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Solar Chariot Ain’t No Icarus
Forget about making wings out of wax just to fly, only to plunge to your death due to the wax wings melting when you approach close to the sun. What was that young Icarus thinking of in the first place, anyway? Here is a far safer method to get around, albeit slower and less picturesque, although you can be sure that you will not be short of admirers either, with […]

Iron Man’s Laser Glove Recreated Complete With Sound Effects
You might recall a scene from the Iron Man 2 movie in which Tony Stark uses a laser beam projected from his glove to cut down the robots surrounding him and War Machine. It produced a very cool laser sound and even had the neat little effect of being ejected from his wrist after the laser cartridge was spent.Well it looks like German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is a huge […]

DIY BB-8 Droid A Reality
There is no stopping one who has passion and a tenacity to see things done – or created, in this particular case. If you were awed (like many others) by the BB-8 rolling droid that is set to endear itself to untold millions when Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens hits the cinemas, here is one guy who decided to take things further – by constructing his very own BB-8 […]

Modern Home Is Tiny But Livable
Earlier this month, we did bring you word on how it is very possible to build an actual home with just $500 worth of recycled materials, although you can be sure that this particular abode is not going to be the Ritz Carlton. I do have a niggling feeling that such housing ideas might end up being extremely popular in the future, as here we are with another news that […]


DIY Exo-Suit Sees Man Lift 170-Pound Barbell Without Breaking A Sweat
Exoskeletons are a great idea in helping humans augment their natural strength, and if used properly, a person could end up having the strength of 10 men or even more, depending on how the entire exoskeleton has been designed. In fact, we just talked about the Ratchet Exoskeleton Boots that helps make walking more efficient, although this DIY exo-suit does more than just aid one in his or her walk.

Erebor Fleshed Out In 55,000 Lego Pieces
Playing with Lego bricks do bring out the imagination in one, and it will also help you exercise your mind rather than being passively fed through mass consumption media. In fact, the clever use of Lego bricks have seen the likes of a modular computing chassis that is set to be future-proof, but this particular effort will be less altruistic, since it would most probably deserve a place in a […]

Project Daffodil Delivers Interactive Pop-Up Books Thanks To Electronics Within
Just what the heck is Project Daffodil in the first place? Well, Project Daffodil happens to be a fun project which will bring together elements of a pop-up book alongside the wonders of modern day electronics, with the main readership being girls. The first project would see the protagonist, a young princess known as Cassie, who needs to complete a slew of tasks with her trusty pet dragon at her […]

This LEGO Computer Case Is Basically Modular And Futureproof
We’ve seen LEGO used to make all sorts of things and yes, LEGO-made computer cases aren’t exactly new, but if you’re after a more compact LEGO case then perhaps Mike Schropp has something for you in the form of a LEGO computer case that he feels could be built by anyone and that would still be relevant in the years that come.According to Schropp, “The more I thought about the […]

A $500 Home From Recycled Materials Is Possible
When we talk about the crazy rentals in cities like San Francisco, as well as the cost of having a roof over your own head in metropolises, here is a counter culture idea – is it possible to build a home from scratch for just $500? The answer is yes, although one cannot take land cost into consideration as the half grand will all be invested into the building materials […]

3D-Printed Teddy Powered By Raspberry Pi Runs Spotify
You might have seen hacked cars as well as modifications made by different people to various devices, but apparently, there is also a whole new world which has been opened up to the masses thanks to the wonders of 3D printing technology. Case in point, this particular electronic teddy bear that has been built from scratch using a 3D printer for its chassis. It might not be soft and cuddly, […]

Paper Millennium Falcon Is A 4-Year Labor Of Love
If one has the right kind of passion or interest, you can be sure that great things can be achieved. Star Wars fans will definitely be able to identify with one of the most well loved ships in the series, and that would be Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. It does look intricately detailed in the movie itself, and so, how would it look like if one were to use paper […]

DIY Smart Mirror Displays Notifications From Phones, Tablets, Watches
Has there ever been a time where your phone, tablet, or smartwatch goes off and you’re just too lazy to check your notifications? What if looking down at your mobile device constantly is too distracting? Would a smart mirror be able to solve that for you? Because that is what one Redditor by the name of Nick Nothom did.According to Nothom, the reason behind the creation of the smart mirror […]

Power Glove Gains New Lease Of Life As Stop Motion Animation Tool
The Nintendo Power Glove sounds pretty cool in theory, but in reality, is was about as successful as the Nintendo Virtual Boy. In other words, it was an utter failure. However, the creativity of humans has seen the poor Power Glove gain a new lease of life previously – such as it being able to control a full body rave suit, or how about using it to control other games […]

ArCake: Just Don’t Swallow Them LED Lights
So technology has gone on from being the usual business of you carrying a particular device around, to one which you can actually wear – ranging from smart glasses to smartwatches. Well, what about the world of gastronomy? Alexander Treiber decided that any other normal birthday cake simply will not do – hence, he decided to come up with an edible, interactive LED cake in order to celebrate his wife’s […]