Evernote Rolls Out Cleaner, Faster Web Interface

There are plenty of services out there that offer a desktop client, a web client, and an app. Some services that come to mind include the likes of Evernote and the good news is that if you’re an avid Evernote user, you will be pleased to learn that its web UI has recently gotten quite a major overhaul.According to Evernote, the company has been working on a new web UI […]

Evernote Premium No Longer Offers Unlimited Storage

Evernote revamped its Premium offering a few months back, one of its goals with the revamp was to eliminate worries about how much users could put in their account so they removed storage limits and offered unlimited storage to users who didn’t mind paying for the Premium service. The term “unlimited” ended up being confusing and problematic because Evernote soon discovered that people were using the facility for mass file storage […]

How To Use Evernote

For some people, Evernote is just a note taking app, for others, it is a one-stop productivity tool. Evernote might seem like a fancy note-taking app, but it is much more than that . If you are committed and willing to give it a chance, you should not be disappointed.If you are thinking of using the premium features, you should take the time to learn how to best exploit this tool to maximize your […]

Evernote Web Clipper Extension Now Saves Gmail Attachments

Popular note-taking service Evernote has released an update for its Web Clipper browser extension which now allows users to save Gmail messages that have attachments to their accounts so that they can easily bring them up later again when required. The update also adds more new functionality to the browser extension making it much more useful, and since it’s available for multiple browsers millions of users can take advantage of the […]


Evernote Introduces Plus Subscription Tier, Cheaper Than Premium

Evernote is a handy app for those who love taking notes, storing receipts, or scanning documents into digital form and having it synced across multiple devices and platforms. However the free tier of Evernote might be a bit too restrictive for some users who rely on the app frequently, which is where the Premium subscription comes in.That being said the Premium subscription comes in at $6 a month or $50 […]

Evernote To End BlackBerry OS 7, Playbook Support In February

Evernote is great for taking notes, recording your receipts, and so on because unlike other note taking apps, Evernote will sync across the devices that it has been installed on, even computers. This means that if you wrote something on your phone, you could log into your computer and begin editing it from there straightaway.Now the bad news here is that if you’re still using Evernote on an older BlackBerry […]

Evernote Premium Pricing To Change In 2015

Evernote is arguably a very popular note-taking service used by millions and millions of people around the world. Its free offering is good enough for most individual users but for those who want some extra features, the company offers a $5 per month premium service. According to Evernote CEO Phil Libin this is the “wrong” subscription price and he has said that subscribers should expect to see a change in […]

Work Chat Brings Conversations Within Evernote

Evernote is a popular note-taking application that is available across a variety of platforms. With a large user base ever hungry for more features the developers have to come up with something new every now and then so at their first ever conference last month they unveiled Work Chat. It basically does what the name suggests, allow Evernote users to chat within the app with each other.A distinction has to […]

Evernote Revamps Its Web Client

Evernote CEO Phil Libin announced at the fourth annual Evernote conference today that a revamped web client is being launched. Significant changes have been made to the web client and it is now promised to be more simpler and easier to use than its predecessor. Evernote has focused on keeping everything minimalistic and simple so that users don’t get overwhelmed and get to jot down their notes and flashes of […]

Evernote Wear Brings Note Taking Onto Android Wear Devices

We know many of you guys are excited at the possibility of the Android Wear platform. After all if it is going to be anything like Android, it is going to be huge, and hopefully we can look forward to a ton of Android Wear apps to choose from. Now there are a handful of apps that have already been released and have been designed for Android Wear in mind, […]

Evernote Teams Up With LinkedIn To Scan Business Cards

If there’s one thing that technology has not quite been able to disrupt yet its the business card. Its an easy way of giving someone your contact information in less than a second. Though if you want to save that contact in your mobile device you’ll probably have to punch in the details manually. Evernote and LinkedIn have come up with a solution. The former’s app is capable of scanning business cards, […]

Evernote For Android Supports Handwriting Now

Evernote for Android has seen many installs over the years, being one of the more popular apps on the Android platform. Along the way, it has also received its fair share of updates and enhancements to make the note-taking experience a more enjoyable one, including reminders as well as an overhauled user interface to keep up with the times. This time around, Evernote for Android’s latest version appeals to one […]

Evernote Sync Gets 4X Faster

The wonders of a cloud connection ensures that your work and files will be able to be synchronized regardless of the device that you’re using at that point in time, as long as it is compatible with the app itself, not to mention having a decent Internet connection. Evernote is a productivity tool that has proven itself worthy over the years, and in the latest version of Evernote Sync, it […]

Evernote For iOS Updated, Now Able To Scan Business Cards And Save As Contacts

For users who prefer keeping digital copies of notes, receipts, and the likes, chances are you might have heard of the app called Evernote which does exactly that, while syncing across a range of devices meaning that you will have access to them anytime and anywhere. Well the good news for business people who collect tons of business cards, you might be pleased to learn that Evernote has recently issued […]