According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it seems that Apple is developing some new smart home devices. These smart home devices aren’t new per se as they have been done by other companies, but it will be the first for Apple. These devices are allegedly smart speakers that come with built-in screens and cameras.

If that sounds familiar, it is because they are essentially smart displays that we have seen from the likes of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. They more or less function like smart speakers, but with the added display, they can also be used to watch videos, make video calls, and work together with security cameras and video doorbells.

That being said, Gurman does caution that these devices might never see the light of day. This is because while Apple is said to be exploring these products, there is no guarantee that the company will ever turn them into a commercial product and release them to the masses, so don’t get too excited just yet.

Apple has had a bit of mixed success when it comes to smart devices. The HomePod was largely considered a flop which ultimately led to its discontinuation, but its HomePod mini seems to be faring much better. The same report from Gurman also revealed that the HomePod mini has temperature and humidity sensors built into it, but they aren’t in use, at least for now.

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