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Samsung's New Notebook 9 With Latest Intel Processors Coming Next Month
Samsung has confirmed that it’s going to launch an updated version of its Notebook 9 laptop next month. The biggest change that it will make to this product will be under the hood. The new Notebook 9 from Samsung is going to be powered by Intel’s new 8th Generation Core processors that the company announced last week.

Intel's New 8th Gen Core Processors Offer 40 Percent Performance Boost
Intel has officially unveiled its latest Core processor family. The company’s new 8th Gen Core processors promise to provide a 40 percent improvement in performance compared to the outgoing 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors. Aside from the 40 percent performance boost claim, Intel also claims that the new chips provide double the performance over a five-year old machine.

Samsung Backs ‘Kiss’ Wireless Data Transfer Technology
If you want to transfer a file from your phone to another phone, or a phone to a computer, and so on, usually you’d use a cable. This has been the default method for data transfer over the years and while it works, we guess it’s not the most efficient, but that could soon change as companies such as Samsung has backed a technology by Keyssa called “Kiss”.

Intel 8th Gen Core Processors Will Be Unveiled On August 21st
Intel’s 7th generation Core processors are good enough but this isn’t a company that rests on its laurels. The company wants to get everyone talking about its next-generation processors and for precisely that reason, it has announced that Intel’s 8th generation Core processors will be unveiled on August 21st.


Intel Developing Fleet Of 100 Fully Autonomous Cars
Intel wants a piece of the autonomous car pie as well. After confirming that it has officially closed the acquisition of auto-visual company Mobileye, Intel has announced that it’s developing a fleet of 100 Level 4 fully autonomous cars which will be tested in the United States, Europe, and Israel. The very first Level 4 cars from this fleet will take to the roads for various tests later this year.

Intel's New 'Ruler' SSD Form Factor Teased
Intel is innovating with new form factors of comptuing products and it has been showing off some amazing products. The company has now teased its new form factor for solid state drives. The new “ruler” form factor for SSDs is going to be available in the near future. The ruler form factor SSDs are meant for super high-density storage racks.

Samsung Overtakes Intel As World's Largest Chipmaker
It was reported earlier this year that Samsung might end up overtaking Intel and become the world’s largest chipmaker, as far as revenue is concerned. The company has ended up doing that. It has dethroned Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker, a position that the company has enjoyed for almost two-and-a-half decades.

Intel Accuses Qualcomm Of Trying To Kill The Competition
Apple and Qualcomm are currently engaged in a rather bitter lawsuit, but it seems that Apple won’t be fighting this battle alone as recently some pretty major tech companies have thrown their support behind the Cupertino company, claiming that Qualcomm’s lawsuit against Apple will have dire consequences on the rest of the industry should they be successful.

Intel Has Reportedly Disbanded Its Wearable Division
When Intel acquired Basis, it appeared as though the company was interested in pursuing the wearables market. However according to a report from CNBC (via AppleInsider), the publication cited sources who claims that Intel has apparently disbanded its wearable division where the company will now apparently focus on augmented reality.

AMD Threadripper Processors Reportedly Feature Liquid Cooling
AMD recently revealed more details about its upcoming lineup of performance processors called Threadripper. If a new report is to be believed, the new processors won’t rely on traditional methods of air cooling to keep the temperature in check. The report suggests that AMD’s Threadripper processors are going to come with liquid cooling straight out of the box.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Prices Confirmed
AMD unveiled its high-end, multi-core Threadripper processor lineup back in May this year. At that point, the company didn’t reveal too many details about its new premium processors and it didn’t even reveal how much they were going to cost. All of that crucial information that AMD fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for has been confirmed today.

Dunkirk VR Experience Created By Intel
There’s a lot of hype surrounding Christoper Nolan’s new movie, it’s a Christopher Nolan movie after all, it’s called Dunkirk. As movie tie-in virtual reality experiences are getting popular, it’s no surprise that Dunkirk has received one as well. Intel has created a virtual reality experience for Dunkirk.

Intel’s Latest SSD Is Pretty Affordable
SSD prices have dropped dramatically over the years ever since they were first introduced. However for the most part they are still pretty expensive compared to regular HDDs, and unless you truly need the speed and stability of an SSD, or if you have some extra money in your PC budget, you can get away without using one.

It Looks Like Intel Is Giving Up On Competing With Raspberry Pi
Thanks to inventions like Raspberry Pi, it has become considerably easier for DIY tinkerers to come up with their own computing solutions and gadgets. Granted sometimes it doesn’t have the same polished look or feel as a finished product put out by a bigger company, but the freedom and fun that comes with creating something of your own is hard to beat.