Chrome OS Will Soon Show Android Files In Files App

Chrome OS now plays much nicer with Android than it used to and recent commits to the Chromium Gerrit for Chrome OS have suggested that this will only continue to improve in the future. A recent code discovery revealed that the Chrome OS launcher will soon let users search for Android app shortcuts and today’s discovery reveals that Chrome OS will finally start showing Android files in the Files app.

Chrome OS Launcher May Let Users Search Android App Shortcuts

Google may not have plans to fuse Android and Chrome OS but the former’s influence on the latter has been increasing gradually. It has long been possible to run Android apps on Chrome OS and it even supports the entire Google Play Store now. Google has also started testing Android P on Chrome OS even though it didn’t release Android Oreo for Chromebooks. Some new code has now been discovered […]

Chrome OS Gets Full Support For Linux Apps

This is something that many Chrome OS users are going to like. Google has confirmed that Chrome OS is getting full support for Linux apps. This means that devices such as Chromebooks will soon be able to run Linux apps and execute Linux commands without breaking a sweat. The company will release a preview of this for the Pixelbook first before rolling out the full Linux support to all compatible […]

Google’s ‘AltOS’ Could Let Users Toggle Between Chrome OS And Windows

In the past there have been rumors that Google could be working on a future operating system which would merge Android and Chrome OS together, although the company had previously dismissed such rumors. However according to more recent speculation, Google could still have something similar planned.


Pixelbook ‘AltOS’ Mode Might Let It Run Windows

Even though the Pixelbook is a pretty good laptop for the money, you won’t really consider it if you’re not ready to shift to Chrome OS entirely. However, it appears that Google wants to tap into those customers as well and is developing an “AltOS” mode which will enable Pixelbook owners to run Windows on their laptops as well.

Pixelbook’s Random Reboot Bug Has Been Fixed

For those who purchased Google’s Pixelbook laptop, some users were unfortunate enough to run into a bug with the laptop where it would randomly reboot itself. For some users it was infrequent, but for some it was apparently every 1 or 10 minutes which we can imagine makes it extremely annoying and more or less renders the laptop unusable.

Samsung Releases Updated Chromebook Pro With Backlit Keyboard

Last year Samsung launched the Chromebook Pro laptop which is one of the higher-end Chromebooks in the market today. However there were some gripes that some reviewers had with the laptop, such as the travel distance on the keyboard and also the fact that it wasn’t backlit.

HP Chromebook x2 Tablet With Detachable Keyboard Launched

It seems that the laptop/tablet hybrid design is still going strong these days and if you were after a similar setup, you might be interested to learn that HP has recently launched their latest Chrome OS hybrid in the form of the HP Chromebook x2. As you can see in the image above, this is a tablet that features a detachable keyboard and a stylus.

Google Chrome Adding Emoji Shortcuts For Windows, Mac, Chrome OS

If you’re on your phone and you want to enter an emoji into a message you’re sending, it’s a pretty quick and painless process. However when it comes to entering emojis on the desktop, that’s a different story as there’s no real obvious way to do that. The good news is that if you’re using Chrome, Google will be introducing some shortcuts.

Fullscreen Launcher For Chrome OS In Tablet Mode Being Tested

Google has gradually been making Chrome OS more touchscreen-optimized. It recently made some changes to the launcher in order to optimize it more for touchscreens and it appears that Google is now testing a fullscreen launcher for Chrome OS in tablet mode. A significant launcher update such as this will further blur the line between Chrome OS and Android-powered tablets.

Chrome OS ARCore Support May Arrive Soon

Launched earlier this year, ARCore is Google’s augmented reality platform that enables developers to build AR apps. It uses three key technologies to place AR objects in the real world using the phone’s camera which include motion tracking, light estimation, and environmental understanding. ARCore already supported a handful of Nougat-powered devices at launch such as Google’s Pixel smartphones and the Galaxy S8 lineup however the company is yet to confirm […]

Acer Announces First Chrome OS-Powered Tablet

There were reports recently that the first Chrome OS-powered tablet could be launched soon and Acer has done just that today. The company announced the official launch of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 which is the first tablet powered by Google’s cloud-based operating system for the education market.

Chrome OS Lock Screen Notifications Could Arrive In The Future

Google has recently been adding new features to Chrome OS that are inspired by some features that have long been available on Android. This includes features like inline notifications which are headed to Chrome OS and even split-screen mode which will land on the web-based OS with Chrome 66. It appears that Chrome OS may also receive the lock screen notifications feature that has been available on Android for several […]

Lenovo Ruggedized Chromebooks Deliver Affordable Touch and Pen

At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Lenovo has announced that a trio of Chromebooks (100e, 300e, and 500e) previously sold only through education channels would be available to the general public.