Diablo Immortal Met With Massive Backlash From Fans

During BlizzCon 2018 over the weekend, Blizzard officially announced Diablo Immortal. This is a mobile MMORPG that basically brings the hack and slash game onto our smartphones and tablets, and while it sounds really good in concept, the reaction that Blizzard faced when the game was unveiled was surprising.

Diablo 3 Amiibo For Nintendo Switch Revealed

Earlier in the week, it was speculated that there could be an Amiibo in the works for Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch. It looks like the datamine was accurate because Blizzard and NIntendo have since officially announced the Diablo 3 Amiibo in the form of a “loot goblin” which is expected to be exclusive to GameStop.

Diablo Immortal Mobile MMORPG Announced

There have been many who have in the past wondered what it would be like had Blizzard decided to make Diablo an MMORPG instead of Warcraft. Turns out you might not have to wonder anymore because at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard has officially taken the wraps off Diablo Immortal.

Datamine Reveals Possible Diablo Amiibo In The Works

Nintendo’s Amiibos have proven to be rather popular not just amongst gamers, but also collectors. For those unfamiliar, Amiibos are basically tiny figurines of characters from various Nintendo games. These figurines can be lined with the console and their accompanying game where it will unlock additional content.


Diablo 3 Seasons Mode For Switch Won’t Require Online Membership

If you want to play multiplayer games on your Nintendo Switch, then you will need a subscription to the Switch’s Online service, that much is obvious. However it seems that there has been some confusion about that with regards to Blizzard’s Diablo 3, where Blizzard has since clarified some details.

PowerA Unveils Diablo Themed Nintendo Switch Controllers

Many have praised the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons which despite looking pretty small, actually turn out to be quite pleasant to use. However we imagine that there are probably many gamers who can appreciate larger gamepads, like the Switch’s Pro Controller for instance. If that’s your preferred method of gaming, then PowerA might have something for you.

Blizzard Address Diablo Rumors Ahead Of BlizzCon 2018

BlizzCon 2018 is coming up and this year it seems that we might be getting more Diablo-related announcements compared to the previous year. Blizzard had previously confirmed that they had multiple Diablo projects in the works which we imagine we will hear about at the event, and recent speculation has even suggested that we might hear about Diablo 4.

BlizzCon Floor Layout Leads To Diablo 4 Announcement Speculation

Several BlizzCons have come and go without much Diablo news shared. However it seems that this could be the year we see some major Diablo reveal, or at least that’s what some are speculating based on the floor layout for BlizzCon 2018 where it seems to suggest that Blizzard has some big news to share.

Nintendo Unveils Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Bundle For The Switch

So we know that Diablo 3 is coming out for the Nintendo Switch, that much was confirmed a couple of months ago. For those who have yet to buy a Switch and Diablo 3 is the game that has finally convinced them to, then you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has since announced the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Bundle.

Blizzard Denies Diablo: Reign Of Terror Is A New Diablo Game

Over the weekend thanks to a leak, the name Diablo: Reign Of Terror was revealed. This has led to speculation that this could be the name of Blizzard’s next Diablo title. Unfortunately for Diablo hopefuls, that doesn’t seem to be the case as Blizzard has since put those rumors and speculation to rest.

Blizzard Has No Plans For Diablo 3 Cross-Play ‘At This Time’

While the Diablo franchise has largely been designed for PC gamers, Diablo 3 marked the first time the company brought the series onto consoles. However due the different online systems used by Sony and Microsoft, console players could not play with each other. However Blizzard had previously hinted that cross-play was something they were interested in.

Animated Diablo Series Reportedly In Development At Netflix

We’ve seen how video games that are translated into movies usually don’t do so well, which is why it looks like Blizzard could be taking a different route with Diablo. In a report from Variety, it seems that a Diablo animated series is being developed over at Netflix. This was actually revealed by Boom! Studios founder Andrew “Andy” Cosby who tweeted (and deleted) that he’s in the “final talks” to […]

Diablo 3 Launches On Nintendo Switch November 2, 2018

When Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch was officially announced, Blizzard did not mention when the game would be released, only that it would be released later this year. For those who are looking forward to its release, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to wait much longer because the game has been set for a release on the 2nd of November.

Diablo 2’s Mephisto Finds His Way Onto Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is essentially an amalgamation of all of Blizzard’s franchises brought under one roof (or game). The game started out simple enough where it featured the more well-known characters from Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft, but over the years Blizzard has slowly started to introduce more characters that aren’t quite as prominent.