Mozilla Testing VPN Subscription Sales In Firefox

Mozilla is running an experiment with a small group of Firefox users to sell VPN subscriptions within the browser itself. The confirmation came after an ad was spotted by some users in Firefox to buy a subscription to ProtonVPN. Mozilla has since acknowledged that the test is being conducted with a small number of users.

Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor Lets You Know If Your Data Is Breached

It is a bit disappointing that despite the advancements we’ve made to technology that security is still lacking where we’re hearing about hacks and data breaches more times than we should. Given how entrenched our lives are with various online services, this something we should all strive to be aware about.

Mozilla Enters VR With Its Firefox Reality Browser

We imagine that having to take a virtual reality (VR) headset on and off can be a bit disruptive to the whole immersive experience thing. That’s why there are apps for VR that offer users the chance to do things that they would do normally on a computer, such as browse YouTube videos and surf the web.

Microsoft Is Now Warning Users Against Using Third-Party Browsers

In a perfect world, those who use Windows would also use Microsoft’s bundled browser (such as Internet Explorer or Edge). However that isn’t necessarily the case as we’re seeing that there are many out there who prefer third-party alternatives such as Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.


Firefox Will Block Ad Trackers By Default In Future Builds

Back in the day when it came to blocking trackers and intrusive ads on browsers, these were pretty much left to users to figure out for themselves. This meant that those who weren’t so tech-inclined would have missed out on these features. However in more recent times, companies have started including these features by default, making it easier to protect yourself right out of the box.

Firefox Advance Extension Will Offer Personalized Website Recommendations

Firefox has launched a new browser extension as an experiment. Called Advance, the extension will be able to provide personalized recommendations for websites and articles based on the user’s recent browsing history. The idea here is that the extension will surface additional content that the user may find relevant and thus make it easier for them to come across new content that they might appreciate.

Mozilla Seeks Your Opinion In Rebranding Firefox

Firefox may be the web browser that Mozilla is best known for but the fact remains that the company offers a whole suite of products that do more than just allow users to browse the internet. Mozilla has made new types of browsers in addition to new apps and services under the Firefox brand and the original icon with the fast fox and flaming tail doesn’t provide enough design tools […]

Firefox Starts Blocking Autoplaying Web Audio

Some of the most widely used web browsers already block autoplaying web audio. It can be a nuisance when you open a new tab and it immediately starts playing audio. The browsers offer users the ability to prevent that from happening. Firefox is joining that list of browsers as well since it has added an option to block autoplaying web audio.

Mozilla Testing Password Manager For Firefox On iOS

The beta builds of software can be unstable and aren’t recommended for daily use, however, they’re often the only way that users can test features that are still in development. Mozilla came up with a different way for its Firefox browser called Test Pilot. The feature lets users on stable builds of the browser test experimental features that it’s working on. Mozilla has now announced that it’s expanding Test Pilot […]

Firefox, 1Password Will Let Users Know If They’ve Been Breached

Despite the advancements made in cybersecurity, we are still hearing reports of system breaches more often than we’d like. Given how reliant we’ve become on online services, there is a good chance that eventually a service that you use will get hacked. The Yahoo hack from a few years ago is a good example of how even some of the bigger companies are susceptible.

Firefox Testing Side-By-Side Tabs For Multitasking

The ability for browsers to create tabs has definitely changed the way we use our browsers and the internet. However the only drawback to tabs is that unlike creating multiple windows, you can’t view multiple tabs at the same time. However the good news for Firefox users is that there could be a feature in the works that will change that.

Latest Firefox Release Comes With Support For Web Authentication

Passwords have been more or less the staple of web security for the longest time ever. However just because it’s been around for so long doesn’t mean that it is the best solution. After all we’ve seen how many various phishing scams there are out there, meaning that passwords aren’t necessarily the best.

YouTube TV Can Now Be Streamed On Firefox

Given how Google and YouTube are under the same umbrella, it makes sense that YouTube’s services and features are designed and probably optimized for Google products like its Chrome browser. This is why it wasn’t surprising that YouTube TV supported only Chrome for the longest time ever since its launch.

Mozilla’s New Firefox Extension Will Isolate Facebook Tracking

There’s a broader conversation taking place now about how companies like Facebook use and protect the treasure trove of data that they have on their users. Amid the #deletefacebook campaign that’s gathering steam, Mozilla has offered a new option that provides more control over Facebook tracking. It has launched a new Firefox extension called “Facebook Container” which will essentially isolate Facebook tracking from the rest of your online activity.