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Yahoo Encrypted Email Made Possible With Google Teamwork
It looks as though with all of the hacking that is going around us these days, one can never be too paranoid or careful when it comes to protecting what precious personal information that we have online. This applies to your email account too, and Yahoo has announced that their Yahoo Mail service will be encrypted end-to-end from some time next year onward. As to the exact date and month […]

ProtonMail Arrives In Public Beta
Let’s face it – the NSA is not exactly in the good books of many people ever since their secrets were leaked out, not to mention being the butt of close-to-home jokes, where it even accessed information from the likes of Google and Yahoo! among others. If there is one particular rule of thumb that all should subscribe to, it would be this – using your smartphone, tablet or computer […]

Yahoo Switches To Basic Email On Older Browsers
There are times when it pays to remain ahead of the learning curve – such as now, as Yahoo requires you to update your browser or you will be using basic email instead when June 6 rolls around. The basic version of Yahoo Mail that will run on older browsers will not come with all of the other necessary trappings such as the useful spell-check or chat function.

Apple's Email Services Reportedly Deleting Emails From Mail Mergers
If you’re a user of Apple’s email services, such as,, and, there is apparently a glitch going on with Apple’s email servers which could be auto-deleting messages that are coming from bulk mail mergers. For those unfamiliar with mail mergers, they’re basically tools used to send out mass emails.For some, this is used to send out spam emails, but for others, it is a legitimate way of […]


France: Companies Not Allowed To Contact Employees Electronically After Work Day Is Over
If you happen to stay in France and earn a living there, then you might be familiar with the following. They happen to have a 35 hour work week (do bear in mind that the 35-hour working week happens to be a measure that was first adopted in France back in February 2000, under the watch of Prime Minister Lionel Jospin’s Plural Left government. The 35 hours happen to be […]

Tocomail: Safe & Easy Email Service For Kids
Kids are very different from adults, not only in the way where they perceive things, but also at how they use things, too. I mean, lend your precious and pristine iPad to a toddler and you might get it back full of scratches all over the place, not to mention it might even have been dunked into the bathtub! The same goes for apps, too, as some kids do not […]

Writing An Email Is Much Tougher Than You Think [Video]
Considering just how connected we’ve all become to our mobile devices and computers as a primary way to communicate with one another, we know how important emails can be. Sending an instant message will probably get a quicker response, but there are several benefits to sending emails. One of those benefits is how those who correspond through email tend to be composed more professionally than instant messages, which often use […]

Bra Sizes Of Female Detroit Cops Emailed By Accident To Officers
Now this is definitely an embarrassing situation for female members of the Detroit police, as their bra cup sizes have been emailed to the other officers by accident. Just how the heck did such personal information become available? The answer is simple – a bullet proof vest. After all, the bullet proof vest that is worn by a man looks nearly the same as that of a woman’s on the […]

The Email Guitar Lets You Shred Your Way To Responding To Correspondences
If you were impressed with David Neevel’s previous contraption which was able to separate the cream from an OREO cookie, then you’re going to dig his latest project called the Email Guitar.Instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day and using an archaic input method like the keyboard to type in all of your correspondences, you’ll be able to shred your way into a perfectly constructed email as the […]

Incredimail Makes Email Easy With Its New iPad App
There currently aren’t many alternatives to Apple’s Mail application for the iPad as the only mail application worth its salt would have to be Google’s Gmail application, although that app’s experience is far from perfect. But a new application called Incredimail might finally give the iPad a mail application that might offer a redesign of your inbox that might be worth your time.Incredimail adopts a Flipboard style interface for your email […]

Dropbox Suffers From Old Hack As Users Email Addresses Become Compromised
Dropbox announced yesterday they’ve surpassed one billion uploads a day as well as a number of new features they’re currently cooking up, but as you’ve probably learned by now, what goes up, must come down.According to a number of Dropbox users who voiced their frustrations on the services official forums as well as across a number of social media services, it seems Dropbox is still suffering from its system hack […]

Apple Censors 'Barely Legal Teen' From iCloud Emails, Attachments
Apple’s iCloud has seen better days as it’s still experiencing issues from its early-morning outage, and now we’re hearing reports of iCloud emails and attachments being censored.According to Macworld, Apple’s iCloud email service has been caught deleting emails that contain the phrase “barely legal teen.” Two test emails were sent using personal iCloud accounts, the first one having the worlds “He’s a barely legal teenage driver” while the second email […]

Report: Majority Of iPad Owners Prefer To Use Their Tablet For Email
After hours, I tend to spend my evenings watching TV with my wife, along with my iPad on my lap. I’m usually browsing Reddit, reading some news and making my way through my email. It seems that last activity is one the majority of iPad owners enjoy as well as a new research was published today which shows just how important email is on their iPad.According to a survey conducted […]

It's OK for someone else to read your online emails, according to US Court
This is a sticky case: Lee Jennings, a South Carolina man, was cheating on his wife. She found out, and she hacked into Lee’s Yahoo email account by guessing the answers to his security questions–they were married, after all. Lee Jennings sues his soon-to-be ex, and he wins a settlement, because his emails are protected under the Stored Communications Act. But during the appeal, the South Carolina Supreme Court reverses […]