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Microsoft’s Edge Browser Arrives On The iPad In Beta Form
Having launched on iPhones, just last month Microsoft announced that its Edge browser would soon be coming to iPads. The good news is that it looks like we’re one step closer to seeing a full release because it appears that the beta for Edge on the iPad is now available where if you’re part of the beta, you can take it for a spin.

WWDC 2018 Dates Confirmed By Apple
Apple today confirmed the WWDC 2018 dates. As expected, its annual developers’ conference is going to take place in June this year. The company conducts its Worldwide Developers Conference every year to unveil new iterations of its iOS and macOS platforms. That’s precisely what it’s going to do this year as well.

Google Assistant For iPad Out Now
Google rolled out Google Assistant to iPhones last year and it was only a matter of time before it expanded its virtual assistant to Apple’s tablets as well. That’s happening today. Google today announced that it has released Google Assistant for iPad. It can do everything that Assistant is already capable of doing on the iPhone.

Apple Reportedly Developing An 11 Inch iPad Pro
There have been a lot of conflicting reports recently about new iPads from Apple. The company is due to launch new tablets in the near future and the latest report out of Taiwan suggests that it’s working on an 11 inch iPad Pro model. The company is expected to launch this 11 inch model alongside the updated 12.9 inch iPad Pro in the coming weeks, possibly before its Worldwide Developers […]


New iPad Pros With Face ID Could Arrive Next Quarter
Recent reports have suggested that Apple has a couple of new tablets in the pipeline which it’s going to launch in the not too distant future. These new iPads are expected to feature the Face ID technology that the company introduced with the iPhone X last year. An analyst claims that the new iPad Pro models might soon enter mass production but they’ll only be released to customers in the […]

Apple Won’t Be Switching To Their Own Power Management Chips Yet
A report late last year suggested that Apple could be considering making its own power management chips, which some speculated could be ready this year. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon as Apple is expected to continue sourcing their power management chips from Dialog Semiconductor.

Analyst Estimates Average Lifespan Of Apple Products To Be 4 Years
With some consumer electronics being so expensive these days, it is not particularly feasible for some to constantly upgrade their devices on an annual basis to try and keep up with every release, especially when it comes to Apple products where the iPhone X is priced starting at $999, which is a good sight more than the original iPhone which launched at $599.

Tim Cook Says Apple Is Working On Products ‘Way Out In The 2020s’
It is pretty obvious that Apple is working on new products, such as future iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and so on. It is also pretty obvious that behind the scenes, Apple probably has some new products that are being kept under wraps, some of which might actually not even see the light of day until the 2020s.

Two New iPad Models Revealed In Apple's Regulatory Filings
We’ve been hearing for a couple of months now that Apple will soon launch updated models of its tablet. It’s about time that the company launched new iPads so it’s certainly not going to be surprising when it finally does that. It appears that the launch may not be that far off as Apple’s international regulatory filings have revealed at least two new iPad models.

Alto’s Odyssey Now Available On The iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
If relaxing games with soothing music is something that you might be interested in, you will be pleased to learn that Snowman’s Alto’s Odyssey has been released. The game’s release date was announced last week and sure enough it looks like the developers were able to release it as promised.

Apple Could Source Key Battery Components Directly From Miners
While a lot of research is being done on alternatives to lithium-ion batteries for safety and environmental purposes, right now the majority of our electronic gadgets are powered using lithium-ion batteries and it is a reality that’s hard to escape. This means that components need to build such batteries are constantly in demand.

New Apple Pencil In The Works, According To Analyst
We’re sure many rolled their eyes when Apple announced the Apple Pencil a couple of years ago. On the surface it seemed like a stylus that Apple had rebranded, but upon its release, many have since found it to be an invaluable companion and a must-have accessory for the iPad Pro.

Cortana Gets Native iPad Support
Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant has been available on iOS for quite some time now but it didn’t have native support for Apple’s popular tablets right out the gate. Microsoft has finally updated its Cortana for iOS app with native support for the iPad. This means that users can get a proper look and feel from the app on their tablets when they’re using Cortana. Microsoft has optimized the app’s interface […]

Analyst Thinks Apple Should Have Subscription Service For Software & Hardware
Right now we are seeing more subscription services than ever. Even software that used to be one-off purchases are now seeing subscriptions, where users can pay a monthly fee and ensure that they’ll never have to worry about purchasing upgrades in the future. However could the same be applied to hardware?