Nissan NV200 electric cab to hit the streets of London in 2014

Nissan is widely known for its GT-R sports car but the Japanese car maker has actually more up its sleeve. One example is the van-like Nissan NV200 that has the distinguishing features of a traditional London cab. Poised to challenge London’s black cabs two years from now, Nissan says that its NV200 can eliminate 20% of the capital’s exhaust pollution. The Nissan NV200 will be manufactured in Barcelona and is […]

Eggasus electric car looks egg-onomic

We have the Karma Fisker and Tesla Roadster as prime examples of what an electric sports car can deliver, but if you were to turn the tables around and start off on the other end of the equation, what do you end up with? Enter the Eggasus electric car, which is said to be an alternative solution for urban travel. This is one special looking vehicle which might draw laughs, […]

e-Tuk Vendo goes all electric

Electric vehicles seem to be the way to go, and here we are with the e-Tuk Vendo from the Netherlands. Yes sir, what we normally would have associated with the Kingdom of Thailand and the death defying tuk-tuks, is not the purview of Thailand itself, as the Tuk Tuk Factory from the Netherlands recently announced the availability of an all-electric modified tuk-tuk which they dub the e-Tuk Vendo. The e-Tuk […]

Major automakers agree to fast charging technology standard

If there is one drawback about an electric vehicle, it would be the need to recharge it at the end of a long day (particularly when the battery levels are dangerously low), and the charging time is no walk in the park, either. Good to know then, that major automakers such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche and Volkswagen have agreed to a common format for their EV […]


Rimac Concept_One up for sale, is shy of a million

The Rimac Concept_One is definitely a beauty of a vehicle, and if you are planning to own one of these in your garage, then might I suggest you do a double take with your accountant as to how much money you have left in your bank balance? We are talking about a $980,000 price tag here, but you can be sure that it is going to be a whole lot […]

DriveLAB assists the aged drivers behind the wheel

When we get older, our bodies do not seem to work in the way they used to, as bits and pieces start to break down. With worsening vision and slower reflexes, driving also gets more dangerous, and Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University, UK have decided to transform an electric vehicle into a mobile laboratory that will monitor the driver’s concentration, stress levels and driving habits so that new technologies […]

Embedded road coils to juice up moving vehicles and improve GPS

They say that wireless charging is the future, but wireless charging for vehicles is still in its infancy, especially when you consider the small number of electric cars sold to date. Still, we can always wish for a brighter future where electric cars are the transportation of choice, so why not work on a charging system right now as well to embrace the future? Researchers at Stanford are working on […]

Hiriko self-folding electric car rolls out in Spain

Here is a prelude to what could very well be a future that sees Transformers-like vehicles roam our roads, although we will not be having robots rampaging through our streets anytime soon. Spain intends to produce an electric car known as the Hiriko (“urban car” in Basque) which is already small, being roughly the same size as a Smart, but it goes one step further by collapsing itself into an […]

Toyota 2000GT SEV electric concept car

Toyota has produced just one – and only one, Toyota 2000GT SEV electric concept car, where it was paraded to the adoring public at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. This particular ride was designed by the Crazy Car Project under the direction of the Toyota Automobile Association, where it will transform Toyota’s iconic late-sixties sports coupe from the flower power era to that of a 21st century update that runs […]

EnviroTech Lightning electric car

The Lightning electric car from EnviroTech that you see here certainly looks very different from all those sleek looking, modern sports cars and exotics. No sir, this one looks as though it was hauled straight off from the middle of the previous century, back in the days when nuclear power was still in its infancy (and demonstrated on two locations in Japan), and vehicles did not need to resemble a […]

MyCar ready to hit production line

If you really want to live out the green lifestyle, then you would surely have an electric car on your shopping list – or at least a hybrid vehicle. Well, here is some good news to cheer you up if you feel that the Tesla roadster is out of your price range, Greentech Automotive will start the production of their all electric MyCar in Horn Lake from November 11th onwards. […]

Nissan Pivo 3 electric vehicle parks itself

You know that we are all created differently, and for some, doing something might be considered as child’s play, while others will struggle with it. Take parking your car into a tight spot for example – some relish the challenge and pull it off brilliantly, while others take ages to park before giving up (not before sharing paint with the other car to boot) and spending more money for valet […]

Qualcomm purchases wireless electric car charging technology

It’s been recently announced that Qualcomm has acquired a company called HaloIPT and its assets. For those who didn’t know, HaloIPT is a New Zealand startup that has developed wireless electric car charging technology. The aforementioned technology makes use of wireless induction which allows folks to charge their electric cars by simply driving over or driving nearby a mat or a device – no need for pulling out cables to […]

Kiira EV is first electric car from Uganda

When you mention the country Uganda, I don’t think identifying it as a vehicle producing nation is right at the top of most people’s minds. I guess things will be changing for the better in the future assuming the nation’s first electric car, the Kiira EV, actually takes off in a big way. According to Mr Paul Isaac Musasizi, the Project Manager of the Vehicle Design Mission at Makerere University, […]