Intel’s New LTE Modems Could Find Their Way Into Future iPhones

In case you didn’t know, Apple uses a mixture of both Intel and Qualcomm LTE modems for its iPhones. This is because at the moment, Intel’s modems weren’t equipped to support legacy CDMA networks such as those used by Verizon and Sprint, which is why some iPhones had Qualcomm modems and some used Intel modems.

Intel 8th Generation Processors Sticking With 14nm Process

Gone are the days when Intel’s new chips firmly stuck to the tick-tock method, which basically meant that there would be a new processor with one generation and a new architecture with the next. The company has now confirmed that its upcoming 8th generation of processors is going to stick with the 14 nanometer process for the fourth time in a row. Intel is expected to launch its 8th generation […]

2017’s MacBook Pros Could Feature ARM Chips

Rumors of Apple potentially moving to ARM over Intel for their computers have been rumored for many years, with some dating as far back as 2012. We have also heard the rumors that Apple has been testing out such designs, and now thanks to a report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, an ARM-powered MacBook Pro could debut this year.

Tech Meets Art As Dancers Don Smart Gloves At The Spring Festival Gala

In the past technology would typically be associated with “boring” looking devices, like huge chunk computers and monitors that come in dull colors like black or beige. However these days we’re starting to see how tech can be fashionable or artsy, especially with artists now collaborating with tech companies to make that a reality.


Intel Wants To Make Shopping A Hi-Tech Experience

Grocery shopping has typically been very straightforward, and perhaps one of the more hi-tech advancements in the experience has been the introduction of using our phones to make payments, or at least that was until Amazon decided to come along with their Amazon Go shopping technology.

Intel To Focus On Partnerships, May No Longer Release Basis Wearables

Last August, Intel-owned Basis ran into troubles with its Peak smartwatch in which it was recalled. Instead of fixing the problem and re-releasing it, Intel decided that they were done with it and announced that they would be shutting down Peak’s software support, which seemed to suggest that the company was done with Basis.

Intel’s Compute Card Will Make Upgrading A Piece Of Cake

[CES 2017] One of the biggest concerns users have when it comes to purchasing most electronic gadgets is the fear of it becoming obsolete. After all no one likes spending $1,000 on a new gadget only to find out that next year’s model is many times an improvement, right? However Intel thinks that they might have a solution to that problem.

BMW, Mobileye, And Intel Will Test Self-Driving Cars This Year

German auto giant BMW, Mobileye, and Intel today announced that they have teamed up to test self-driving cars in the United States and Europe this year. The companies will deploy 40 self-driving cars for testing on public roads in the second half of this year. The test cars will be BMW 7 Series sedans that are packed with technology provided by Intel and Mobileye.

Intel NUC Mini-PCs Get New Processors And More

Intel NUC mini-PCs are great if you’re in the market for a basic machine that can provide you with a desktop PC experience. They’re affordable and quite good, Intel has now made them even better with the addition of new processors. It has also tweaked the design a bit and has also added a host of new ports to the mini-PCs for enhanced functionality. The new mini-PCs have been unveiled […]

Intel Core i7-7700K Overclocked Past 7GHz

Overclocking is a very niche passion but those who do it swear by it. They probably can’t fathom not tweaking a processor to get the best possible performance they can out of it. While the public has to wait for a bit to get their hands on Intel’s latest Kaby Lake Core i7 processors, the company has sent out several units to overclocking professionals over the past few weeks to […]

Intel Reportedly Chooses AMD Over NVIDIA For Graphics Licensing Deal

There have been a lot of rumors recently about a graphics licensing deal between Intel and AMD as the former’s existing deal with NVIDIA is about to expire. If a new report is to be believed, Intel has chosen AMD over NVIDIA for a graphics licensing deal. The deal will enable the chipmaker to license AMD’s Radeon graphics technology which it would then put inside its iGPU.

AT&T 5G Goes Live For One Customer

AT&T has been setting up its 5G network and the carrier today announced that the next-generation network has now gone live, at least for one business customer in Austin, Texas. This marks the first 5G business customer trial for 5G in the United States, AT&T says that this is the first trial “to our knowledge.” The carrier is using millimeter wave technology to power a 5G network experience in one […]

Analyst Thinks Apple Could Dump Intel For The iPhone

It has been revealed that for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is using modems from Intel and Qualcomm. The latter has typically supplied modems to Apple, but this year we are seeing Apple start to diversify. However it has been reported that Apple was forced to throttle the Qualcomm modems to put them on par with Intel’s, something that users aren’t too thrilled about.

Amazon & Intel Work Together To Bring Alexa To More Devices

One of surprising successes in recent times is the Amazon Echo, a speaker with Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa built into it. The device has been received pretty well and so far it seems that many users are reacting positively to it, so much so that it has since spawned various devices like the Amazon Tap and the Amazon Echo Dot.