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Canon Will Reportedly Announce New Mirrorless Cameras On September 4
Nikon will be announcing a new mirrorless camera on the 23rd of August. However it seems that Nikon’s chief rival, Canon, might not be sitting idly by because according to a report from Mirrorless Rumors, Canon is expected to make their own announcement shortly after on either the 4th or 5th of September (depending on your timezone).

Canon Zoemini Photo Printer Announced
When it comes to pocketable photo printers, we wouldn’t be surprised if your mind went to Fujifilm’s Instax printers. However if you’re looking for alternatives, Canon might have something for you as the company has since announced their latest portable photo printer that comes in the form of the Canon Zoemini.

Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Digital Camera Announced
With our smartphones are more than capable of taking great photos, you would think that the compact camera category would be long dead by now. However there are various advantages to taking photos and videos with compacts, namely that in some instances they are better than smartphones, they offer features that our phones don’t, and also they won’t drain your phone’s battery.

Canon Film Camera Sales Have Finally Ended
Nobody really uses film cameras anymore, not unless they’re a photography enthusiast. There’s really no need to, given that you can now get a digital camera in a cell phone that costs less than $100. It won’t be anything to write home about, but at least it will let you take basic photos and video. Canon stopped making film cameras nearly a decade ago but since it had old stock […]


Canon Unveils IVY Portable Wireless Photo Printer
Wireless and portable photo printers aren’t new. In fact Fujifilm might be a company that users might be more familiar with when it comes to such devices. However in case you’re looking for an alternative, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently announced their latest wireless portable photo printer dubbed IVY.

Canon Reportedly Developing Two Prosumer Mirrorless Cameras
Canon’s mirrorless camera efforts have left a bit to be desired, at least compared to what the competition like Sony and Fujifilm are offering to photographers right now. However we have heard rumors that Canon could be working on more powerful models, and according to Canon Rumors, there could be more than one model in the works.

Canon Reportedly Has A Major Mirrorless Event In May
A couple of months ago, Canon announced a new mirrorless camera in the form of the EOS M50. It wasn’t exactly the most powerful mirrorless camera in the market which has us wondering if Canon might have something else in the works, like a full-frame mirrorless camera, perhaps?

Camera Lost At Sea For 2 Years Returned To Owner Based On Its Photos
If you were to drop something in the middle of the ocean, what do you think are your chances of ever finding it again? Probably pretty slim, but there is still a possibility, at least according to an amazing story of a camera lost at sea for about two years, only to make its way back to its owner.

Canon’s Full-Frame Mirrorless Reportedly Being Field-Tested By Professionals
Canon’s mirrorless camera efforts have been somewhat lukewarm where the company has typically launched entry-level models in a market that appears to be largely dominated by the likes of Sony. However the company has recently hinted that a high-end mirrorless could be in the works, corroborating some of the rumors we’ve heard.

Canon Sort Of Confirms Plans For A High-End Mirrorless Camera
The rumors are claiming that Canon might have a high-end mirrorless camera in the works, and even Sony is predicting that the company could have one ready to launch in the next year or so. Now it looks like Canon might have very well confirmed those rumors according to a recent interview with DPreview.

Canon To Go ‘On The Offensive’ In The Mirrorless Camera Market
Canon’s mirrorless efforts have felt a bit lackluster, where it seemed like the company was merely responding to other camera makers like Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus. However as mirrorless is starting to become more popular, especially amongst professionals, Canon is looking to step up their game.

Canon Reportedly Prototyping A Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
We have been hearing rumors that Canon could be looking to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera. Given that Canon’s mirrorless efforts haven’t exactly been met with the same success that other companies are enjoying, a full-frame mirrorless could help change things and make it more appealing to professionals.

Canon To Shift More Focus To Mirrorless Cameras
Without a doubt Canon is one of the biggest names (alongside Nikon) when it comes to DSLRs and professional photography equipment. Take a look at any sporting event and you will find photographers equipped with either a Canon or Nikon DSLR. However that’s just one segment of the market.

Canon’s Latest Speedlite Flash Uses AI To Find The Best Angles
One of the reasons why external flash units are so much better than built-in flash is due to its ability to angle the flash. Given that it is generally not advised to use flash directly on the subject, angling it means that photographers can bounce light off surfaces like reflector boards, the wall, or ceiling, thus creating a softer and more natural look.