When it comes to augmented reality (AR) technology, it is still a relatively new field that has yet to be fully taken advantage of, but there has been instances in the past where augmented reality have been applied in a really innovative manner. Well, Lustancia is pleased as punch to announce their release of TapNav, which is touted to be the world’s first vision based Augmented Reality GPS Navigation. The application is right now available for download over at the Apple App Store in the US, Germany, France, and Spain. To know more about TapNav, head on after the jump.TapNav is actually a GPS navigation application that will work on the iPhone, helping drivers out as they are behind the wheel. TapNav is powered using nothing but the most advanced techologies in computer vision, where it will enable the iPhone’s camera to detect lanes at 29 frames per second. ‘Computer vision’ and ‘lane detection’ are the keywords when it comes to delivering intuitive and precise driving directions to the user.

Turn by turn navigation is also provided alongside voice assistance, complementing the AR-based experience further. It will cost you $2.99 for a 60-day pass for the full app, where after that time period, you will need to fork out more dough for a monthly subscription – ah well, at least routing with the application remains free.

Publisher’s note: on the paper, it always seems to work right, and the screenshots look great. However, past experience tells us that real-world use is not always so rosy. We’ll try this for you very soon, so stay tuned for the hands-on.

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