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Flappy Bird Flapping Back This August With Multiplayer
Earlier this year, a simple but addictive game called Flappy Bird caught everyone’s attention on the internet. Instead of capitalizing on his success, the creator of the game removed it from app stores, claiming that people were getting too addicted, and also because he did not know how to handle his newfound success.However it wasn’t too long after that Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Ha Nguyen, stated that he plans to […]

DIY Real Life Flappy Bird Game Launches On Kickstarter
About a month ago, the creator of Flappy Bird announced that he would be removing the game from all of its respective app stores (he later states that the game will be making a return). He claims that people were getting too addicted, that and the fact that all this newfound attention was a little too much for him to handle. In the meantime during the time that Flappy Bird […]

Flappy Bird For iOS Return Confirmed
It disappeared almost as quickly as it became a global sensation. A couple of months back a retro styled game was all the rage. Called Flappy Bird, the objective of this game was quite simple. Clear obstacles made out of pipes that the bird encounters, and the bird is only controlled by simple tapping of the display. This turned out to be a lot more frustrating than it sounds, some […]

Flappy Bird Goes Gold
Wait a minute here, what do you mean by Flappy Bird going gold? Isn’t the game like, removed more than a month back, leading to some rather insane ads for smartphones that still had Flappy Bird installed on them? That would certainly imply a game that is complete and working just fine, without having to go ‘gold’, which is normally reserved for a title that is ready for a commercial […]


Flappy Bird Return Possible
Good news for fans of 2014’s surprise hit, possibility of a Flappy Bird return exists, this from developer Dong Nguyen who killed the game over a month ago. The game instantly became a global sensation, despite the fact that it has basic graphics and it happens to be increasingly frustrating to play. Nevertheless, people all around the world were taken to it, and some were actually sad to see the […]

GTA 4 Flappy Bird Mod Released
Flappy Bird was undoubtedly one of the biggest internet sensations of the new year. The frustrating game quickly gained global popularity, players found it highly addictive, which is apparently the reason why its developer decided to take it down and effectively kill Flappy Bird. Since then dozens of clones and mockups have found their way online, but obviously they’re not quite as popular as the original game. After making its way […]

Robot Plays Flappy Bird Pretty Well
There does not seem to be much news concerning Flappy Bird these days, especially after the creator of the game, Dong Nguyen, decided to remove it “for our own good”. Well, just in case you so happen to own a device that is still capable of playing Flappy Bird because the game itself has already been installed, what is your high score? You might be feeling all smug about it, […]

Used Electronics Retailer Paying More For Phones With Flappy Bird
When Flappy Bird’s developer announced he would be taking the game down, suddenly we started seeing listings on eBay second hand iPhone units with the Flappy Bird game installed on them. The phones were being sold for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, although eBay soon put an end to that as they claimed it violated the website’s policy. For those who weren’t quick on the draw, it looks like […]

Real-Life Flappy Bird Game Looks Fun
As everyone on the internet must have heard by now, Flappy Bird is essentially gone from most app stores, unless of course you are counting the multitude of clones and copycats. Of course there are still ways of playing the game but if you’re looking for a non-mobile and non-digital version of the game, perhaps the use of some cardboard and an Arduino sensor, a couple of motors, and a […]

Flappy Bird Clones Now Being Booted By Apple And Google
The entire Flappy Bird episode was amusing to say the least. Created by a Vietnamese developer, this infuriating game achieved global popularity within a few days and even started earning its developer as much as $50,000 in ad revenue every single day. A couple of weeks ago though developer Dong Nguyen said that he would be pulling the game shortly, and he did. Since then a number of Flappy Bird clones […]

Flappy Bert A Sesame Street Parody Of Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird fever is not quite over just yet, and here we are with more Flappy Bird news. Sort of, actually. U.S. children’s TV programme Sesame Street happens to have launched a parody of Flappy Bird, which is known as Flappy Bert. Needless to say, this will be Bert from the famous Bert & Ernie duo, where players will need to guide Bert to go through a range of different […]

Fake Flappy Bird Apps Run Malware Instead
It goes without saying that the Flappy Bird craze is not going to die down anytime soon, and we have even heard of reports that a certain Mr. Nelson is renting out his iPhone that has Flappy Bird installed at a rate of $1 per minute, now how about that? Having said that, it must also be noted that a fair number of Flappy Bird clones and similar looking apps […]

Want To Play Flappy Bird? Rent An iPhone
Now here is a rather interesting method of making some money – renting out your iPhone to folks who are desperate to get their Flappy Bird fix. Do you think that this is one of those ideas that made you go, “Darn, why didn’t I think of that in the first place?” Listings on eBay that sport a smartphone with Flappy Bird installed are no longer allowed and have been […]

Flappy Bird Arrives Via HTML5
Flappy Bird is dead, long live Flappy Bird! So, one of the biggest questions of 2014 (so far, anyways) on peoples’ lips would be this, “Why did he take down Flappy Bird?” ‘Tis not so much of a mystery, as Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen did so for our own good, since he knows just how addictive the game can get. Having said that, Flappy Bird fever is not over […]