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Sunswift eVe Breaks Land Speed Record
If there is one thing about the human spirit, it is the fact that it can be the most fragile thing in the universe, as well as being indomitable in nature when the going gets tough. In fact, it is the sense of adventure within the bosom of the adventurous to go out and break new records, forge new frontiers and explore new worlds. Since records are there to be […]

Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar
Electric cars have been touted by certain quarters to be the future of the automobile as nasty emissions are eliminated altogether, but it will still take a fair amount of time before the electric car is able to achieve the kind of range and for purists, performance that a gas-powered ride can. Tesla has thrown its hat into the ring before, but compared to the gas-powered supercars, it is unable […]

Electric Car Batteries Could Be Used to Power Europe’s Data Centers
Electric cars do run on batteries, and going along with the overall “green” theme of electric cars, you might be pleased to know that the batteries which run these four wheelers could eventually be used to help manage the voracious appetite for energy in Europe’s data centers. This particular idea would require the cumulative effect of plenty of old batteries as stores, supplying power as and when required, especially during […]

Nissan Leaf Owner Arrested For Stealing Five Cents Worth Of Electricity
One of the main benefits to owning an electric car is the fact that you can hook up your vehicle to an outlet in order to juice it up, which is certainly more convenient than having to find a gas station to fill up your vehicle with fuel. But in the case of this story, the convenience of being able to hook up your electric car to any outlet got […]


DUT 13 Electric Vehicle Breaks 0-60 World Acceleration Record
Records are there simply because they are meant to be broken, and you can never know just what there is in store with a bunch of young people. After all, they do see things in a fresh manner and think out of the box. Case in point, a team of students from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, has managed to set a new world acceleration record for electric vehicles […]

Drayson Racing Technologies Breaks World Land Speed Record For Electric Cars
Drayson Racing Technologies has achieved a new world land speed record for lightweight electric cars.

DC Fast Charging Coming To Electric Cars Soon
The sales of electric cars are not exactly dazzling (pardon the pun) to date, but it has more or less showed that the world is ready to embrace such eco-friendly modes of transport, although the adoption rate is still in its infancy as humankind continues to find different ways to wean ourselves from being too dependent on fossil fuels. One drawback about electric cars is this – the relatively long […]

Detroit Electric SP:01 Is One Mean Electric Sports Car
The Tesla Roadster can be said to be a dream car for many a Greenpeace activist, although for all intents and purposes, a hybrid like the Toyota Prius would be a far better bet. Well, perhaps it is time to see that the electric sports car market is maturing, especially when you see yet another competitor hit the scene after the Tesla’s Roadster production drew to a close at the […]

Detroit Electric Intends To Roll Out A Battery Powered Sports Car
Detroit Electric, a company that has an eye (or rather, both eyes) cast deep into the future, has just announced that they intend to come up with a working battery-powered sports car this coming August. Yes sir, apparently, they will be able to roll out up to 2,500 sports cars within the time span of a year in Michigan, although there was no further zooming in on just which part […]

Volkswagen E-Up Concept Now Realized
The Volkswagen E-Up was nothing but a concept just four years ago, and now the German car company has decided to have it “grow up” and enter production, where the small electric vehicle is touted to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this fall. Of course, since much time has passed between now and back then, the Volkswagen E-Up would not be exactly the same as before, as […]

Charging Your Electric Cars Become Easier
When 1 + 1 equals to 3, you know for sure that the wonders of synergy is at work here. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, and so this is how two rival Bay Area companies have more or less become “friends”, or at least are part of a new, albeit uneasy alliance, as they have decided to link their respective networks of public charging stations for electric […]

This is what pumps for electric cars will look like
It’s really nice that almost all non-Apple smartphones use the same charger, which is the MicroUSB standard. Electric cars may be going the same way. Global engineering group SAE International has published a new standard for plug-in electric cars. It goes by the catchy name of J1772 Revision B. Although the convenience of a standard plug is by itself a huge improvement, the standard also includes a specification for “quick charging.” Quick […]

Ford C-Max Energi packs quite the punch
Ford claims that their C-Max Energy, their very first attempt at a plug-in hybrid, is capable of delivering quite the powerful electric punch for those who have nothing but disdain for electric vehicles. Ford Powertrain VP Joseph Bakaj had a session with reporters, where he mentioned, “In that mode, we will be able to offer a top speed of up to 85 miles per hour, a range of more than […]

Nissan NV200 electric cab to hit the streets of London in 2014
Nissan is widely known for its GT-R sports car but the Japanese car maker has actually more up its sleeve. One example is the van-like Nissan NV200 that has the distinguishing features of a traditional London cab. Poised to challenge London’s black cabs two years from now, Nissan says that its NV200 can eliminate 20% of the capital’s exhaust pollution. The Nissan NV200 will be manufactured in Barcelona and is […]

Eggasus electric car looks egg-onomic
We have the Karma Fisker and Tesla Roadster as prime examples of what an electric sports car can deliver, but if you were to turn the tables around and start off on the other end of the equation, what do you end up with? Enter the Eggasus electric car, which is said to be an alternative solution for urban travel. This is one special looking vehicle which might draw laughs, […]

e-Tuk Vendo goes all electric
Electric vehicles seem to be the way to go, and here we are with the e-Tuk Vendo from the Netherlands. Yes sir, what we normally would have associated with the Kingdom of Thailand and the death defying tuk-tuks, is not the purview of Thailand itself, as the Tuk Tuk Factory from the Netherlands recently announced the availability of an all-electric modified tuk-tuk which they dub the e-Tuk Vendo. The e-Tuk […]

Major automakers agree to fast charging technology standard
If there is one drawback about an electric vehicle, it would be the need to recharge it at the end of a long day (particularly when the battery levels are dangerously low), and the charging time is no walk in the park, either. Good to know then, that major automakers such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche and Volkswagen have agreed to a common format for their EV […]

Rimac Concept_One up for sale, is shy of a million
The Rimac Concept_One is definitely a beauty of a vehicle, and if you are planning to own one of these in your garage, then might I suggest you do a double take with your accountant as to how much money you have left in your bank balance? We are talking about a $980,000 price tag here, but you can be sure that it is going to be a whole lot […]

DriveLAB assists the aged drivers behind the wheel
When we get older, our bodies do not seem to work in the way they used to, as bits and pieces start to break down. With worsening vision and slower reflexes, driving also gets more dangerous, and Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University, UK have decided to transform an electric vehicle into a mobile laboratory that will monitor the driver’s concentration, stress levels and driving habits so that new technologies […]

Embedded road coils to juice up moving vehicles and improve GPS
They say that wireless charging is the future, but wireless charging for vehicles is still in its infancy, especially when you consider the small number of electric cars sold to date. Still, we can always wish for a brighter future where electric cars are the transportation of choice, so why not work on a charging system right now as well to embrace the future? Researchers at Stanford are working on […]