YouTube For iOS Updated With Chromecast Lock Screen Controls

Having to always unlock your phone to control media playback can be rather annoying, not to mention very inefficient and inconvenient. This is why more often than not, apps that support media playback tend to have a lock screen interface in which users can skip tracks, hit pause or play, adjust volume, and so on.

Apple TV Continues To Bleed Market Share

We’ve been hearing rumors for many years that Apple is going to launch a standalone smart TV but that hasn’t happened yet. It did launch an updated Apple TV set-top box in October 2015 but that hasn’t done much to improve its fortunes in the connected TV market. Latest data from eMarketer reveals that Apple TV continues to bleed market share as it sits at the bottom of the connected […]

Get Free HBO Now For Three Months With Chromecast

Google has a habit of providing incentives with each purchase of the Chromecast dongle and it’s back with yet another incentive. It’s a really good one. Customers who purchase last year’s Chromecast or the recently launched Chromecast Ultra will now get free HBO Now for three months. The purchase has to be made within a month from now in order to be eligible for this incentive.

Google’s Chromecast Ultra Announced With Support For 4K

With 4K and HDR expected to become standard features we would expect from TVs and displays in the future, it only makes sense that Google would upgrade its Chromecast device to support that. There were rumors to suggest that a Chromecast Ultra would be announced, and it looks like it has been made official.


4K Chromecast May Not Feature Chrome Logo

The Chromecast dongle has always featured the Chrome logo ever since it was released a couple of years ago. Google is now expected to launch a new Chromecast dongle at its event on October 4th and according to a new report, the new Chromecast may not feature a Chrome logo. This new dongle is reportedly going to be called Chromecast Ultra and one of its biggest features is said to […]

Google Home & Chromecast Ultra Potential Prices Revealed

Earlier this year, Google announced their own take on the Amazon Echo in the form of the Google Home. It would more or less function the same way as the Echo, except that it will feature Google Assistant, Google’s new voice assistant platform which could potentially be used to replace the Google Now brand.

Google’s Chromecast Is A Massive Hit With 30 Million Units Sold

Google’s little HDMI dongle has turned out to be one of its best-selling hardware products. The company launched this dongle about two years ago as a way for people to use HDMI ports to bring smart capabilities to their TVs. It was priced at $35 which made it a very attractive option as opposed to spending a few hundred dollars on buying a smart TV. The company has revealed that […]

Tidal Chromecast Support Is Finally Here

Tidal may not be as popular as other music streaming services but quite a few people do use it primarily because the owner, who happens to be Jay Z, has some powerful friends in the music business that are sending exclusive content Tidal’s way. Their fans then have to subscribe to Tidal if they want access to that content, and now they can stream that content to Chromecast devices.

Google Is Integrating Chromecast Support Into Chrome

If the idea of being able share screens and beam content from one device to another, Google’s Chromecast is actually a rather nifty and affordable way to do so. Users just need the Chromecast dongle and they’re good to go. Granted not all apps will support the feature, but for the most part video streaming like on YouTube is one of the main attractive features.

VLC Chromecast Support Could Arrive Soon

Chromecast makes it very easy to stream content on the biggest screen in your home. Most content services like Netflix and Hulu already support Chromecast, making it very easy to cast content, but when it comes to local files one usually needs other software to make it happen. Now one of the most widely used media players is preparing to add Chromecast support which would make it very easy for […]

Google Cast Available On Every Google Fiber TV Box Now

Google has announced that starting today it’s adding Google Cast, the technology that powers its popular Chromecast dongle, to every Google Fiber TV box. This opens up a whole new world of content for those who have a Fiber TV box, enabling them to easily cast their shows, movies, music, and other content to the biggest screen in their house. It also eliminates the need for them to purchase a […]

Google Offering Free Chromecast To YouTube Red Subscribers

Google has been running a promotion recently for the subscription-only YouTube Red service, and now it appears to have turned it up a notch. According to reports, the company is offering free Chromecasts to YouTube Red subscribers. The free hardware is a good way to entice people to start paying for the ad-free version of YouTube which also brings several features that are not available to conventional users.

Chromecast Could Soon Support Facebook For Android Video Streaming

Facebook hosts a lot of videos, and if you were wondering when you’d be able to stream those videos from your phone to your TV via the Google Chromecast dongle, you’ll be happy to learn that it is a feature that could be arriving soon. This is thanks to the folks at Android Police who received screenshots of the feature.

Modder Gives Retro TV A Modern Makeover With Chromecast

If you love being able to stream content from your phone to your TV, chances are the Google Chromecast is an affordable accessory you’ll want to pick up. While chances are most people use their Chromecasts with their modern televisions, YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine decided to take things to the next level.