTEK50 and DTEK60, which are basically the company’s last phones, or at least that’s what we thought. However in a recent interview with Bloomberg, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed that they had one more phone up their sleeves in the form of a keyboard phone aimed at their long-time fans.

BlackBerry DTEK50 And DTEK60 Launched In India
BlackBerry is still trying to find its footing in the smartphone market even though it’s far from the dominant player that it once was. The company has given up on making its own devices and is now actually collaborating with third-party manufacturers on new handsets. The DTEK50 and the DTEK60 are the only two Android-powered handsets to come out of these collaborations and they will soon be released in India.

BlackBerry And Ford Will Work On Connected Cars
BlackBerry is in the process of pivoting from being a major hardware company to a major software company. We’ve already seen the company stop manufacturing of its own smartphones and outsource those duties to third-party manufacturers. It has also been working hard to expand its software offerings to bring in more revenue. The company has now inked an agreement with Ford Motor Company, the companies will work together on connected […]


BlackBerry Working With AT&T To Fix ‘No Service’ Problem On The Priv
It seems that the BlackBerry Priv on AT&T’s network is experiencing some issues. Some users are complaining that they are getting a “no service” error on their phones, and the bad news is that this issue has been ongoing since September. Thankfully not all Priv owners are affected, but clearly this is proving to be rather troublesome and annoying.

BlackBerry Says The DTEK60 Rivals Google Pixel XL And iPhone 7 Plus
BlackBerry may not be making its own smartphones anymore but the company is sticking around in the handset market by teaming up with third-party manufacturers. It recently launched a new high-end handset called the DTEK60, and while many might take the company’s claim with a grain of salt, BlackBerry says the DTEK60 is capable of going head to head against the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7.

BlackBerry Says DTEK60 Is 'Absolutely Not' Its Last Handset
BlackBerry already confirmed a couple of months ago that it’s no longer going to develop its own smartphones, it’s going to work with third-party manufacturers to create handsets. We’ve already seen the fruits of such a collaboration, the mid-range DTEK50 and the high-end DTEK60 that was just announced today. The company has reiterated that it’s not going to stop putting out handsets completely.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Finally Announced Today
We’ve seen a handful of leaks over the past few weeks that BlackBerry is putting the final touches on a new smartphone. The company released a new mid-range handset called the DTEK50 not too long ago, it’s following that up with a high-end model called the DTEK60. BlackBerry has officially launched the DTEK60 today, those who are interested in buying one can do so from the company’s website unlocked and […]

BlackBerry's Next Smartphone Will Surely Be Expensive
BlackBerry recently announced that it’s bowing out of the smartphone game, but not completely. The company will not be making its own devices now rather it will team up with third-party manufacturers. We’ve already seen this happen with the mid-range Android-powered DTEK50 and soon the company will announce the DTEK60. A recent retailer listing reveals that the upcoming BlackBerry handset might cost over $650.BlackBerry hasn’t officially announced the DTEK60 but […]

QWERTY BlackBerry ‘Mercury’ Spotted On Geekbench
Just last month, BlackBerry made a huge announcement in which they stated that they will no longer be making their own phones. Instead the company plans to focus on software and will be looking to license its brand instead, kind of like what Nokia is doing. However the company’s CEO John Chen reassured fans that the QWERTY BlackBerry phones will live on.

Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Priv Will Get Updates Directly From BlackBerry
If you buy a phone from a carrier, there are some upsides such as being able to get the phone subsidized, or you get the option to pay back the cost of the phone via installment plans. The downside is that you’ll be locked to the carrier, and any updates for the device usually have to go through an approval process.

BlackBerry Will Continue To Support OS 10
About a week ago, BlackBerry announced that they would be quitting the hardware business and focus on software. This means that we should no longer expect phones from the company, but the brand will live on through licensing from third-party manufacturers who might want to take advantage of the BlackBerry brand.

BlackBerry Reveals Specs Of Its Next Handset
BlackBerry recently confirmed that it’s no longer going to make its own handsets but the company is not completely bowing out of the handset market. It’s going to outsource production to third-party manufacturers and launch the handsets under its brand. The BlackBerry DTEK50 is the result of one such collaboration and the DTEK60 is going to be the second. BlackBerry has now listed the specs of this unannounced handset on […]

This Is Why There Wasn’t An Android Version Of The BlackBerry Passport
The BlackBerry Passport was a pretty unique device in terms of its design and its features. It was also the last time we saw BlackBerry launch a BlackBerry 10 smartphone before transitioning to Android with the BlackBerry Priv. However we’re sure some of you guys might be wondering, why didn’t BlackBerry just build an Android version of the Passport?