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Redux Mod Makes GTA V Look Incredibly Realistic
When Grand Theft Auto V was launched, many lauded the game’s graphics because let’s be honest, they look pretty good. However these days we have to admit that they are starting to look a tad dated especially in the face of newer games, but if you’re hoping to keep playing GTA V for years to come, then the Redux mod might be worth checking out.

GTA V Valentine's Day Event Is A Week-Long Affair
Remember our report on the GTA Online Be My Valentine update going live? Well, it seems that this particular event is going to last all week long, from February 12 all the way to February 18. Here are more details on the new Till Death Do Us Part mode which will certainly make gamers fall in love with the game even more, as players will be awarded double the RP […]

New GTA 5 Single-Player DLC Might Be In The Pipeline
It has been a while since new GTA 5 received new content and something has now got the fans excited, it looks like new DLC just might be in the pipeline. The root of this speculation is an Instagram post by the actor who plays GTA 5 character, Franklin, the post shows him in a motion capture suit at a Rockstar studio, Rockstar as most of you are well aware […]

GTA: San Andreas Arrives On PlayStation 3
It had been rumored over the past couple of weeks that Rockstar might be readying a port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 3. Rockstar Games today quietly released GTA: San Andreas for PlayStation 3 today, the port is now readily available for download and it replaces the PS2 Classics version of this game which was previously available.


GTA Online Gets Running Back Mode
GTA Online is a rather interesting place to be at, especially when it has a casino for gamers to visit in addition to other DLCs that have been introduced over the years. This time around, Rockstar Games has announced that there is a new Grand Theft Auto Online adversary mode which will be known as Running Back. Football fans will definitely find this to be a gleeful addition, as this […]

Take-Two Explains Why They Don’t Have Annual GTA Releases
Every year without fail, publishers like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft release titles from their Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed franchises respectively. This is because the publisher knows that many gamers look forward to these games, which also means huge business opportunities.So why does Take-Two or Rockstar release games like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, or Red Dead Redemption on an annual basis? Speaking at the MKM Partners Investor […]

GTA Online Could Get Halloween-themed Update
Halloween is approaching which means that we can expect there to be a lot of Halloween-themed events in the near future, like themed food, themed drinks, and of course themed video games which we have seen in the past in games such as World of Warcraft and their Hallow’s End event.That being said if you are playing GTA Online, you might be interested to learn that the game could be […]

Upcoming GTA Online Update Skips Last-Gen Consoles
Heads up gamers, it looks like Rockstar has a new update headed for GTA Online called Lowriders. The patch is expected to drop on the 20th of October but unfortunately if you do not own a current-gen console or a PC, you will not be able to enjoy it as Rockstar will be passing over last-gen consoles.For those unfamiliar, this was actually announced last month by the developer where they […]

Gamechangers Broadcast To Go Ahead
Earlier this March, the BBC did share their plans with the rest of the world that they will be working on a Grand Theft Auto feature length drama, which obviously drew some ire from Rockstar, the game’s developer, as they subsequently sought to block such a move from happening. Rockstar had since decided to proceed with legal action against the BBC, citing that “our trademarks are not misused”. Such a […]

Rockstar Explains Why It Banned GTA 5 Players Who Created Their Own Multiplayer
We reported yesterday that Rockstar has banned a group of Grand Theft Auto 5 players who created their own multiplayer service for the title even though Rockstar would rather prefer that they stuck with GTA Online. The group involved with this project feels that they have been wrongly banned since the project doesn’t violate rules, Rockstar has issued a full statement today which explains its decision of banning these players.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Now Out
There is nothing quite like having an unlimited amount of bling, and to be able to spend it all on stuff that captures not only the eyes, but also that of the heart. You can play the role of a criminal who basks in success thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 that is finally available as promised earlier on.

Some GTA V Mods Do Carry Malicious Malware
When it comes to the world of gaming, especially where popular titles are concerned, you can be sure that mods do play a very important role, especially in the realm of PC gaming. Mods take an original premise of a game, and with some tweaks, you get transported to a totally different world. For instance, I clearly remember the Star Trek mod that I played in Doom 2, now that […]

Rockstar Share Some Tips On GTA Online’s Adversary Mode
Last week Rockstar released the Heists feature for GTA Online players, and alongside the new Heists feature, players would also be able to unlock new modes called Adversary Modes. Basically these modes are player versus player and will pit GTA Online gamers against other gamers in a series of challenges.However if you have yet to unlock these modes or if you’re stuck, Rockstar has decided to share some tips with […]

GTA Online Heists Hits The PS3 & PS4
So, it is a case of having good things coming to those who wait yet again. While we have received word that GTA Online Heists saw some screens leaked out yesterday, a little bit of waiting would more or less “do the trick”, since GTA Online Heists are now available to play over in Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA Online Heists Screenshots Leaked
They say that good things come to those who wait – well, if you happen to have waited long enough for GTA Online Heists, you would know that this new mode is all set to launch officially tomorrow in the form of a free update. However, it looks as though some people have been too impatient, with several users already having put up screenshots complete with several details that point […]

GTA 6 In The Pipeline (Rumor)
It does not seem as though the Grand Theft Auto franchise is about to slow down anytime soon, not when it has been quite the success story on the PS4 as well as Xbox One consoles. Well, Rockstar Games, the ones behind the recent Grand Theft Auto titles, might very well be looking into the next installment of the series – if initial whispers on the grapevine were to be […]

GTA 5 PC Delayed, March 24th Is New Release Date
When you have a game that is looked forward to by so many, you can be sure that any delay in its release is definitely going to cause a fair amount of frustration. What more, if the delay is done not once, but twice! However, I have always assumed the stance that a reasonable delay (or delays in this case) is worth waiting for, especially if the game released will […]

GTA Online Gets Snow This Christmas
True to their word, Rockstar Games has released the Festive Surprise for GTA Online on Christmas Day, which would introduce the ability to engage in a snowball fight with other people, and that is just the icing on the cake as there are other various features and functions that come with this particular update. The city of Los Santos in San Andreas would be blanketed in snow this Christmas, where […]

GTA: Chinatown Wars Released For Android
Can’t get enough of GTA? The fun doesn’t have to stop with the GTA Online Festive Surprise. Today a mobile title that has been around on the iOS platform for quite some time now finally lands on other major mobile platform out there. GTA: Chinatown Wars has now been released for Android, so the wait finally ends, no longer do iOS users have dibs on this title.

Target Australia Will Not Sell GTA 5 Due To Depictions Of Violence Against Women
It seems that Target Australia has announced that they will no longer sell Grand Theft Auto 5 in their stores. The reason behind this particular move? Target Australia received complaints from customers concerning the game’s depictions of violence against women. This particular decision was made shortly after Target performed a public defense of its decision to keep the games in their stores.