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Facebook Developing TV Camera For Video Calls And Streaming
It appears Facebook is about to get a lot more serious about hardware. Not long after it launched its Portal video calling devices, it’s being reported that the company is working on a TV camera which will allow users to make video calls using the biggest screen in their house. Not only that, the device may also enable users to stream content from Facebook Watch on their TV.

Facebook To Ban Voting Misinformation Ahead Of U.S. Midterm Elections
Facebook obviously does not want a repeat of what happened during the U.S. presidential elections. It has been taking steps in the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections to ensure that the spread of misinformation on its platform can be prevented. The company has said that it’s going to ban all misinformation related to voting ahead of the upcoming elections.

Facebook Removes Hundreds Of Accounts For 'Sensational' Political Content
Facebook has been taking extra care to ensure that its platform, which is the world’s largest social network, isn’t used for spreading misinformation. The platform’s role in the misinformation campaign during the previous U.S. elections has been called into question. Countries across the globe have also looked into how the platform could be used to undermine their democracies as well. To show that it’s serious about tackling these issues, Facebook […]

The FBI Is Now Investigating Facebook’s Security Breach
Towards the end of September, Facebook announced that they had experienced a security breach. The breach was said to have compromised about 50 million accounts and Facebook claims to have since addressed the issue. However in a post on its website, Facebook has shared additional details, including how the FBI has since gotten involved with the investigation.


Facebook Begins Rolling Out Support For 3D Photos
For a while now Facebook has supported the uploading of 360-degree photos and videos, where if viewed with a VR headset can create a VR experience. Now it looks like Facebook is setting its sights on a different kind of photo, this time 3D photos as the company has announced that they are rolling out support for it.

Facebook Groups Will Now Support 250-Person Chat Rooms
Back in the day, group chat platforms such as IRC were extremely popular, where users could get together in massive chat rooms and talk with each other. While group chats are still very much alive and well, they usually don’t scale up to the same level compared to back in the day, but it seems that Facebook might want to revive that trend.

PSA: Facebook ‘Hacking’ Hoax Is Making Its Rounds
Every now and then we come across hoaxes where it tries to trick people into thinking that their account might have been hacked. The latest hoax comes from Facebook, although not directly, where a “friend” would message you claiming that they have received a suspicious friend request from you, and that your account might have been compromised as a result.

Facebook Announces Portal Video Chat Device
Facebook is trying its luck at hardware with Portal, the long-rumored video chat device that the company was working on. There are actually two models – Portal and Portal+. They are essentially smart displays that are primarily focused on providing a better video calling experience.

Facebook Lite For iPhone Reportedly In Development
Facebook, like many others, has a lite version of its Android app for low-end handsets with basic specs. The app offers a watered down user experience but at least it people access the core features of the social network. According to a new report, it has been developing a Facebook Lite for iPhone as well.

Instagram Testing Sharing Your Location History With Facebook
Several years ago, there was a fuss when Facebook announced that WhatsApp data would be shared between both platforms. Given that Facebook owns WhatsApp, it made sense, but at the same time it also seemed like a huge privacy concern as not everyone who uses WhatsApp necessarily uses Facebook.

Messenger Kids Accused Of Violating Children’s Privacy Law
Back in 2017, Facebook launched Messenger Kids which is basically Facebook Messenger designed for kids. Given that Facebook wants to be the biggest social network in the world, it’s not surprising that they’ve started to target a younger audience in hopes that they will eventually become Facebook users as well.

Facebook Is Testing A Redesign Of Its ‘Nearby Friends’ Feature
Snapchat may be Facebook’s competitor but that has not stopped Facebook from “borrowing” certain features from the app. For example Instagram’s Stories are a great example of how Facebook borrowed from Snapchat, and now it looks like Facebook is doing it again by redesigning its Nearby Friends feature where it now looks similar to Snap Map.

Facebook Sued For Allegedly Enabling Human Trafficking
Facebook lets you do a lot of things, catch up with old friends, follow brands to get announcements, buy and sell new/used items, and so on. However a woman in Texas has recently filed a lawsuit against Facebook in which she alleges that the social network “enabled” human trafficking.

Facebook Increases Grace Period For Account Deletion To 30 Days
There are two things you can do if you want to stop using Facebook. You can deactivate your account so it remains in cold storage, so to speak, until you decide if you want to use it again. You can also delete it permanently. If you decide to go with the second option, Facebook gives you a grace period to reconsider and log into the account again before the clock […]