Sometimes we wake up late or sometimes we have to wake up early to beat the rush hour crowd but skipping breakfast is not uncommon in those scenarios, although by right we shouldn’t be skipping our breakfast, but sometimes the situation is such that it cannot be helped, so how about this portable bagel toaster that was designed by Kent Madden which allows you to make your breakfast (a bagel) while on the go?

Bagels are popular breakfast choice because you can have them with pretty much anything, blueberries, sour cream and onion, cream cheese, etc. It’s that versatile and much like toast, you can use your hands to eat it, which means you can have it pretty much any time and any where. So basically Kent Madden decided that he would create a breakfast solution in the form of a portable bagel toaster where you basically pop the bagel in the device and through the use of robotics, it will spin through the toaster unit in the device until the desired color is achieved.

It’s energy efficient due to its use of sugar crystal batteries which can be recharged via the ceramic dock using induction. If you’re wondering why this design sounds so familiar, perhaps you should take a look at portable record players that were present in the 1950’s-80’s.

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