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YouTube Music For Android Updated With A Lyrics Section
Most of us love to sing along to songs, but sometimes we don’t always know the lyrics. So what do we do? We pull up a website that has the lyrics for us, but if you’d rather not interrupt the process by pulling up another app on your phone, not to worry if you’re a YouTube Music subscriber.

This Film From 1896 Was Upscaled To 4K Using AI
You know those police drama shows where they zoom in on a photo or video, and magically it becomes sharper and clearer instead of more pixelated? It looks like that technology is slowly becoming a reality, and more recently it has been demonstrated in a film that was shot back in 1896 that was upscaled to 4K using AI.

How To Create Karaoke Tracks For Free In Minutes
Ever wanted to turn your favorite song into a karaoke or sing-along track? Here’s a pretty quick, easy, and (not to mention) free way to go about doing it.

New ‘Silent Hill’ Movie Is In Development
Ever since Hideo Kojima left Konami and the Silent Hill game that he was working on was basically cancelled, many have been left wondering what will become of the Silent Hill franchise. We doubt that Konami would be ignoring it given its popularity, and we were right, sort of, because it looks like a new Silent Hill movie is in the works.


Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk Just Released His First EDM Track On SoundCloud
What do you do when you’re a billionaire and CEO of several tech companies with seemingly too much time on your hands? If your name is Elon Musk, then perhaps releasing an EDM track on SoundCloud could be a good way to pass the time, which is exactly what Musk did when he released a song called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”.

Life-Sized Baby Yoda Statue Is Now Available For Pre-Order
Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian proved to be a huge hit. The series was highly entertaining and we’re sure that many are eagerly anticipating the release of the second season. However, one of the aspects of the show was actually the appearance of what has become affectionately known as “Baby Yoda”.

Netflix Announces Live-Action One Piece Series
There are probably thousands of manga currently in circulation at this moment, but when it comes to the best-selling manga, there’s no denying that at the moment, that title belongs to One Piece. For fans of the series, prepare for some excellent news as Netflix has announced that a live-action series based on the manga will be coming to its platform.

Apple Reportedly Held Preliminary Acquisition Talks With MGM
Just last year, Apple launched their video streaming service Apple TV+. Prior to the launch, Apple had been busy going about buying up shows and courting A-list actors and celebrities to create shows for their platform. Now it looks like Apple could be looking to progress by buying up a movie studio.

Apple TV+ Reportedly Has More Subscribers Than Hulu And Disney+
Apple TV+ is fairly new to the scene having launched just last year, but according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, it seems to be doing pretty well because in terms of subscribers, Apple TV+ is reported to have more subscribers compared to the likes of Hulu, who has been around for a while, and the recently-launched Disney Plus.

Uncharted Movie Has Been Delayed To 2021
It has been a few years since Sony announced plans to create a movie based on the Uncharted video game franchise, but it seems that for whatever reason, directors keep dropping out during the process. The movie had been previously slated for a release in 2020, but now according to a report from Deadline, it has been pushed back to 2021.

Amazon Music Hits 55 Million Customers Worldwide
At the moment, the two biggest music streaming platforms are Apple Music and Spotify, with the latter taking the lead, boasting as many as 113 million paid subscribers and 248 million monthly active users. However, it seems that Amazon is wasting no time in playing catch up as the company has announced that Amazon Music is currently home to 55 million customers.

Netflix Announces The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf Animated Movie
witcherLast year, Netflix released The Witcher TV series and according to the company, it is possibly their most-viewed first season ever where they estimate that it has been watched by as many as 76 million member households within the first four weeks of its release. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is looking to milk the franchise for all its worth.

Pokémon Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution Will Be Arriving On Netflix Next Month
Many, many years ago, the first ever Pokemon movie was released and it was a smashing success. Back in 2019, it was reported that there were plans to remake the movie with new graphics and effects, and if you were hoping to catch it, you might be interested to learn that the Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution will arrive on Netflix next month.

Björk And Microsoft Use AI To Create Music That Adapts To Changes In The Sky
We’ve seen AI used for all kinds of things, ranging from automation and to even helping doctors detect diseases and illnesses they might have otherwise missed. Now it looks like AI could soon be applied to music, thanks to a collaboration between musician Björk and Microsoft, where they are using AI to adapt Björk’s music to the ever-changing skies.