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Asus Transformer Prime gets GPS fix in firmware update
There is a new firmware update rolled out for the Asus Transformer Prime that is said to mend any issues that one has with the GPS lock-on function. Bear in mind that this over-the-air (OTA) patch is different from the firmware update that was rolled out to the masses last week for improved stability purposes. This latest update is said to being the build up to version, where it […]

Qualcomm supports dual GPS+GLONASS positioning
Qualcomm has just announced the support of GLONASS, a global positioning system developed and operated by the Russian government. GLONASS is a network of 24 satellites that basically perform the same job than the American GPS system. However, Qualcomm can combine the signals of both positioning satellites networks to get even better accuracy on the user’s position. This is particularly useful in places where the signal is faint, like cities or forests, where […]

TeleNav launches world's first HTML5 voice guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service
Most mapping services are available for free, but usually when they come with features like voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, a price tag gets slapped on. But not with TeleNav’s latest offering. The company has announced today for developers: the launch of its first HTML5 browser-based, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service. This means that developers will be able to take full advantage of TeleNav’s mapping services to provide free voice-guided directions in […]

Nokia Maps 3D updated with navigation and sharing features
Some time earlier this year, Nokia unveiled their Nokia Maps 3D which in a way is sort of like Google Earth and lets you view various locations around the world in detailed format. The good news is that if you particularly enjoyed Nokia Maps 3D, the company has decided to take it one step further by updating it and include several new features that may appeal to more users.


Nokia working on 3D indoor mapping
So Google Maps recently received an update that brought it up to version 6.0. With this update came with the ability for Google Maps to work indoors by bringing indoor maps to the user, allowing them to navigate within a shopping mall. Not to be outdone, it appears that Nokia has something similar in the works except instead of a floor layout, their maps will be in 3D.

Malls in the US to track shoppers' behavior via cellphones this holiday season
With Black Friday coming up and Christmas and New Year’s following up consecutively, it’s not doubt that the end of the year has to be one of the most busiest shopping periods of the year, and with all that shopping taking place, it’s like a gold mine for market researchers. As it turns out two shopping malls in the US will be taking part in a new program where cellphones […]

Nokia Drive app update in the works for offline support
One of the exclusive features that Nokia Window Phone devices have over other competing Windows Phone devices is its Nokia Drive app. The app is Nokia’s 3D satellite navigation system that allows for the user to download maps and store it for future use. However despite the ability to download maps, it would imply that it could be used for offline purposes, right? Wrong. It seems that while maps can […]

Nokia Drive XAP leaked for unlocked non-Nokia devices
If there was ever a good reason to get a Nokia Windows Phone, as opposed to HTC or Samsung, it would be because Nokia Windows Phone devices will come with Nokia Drive preinstalled. This was supposed to be an exclusive feature for Nokia’s handsets to help set them apart from the competition and encourage adoption, but alas that does not seem to be the case as the Nokia Drive XAP […]

TomTom in-dash navigation system for Mazda debuts at LA Auto Show
Who uses a dedicated GPS navigation these days, with the proliferation of smartphones and powerful navigation software which are able to do the job equally well, if not better? I guess having a built-in GPS system in your vehicle is good in one way as it saves you the hassle of making sure your phone has enough juice in the first place to help you arrive at your destination in […]

Nokia Maps update bumps version to 3.08
Folks have been saying that there is a new update for Nokia Maps for over a week now, although there were also fair share of complaints that this new update actually caused havoc with their Maps app. I guess the latest update which bumps up your Nokia Maps to version 3.08 is a fully working version now, so you need not worry about getting lost in unfamiliar territory as you […]

BiKN iPhone case turns it into a homing beacon
Treehouse Labs have recently announced the BiKN (pronounced as “beacon”) for the iPhone. Basically what it comprises of is a casing for your iPhone, the myBiKN app and a set of clip-on tags which can be attached to just about anything. The tags combined with the phone casing and the app will allow you to keep track of things that are important to you.

Bert & Ernie to voice directions on your TomTom
Are you one of the rare few who own a dedicated GPS navigation device? Well, if you are, then surely you would have heard of the name TomTom. It seems that this company intends to perk up their offerings by delivering navigation instructions voiced by Sesame Street characters, Bert & Ernie. Yes, this dynamic duo who are hardly separated from one another in the educational TV show is back and […]

TeleNav Auto 2.0 introduces a new level of in-vehicle connectivity
TeleNav has just announced a new version of its automotive navigation platform – TeleNav Auto 2.0, which provides a whole new level of in-vehicle connectivity and tight integration to the phone, cloud and car. TeleNav Auto 2.0 is aimed at providing a connected driving experience by making it easy to send information from phones directly to their cars as well making that information easily available and hands-free, to users who […]

GPS Shoe helps track patients with Alzheimer's
If you know someone with Alzheimer’s and you’re constantly worried about their whereabouts and welfare, Aetrex Worldwide and GTX Corp have developed the GPS Shoe, which as the name implies, will allow caregivers or family members to keep track of a patient with Alzheimer’s.