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Sprint To Offer 5G PCs With Intel Next Year
With 5G networks set to be commercialized by next year, it’s only a matter of time before 5G computers are widely available and Intel wants to make sure that it’s there when that happens. The company announced at Computex 2018 today that it has teamed up with Sprint to start selling 5G PCs in the carrier’s stores from 2019. Sprint customers will be able to purchase 5G PCs powered by […]

Intel Teases A 28-Core Processor That It's Launching This Year
Intel’s showstopper at Computex last year was its 18-core, 36-thread Intel i9-7980XE and while it wasn’t quite the showstopper this year, Intel teased a new 28-core single-socket chip that it’s going to launch later this year. Intel’s client computing head Gregory Bryant revealed at Computex that Intel is going to launch a 5GHz single-socket processor with a staggering 28-cores this year.

Apple Reportedly Poaching Intel Employees, Fuels ARM Mac Speculation
The rumors of Apple planning on launching an ARM-based Mac computer isn’t new, but there seem to be an uptick in reports of late that suggests that Apple’s efforts are getting more serious with prototypes already being made. Now a new report from Oregon Live (via 9to5Mac) is fueling those speculations.

Intel Discloses ‘Variant 4’ Spectre-Like Vulnerability
Earlier this year it was revealed that there were security flaws discovered within Intel’s chipsets called Spectre and Meltdown. To Intel’s credit, the company has been pushing out patches meant to put an end to these particular vulnerabilities, but it seems that Intel’s problems aren’t quite over yet.


Fox Sports, AT&T, Intel To Demonstrate 5G Speeds With 4K Stream
5G will be the future standards in which mobile internet will be based on, and unsurprisingly many are touting just how fast it will be. However given that not many of us have gotten to experience it for ourselves, Fox Sports has announced that together with AT&T and Intel, they plan on demonstrating how fast 5G can be.

Apple Might Be Interested In Making Their Own 5G Modems
With the first 5G networks expected to begin rolling out in the US later this year, this means that smartphone makers will seriously need to start looking into including 5G capable modems in their phones. We have heard rumors that Apple could be working with Intel on 5G modems, but now it seems that Apple could be interested in making their own.

Intel Delays 10nm Cannon Lake Chips Again
If you’ve been waiting for the release of Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chips then you will not be delighted to hear that there’s now another delay. Intel has once again delayed the release of its 10nm chips which many have been looking forward to as it marks the start of new smaller and faster processors from one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers on the planet.

MacBook Pros With 32GB RAM Might Only Arrive In 2019
One of the complaints that some users had about Apple’s new MacBook Pros is that they do not support 32GB of RAM. The maximum amount of RAM that users could configure was 16GB, which is more than enough for the average user, but since this is the MacBook “Pro”, there are some professionals who might require more.

Apple Expected To Continue Sourcing From Qualcomm For 2018 iPhones
With there being some bad blood between Apple and Qualcomm, it did not come as a surprise to learn that Apple might be looking to source certain components from other companies. After all that’s one of the reasons why Apple turned to TSMC for their chipset production instead of Samsung, and why Apple was also rumored to be looking at LG for OLEDs.

Intel Has Killed Off Its Smart Glasses Project
Earlier this year Intel announced that they would be getting in on augmented reality (AR) technology with the “Vaunt” smart glasses. The glasses weren’t exactly ready for prime time just yet but were expected to be made available to developers who wanted to tinker with it. Unfortunately it seems that less than a year since they announced the project, Intel will be killing it off.

Intel Will Allow Antivirus Software To Use GPUs For Malware Scanning
2018 did not kick off particularly well for Intel due to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that were discovered inside of its chips. Intel has since worked hard to patch existing chips and also promised that future chips should be free from the vulnerabilities. However it seems that isn’t all as Intel has announced several new initiatives.

Intel Kills Off Remote Keyboard App For iOS & Android Citing Vulnerabilities
While Intel might be primarily known for their chipsets for desktop and laptop computers, the company has experimented with different forms of computing, such as the Intel NUC and the Intel Compute Stick. The company also launched an app for iOS and Android devices in the form of the Remote Keyboard that let users control said devices with their phones.

Apple Ditching Intel Could Save Them $500 Million A Year
For many years now it has been rumored that Apple could be working on their own chips for their Mac computers. However a recent report from Bloomberg has revealed that come 2020, Apple could very well move away from Intel, a move which according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, could save Apple as much as $500 million a year.

Intel Core i9 Processors Launched For Laptops
The first Core i9 processors were announced by Intel for desktops last year. The top-of-the-line option was for those who needed the extra firepower and it was only a matter of time before these chips were released for laptops as well. Intel has done just that today by launching Core i9 processors for laptops. The company brands the Core i9 as the “the best gaming and creation laptop processor Intel […]