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$7,000 Bike’s Built-In GPS Led To Its Recovery After It Was Stolen
Bicycles for the most part are mechanical devices, but these days we are starting to see the rise in electric bicycles that come with more modern features, like an electric motor to help move things along, LED screens, and built-in GPS, just to name a few. While some cyclists snub their noses at these modern features, cyclist Bill Kiriakis is probably loving it as the bike’s built-in GPS managed to […]

TomTom Set To Offer European KIA Cars Traffic And Weather Data
How many of you out there actually refer to the weather report not only for the day ahead, but also the forecast for an entire week? Well, if you happen to have raised your hand in affirmation and live in Europe, perhaps it might be time to consider a KIA the next time you want to purchase a new ride. Why do we say so? Well, it looks as though […]

Garmin Vívoactive Is A Super Slim GPS Smartwatch
[CES 2015] Garmin is at it again – and it does look as though they are on a roll this CES with a slew of devices being introduced, and they are not quite done yet. Here we are with the Vivoactive, which is a lightweight and ultra-thin GPS smartwatch that will come with integrated sports and activity tracking apps. After all, with the amount of feasting done over the holiday […]

Garmin And Jonathan Adler Team Up For New Vivofit 2 Band
Garmin has worked with renowned potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler, and the result of this particularly fruitful collaboration would be a range of chic, pattern-printed accessory bands that will target the vívofit and the recently announced vívofit 2. Offering impeccable craftsmanship alongside a modern style, the Adler + Garmin range ensures that users would not look outdated whenever they hit the treadmill or pound the pavement.


Garmin fēnix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Does More Than Tell The Time
[CES 2015] Being an old hand in the GPS industry, Garmin is back with their brand new fēnix 3 multisport GPS watch. This unique timepiece does a whole lot more than to just tell the time, as it comes equipped with the spanking new EXO GPS antenna, allowing the fēnix 3 to come with support for a full range of multisport activities. It does not matter if you happen to […]

Garmin Epix GPS Mapping Watch Loves The Great Outdoors
[CES 2015] Garmin has just announced the Garmin epix, which is touted to be a first-of-its-kind, rugged GPS mapping watch which will target outdoor enthusiasts and folks who want a hands-free navigation experience. The Garmin epix will come with a 1.4” high-resolution color touchscreen, and on that tiny display, you can check out the preloaded worldwide shaded relief basemap, in addition to enjoying a free 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite […]

Magellan 5-inch RoadMate Range Expands
Magellan, a name that many of us would be familiar with when it comes to standalone GPS navigation devices, is back with a back – and this time around they do not intend to roll out just one device, but has expanded the RoadMate family by a handful of other navigational devices that ought to be an ideal fit for their respective target markets. The devices that are in question […]

Polar M400 GPS Watch Does Activity Tracking As Well
It goes without saying that having an activity tracker that does not have the capability to figure out the current time is quite a waste – after all, how difficult is it to cram in a little bit of watch functionality into the mix? Well, the Polar M400 is one such wearable device that will not only be able to tell the time, it is also a GPS product that […]

Garmin 2014 nüvi Advanced Series Announced
Garmin is an old hand when it comes to GPS navigation devices, and the company is not going to throw in the towel for its bread and butter business just yet, ensuring that their latest 5”, 6”, and 7” multi-touch glass displays will feature premium Garmin navigation this time around. The 2014 Advanced Series carries the distinction of being the first nüvi range that will boast of Foursquare venues so […]

goTenna Will Let You Send Text Messages When There Is No Signal
Don’t you just hate it when you are out and for some reason your phone just won’t let you send messages or make calls due to poor reception? This can be pretty dangerous especially if you’re in an unknown location, or if you’re hiking and you got lost. Well a company called goTenna is hoping to change that with a device that will allow you to text or share your […]

U.S. Transportation Department Could Regulate Smartphone Navigation
Word on the street has it that the U.S. Transportation Department could be looking at the possibility of introducing tougher regulatory control over mobile navigation systems in vehicles as well as on your smartphone or tablet. The U.S. Transportation Department touts that this is so because they would like to play a role in cases where apps happen to end up as a danger to those who share the road […]

DIY GPS Logging Dog Harness
Keeping track of Fido can be quite a challenge, especially when you live on a large swathe of land that has no fences. Those who live in homes with a fenced yard or in an apartment would have a far easier time knowing where your favorite four legged friend is, but if you like a carefree lifestyle for yourself and your pooch, then it gets a wee bit more challenging. […]

WhistleGPS Dog Monitor Lets You Keep Tabs On Fido
It goes without saying that dogs love to roam around, whether it is with their masters or on their own. They go wherever their nose leads them, and for certain breeds, they like to chase or hunt down rabbits, while others prefer to roll about in the grass or dig a hole, with some others jumping straight into any pool of water for a refreshing swim. The thing is, if […]

Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Running Watch
The Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Running Watch is a new kind of timepiece that will feature a heart rate monitor alongside the ability to track one’s daily activities, without having to break the bank, of course. This affordable GPS running watch will ensure that you remain committed and motivated to meet your fitness goals via running by tracking various parameters including distance, pace, calories, personal records, and heart rate. Apart […]