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Facebook, Instagram To Fight Election Meddling With Location Labels
Sometimes it can be hard to find out where a post on social media could be coming from. In the recent years, we’ve seen how some foreign entities have attempted to disrupt elections in another country by spreading misinformation using fake accounts and pages to make it seem like the post originated from the country the election is taking place in.

Facebook Gaming Launched As A Standalone App For Smartphones
Facebook is definitely no stranger when it comes to gaming. Several years ago, the company launched the Facebook Gaming platform designed to take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. However, the downside was that Facebook Gaming was pretty much limited to desktops, meaning that those on mobile would not be able to use it.

Facebook To Remove Posts Promoting Anti-Lockdown Protests
As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, many governments around the world have issued lockdown orders where they are asking people who are not in essential services to stay home. The idea behind these orders is to lessen the burden on healthcare systems which are currently overwhelmed by infected persons.

Australia Could Force Facebook And Google To Pay For News Content
Facebook and Google have a bit of a delicate relationship with publishers of media content. This is because while these tech companies provide a platform to allow publishers to gain exposure to their content, at the same time Facebook and Google also benefit from it through advertisements.


Facebook Will Now Warn Users If They’ve Interacted With COVID-19 Misinformation
Now with the coronavirus spreading around the world, many are no doubt eager to share whatever news that they might find about the virus, such as its spread, potential cures, and so on. However, sometimes this information can be false or misleading, and sharing them will only spread this misinformation and cause undue panic or lead to people making wrong decisions.

Facebook Debuts A New Messaging App For The Apple Watch
If you own a smartwatch, you know that it’s better for receiving messages than it is to send it. This is due to the small screen which makes it quite difficult and troublesome to type out messages, but this doesn’t mean that Facebook isn’t going to stop trying. The company has since debuted a new app designed for messaging on the Apple Watch.

Facebook Launches New Tuned App Designed Specifically For Couples
If you have a significant other that you like to share photos and messages with on Facebook but don’t want to spam the feed of your friends with mushy topics, you’re in luck because Facebook has since announced the launch of a new app called Tuned that has been designed specifically for couples in mind.

Facebook Tried To Buy A Spyware Tool To Monitor Its Users
We’ve all encountered instances where we talk about something, only for an ad to appear for that product later on Facebook. The social media giant has long denied that they are spying on its users, but according to a recent report from Motherboard, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t tried.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App Now Available On Windows And Mac
With all the heat that Zoom is facing these days over its privacy and security practices, if you’re uncomfortable using the company’s video conferencing services, we totally get it. If you’re after an alternative, it seems that Facebook Messenger could be worth checking out (although Facebook is no stranger to privacy controversies).

Zoom Removes Code That Sends Data to Facebook
With the rise in popularity of the Zoom video conferencing app, it has been discovered that the app has been secretly sending user data to Facebook without the user’s consent. For those who are uncomfortable with this, the good news is that following Motherboard’s report, the company has since removed the offending code.

Zoom’s iOS App Found To Be Sending Data To Facebook
If you don’t have a Facebook account and think that you’re safe from Facebook keeping information on you, think again, especially if you use Zoom’s iOS app. This is because according to a report from Motherboard, they have discovered that the iOS version of Zoom is sending data to Facebook, even if the user does not own a Facebook account to begin with.

How To Clear Facebook History
Trying to keep your Facebook activities as private as possible? Want to learn how to clear your Facebook history? If you do, then be sure to check out our guide as we show you tips and tricks and how to clear your Facebook history.

WhatsApp And WHO Team Up To Fight Coronavirus Misinformation
Messengers like WhatsApp make for a great tool to help send messages and keep in communication with loved ones. Unfortunately, due to the ease of use, a lot of misinformation can be knowingly and unknowingly shared through the platform. With the world facing a crisis with the coronavirus outbreak, getting accurate information is more important than ever.

US Government Wants To Use Location Data To Track And Understand The Coronavirus
When a person with an infectious disease is identified, one of the things that health officials need to do is try and determine where that person has been, where they might have caught the disease, and who they might have come into contact with. This will allow them to prevent further spread of the disease.