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3D Printed Food Being Researched By NASA
3D printed food is currently being researched by NASA

Trongs Help Keep Your Fingers Clean While Eating Messy Foods
We’re a little over a month into spring, which means we’re getting closer and closers to summer, or as I like to refer to it as backyard BBQ season. There’s nothing better than spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon in your backyard, grilling up some hot dogs, hamburgers and various other red meats. But two things barbecues should always have are ribs and chicken, although they can have your guests question […]

KFC Launches iPhone App In U.K. Allowing You To Place Orders Anywhere
Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as the kiddies call if these days, has been making some serious moves in the U.K. where they’re probably more appreciated than here in the U.S. Just last month they announced they would be providing free Wi-Fi in all of its restaurants located in the U.K., and today they’re launching a new mobile app that will make it easier for those same people to get […]

KFC Offering Free Wi-Fi At All U.K. Restaurants
KFC may not seem like a big deal here in the U.S., but they’re pretty popular all over the world, especially in Japan where Colonel Sanders has been a pop culture icon for years. The popular fried-chicken chain will be treating its customers in the U.K. with a little more courtesy as the company is announcing it has teamed up with The Cloud to offer free Wi-Fi to all of […]


This Bento Box concept will be able to cook your food for you
Taking your home-cooked food to work is a great way for eating healthy, not to mention it could also help save you money at the same time. Unfortunately food from home tends to get cold by lunch time and if you’d rather not subject your meals to be reheated via the microwave, then this portable Bento Box concept is one device you might want to take a look at. Designed […]

Let's Pizza vending machine coming to the U.S. this year
If ordering pizza online via Facebook, or a fridge magnet is still too slow for you, then you have to check out this awesome pizza vending machine that will soon launch in the U.S. Wait, did I just say pizza vending machine? Well yes, I did. Italian pizza maker Claudio Torghel of Netherlands, together distributor A1 Concepts, is announcing the coming of its Let’s Pizza vending machine that delivers Italian […]

Alien vs. Predator head over heels in love in a wedding cake
Probably one of the best fictional characters ever created to debut in comics and in movies are the two bitter rivals Alien and Predator. You’ve probably read comics about these fascinating creatures or even watched the two Aliens vs. Predator films. Both races have been depicted to be constant waging war with each other, with Xenomorph Alien as the antagonist of Predator, a trophy hunter. But who would have thought, […]

Food projected on plates at restaurant
It is good manners not to play with your food whenever you go out to eat – heck, doing so is also unacceptable at home unless you do not mind dad bringing down the belt from upstairs and introducing a new word to your ever expanding vocabulary when you were little, with each hiding being associated with “discipline”. Well, fast forward to today and the dad who dishes out a […]

QR codes lets you know where you beef/pork comes from
Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wondered about the meat you’re buying? Some might not be fussed about where their meat comes from and how the animals were treated before slaughter, but there are some who do care. There are probably real finicky shoppers out there who care about what sort of environment the cows were raised in, the food they were fed and etc. Thanks to […]

DoCoMo Tracks Calories With Food Photos
[CEATEC 2011] Japanese carrier DoCoMo is demonstrating a research project that aims at tracking one’s calorie intake by recognizing meals based on photos. As you can imagine, this would be a “low-maintenance” way of tracking that kind of information, as the alternative is to write down (and maybe weigh) meals and individual items. In DoCoMo’s concept, a photo is compared to a database of known meals (currently 1000 Japanese dishes), […]

Translator app avoids miscommunication when ordering food
Going for a holiday in some fancy, faraway country where the language is very, very different, and English is not widely spoken can be fun, although when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant, things might end up getting complicated – especially when you do not have a local to guide you through the nuances. Thank goodness for technology – this particular translator app is able to enable both […]

Restaurant in New York completely replaces menus with iPad 2
Don’t you just hate it when you go to a restaurant, place your order with the waiter, and after emphatically conveying to the waiter three times that you do not want parsley in your salad, it comes covered with the stuff?

Automatic Mini Donut Factory lets you create donuts with ease
Unless you’re on a super healthy diet, chances are you may indulge in a donut every so often, or if you’re a huge fan of donuts and can’t get through the week without having one every other day, then you may want to consider investing in the Automatic Mini Donut Factory.

Restaurant Uses Projector To Project Image Of Food On To Diners' Plates
Have you ever been to a new restaurant, and you have no idea what to order? Everything sounds so tempting but since this is your first time, you want to order the right dish or it will completely ruin your night. Sometimes no matter how well the food is described, when it arrives on to your plate, it’s just completely different from what you’ve imagined or from the menu, and […]

Have Your Breakfast On The Go With The Portable Bagel Toaster
Sometimes we wake up late or sometimes we have to wake up early to beat the rush hour crowd but skipping breakfast is not uncommon in those scenarios, although by right we shouldn’t be skipping our breakfast, but sometimes the situation is such that it cannot be helped, so how about this portable bagel toaster that was designed by Kent Madden which allows you to make your breakfast (a bagel) […]

Chef Sleeves keep your iPad clean in the kitchen
While we’re all waiting for the cookbook app that lets us flip pages without having to touch our tablets, what do we do with all our current recipe apps that actually requires us to flip the pages? Well, the folks over at Chef Sleeve have come up with a solution.The Chef Sleeve is an FDA approved protective plastic casing specially designed for the iPad. With one of these sleeves wrapped […]

Aptito Digital Menus makes dining a hi-tech experience
Aptito has just announced the launch of the world’s very first entirely digital menus. The next time you enter a restaurant for a meal, you might not have to order food from a regular paper menu or have the waiter to recite what today’s specials are. Instead, you’ll be given a tablet with digital menu software.Aptito digital menus are touted as the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are seeking […]

Camcorder-packing lunchboxes
Every time you pack a meal you made for a loved one, do you wonder what he/she thinks about your cooking? Since you won’t be with them when they’re having their lunch, you’ll never get to know how they truly feel. Well this new concept lunchbox from Japan plans to change all that. It comes embedded with a video camera that starts recording immediately as soon as the lunch box […]

Kraft vending machine helps indecisive eaters
If you’ve always hard a problem deciding on what you want to eat for a meal, fret not. Thanks to technology, choosing food is now a problem of the past. The folks over at the National Retail Federation have just unveiled their new Kraft Store Kiosk. The kiosk, developed between a partnership of Kraft and Intel was design to solve all problems that went into choosing what to eat. All […]

Concept: Food Symphony Storage
Is this the way we’ll be storing our foodstuff in the future? The Food Symphony concept design for Electrolux is a pretty cool design, one that boasts multiple food containers that allow the temperature for each container to be adjusted separately. It has a few rather cool features, which include smart lids that are opaque, but turn transparent when it detects you’re trying to look inside; a bacteria sensor that […]