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Apple Just Gave Away A Bunch Of iPhone 11s On The Ellen Show
Apple’s upcoming TV Plus service is expected to be launched soon. While it is a paid subscription, in a bid to get people to subscribe, Apple will be giving away a year’s subscription to those who purchase the company’s products, like its brand new iPhones, but what if you can’t get people to buy your phones?

iPhone 11 Accounted For 50% Of Apple’s New iPhone Sales
Last year Apple’s iPhone XR represented the bulk of iPhone sales. It was not surprising given that the iPhone XR was the cheapest option amongst the 2018 releases, while at the same time the differences in its specs wasn’t so great that users felt that they were giving up too much just to save some money.

Mophie Launches New Juice Pack Access iPhone 11 Battery Cases
With the new iPhones, Apple has boasted that they have improved on the battery life of the smartphone. Given that battery life has typically been one of the main criticisms of the iPhone in the past, but it looks like with the iPhone 11, Apple has finally delivered as reviews have praised the improvement in battery life.

This Clever Case Turns Your iPhone XS Into An iPhone 11 Pro
Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro just last month where they introduced a third lens to their camera setup. This is a step up from last year’s iPhone XS which feature a dual lens setup. However, Apple’s iPhones are still as expensive as ever, and as such, it would not be reasonable to expect that all iPhone XS owners would upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro.


Selena Gomez’s Latest Music Was Shot Using The iPhone 11 Pro
Our smartphones have come a very long way since cameras were first introduced to phones. These days, capturing video at high resolutions and high frame rates has become the norm, and because phones lack the space that cameras have, companies have come up with rather innovative ideas on how to achieve certain effects and quality that used to be only available on dedicated cameras.

The iPhone 11 Seems To Be Scratching Pretty Easily
The problem with most smartphone design these days is that it is clear that companies are going more for looks than durability. We don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, but it does mean that you need to be really careful with your phone and maybe consider investing in a case if you’d like to prevent scratches and dents.

Check Out The iPhone 11 Glow When The Flashlight Is Turned On
Apple launched the iPhone 11 last month and it is the successor to last year’s iPhone XR. It comes with a brand new dual camera setup, a slight redesign in terms of color options, and apparently now it can glow in the dark as well! This was discovered by iPhone 11 owners when they turned on the flashlight on the back of their phones.

iPhone 11 Sees Strong Demand, Apple Boosts Production In Response
With Apple increasing the prices of its iPhones and combined that with the heat from the competition and also a mature market, it wasn’t surprising to learn that Apple’s newer iPhones weren’t selling as hot as its predecessors did in the years before it. However, the iPhone 11 seems to be painting a story of redemption.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Will Warn If Non-Genuine Apple Displays Are Used For Repairs
In an ideal world, we would take all our products for repair at the company we bought them from. Unfortunately, the reality is that official repairs can get pretty expensive, which is why some customers turn to third-party repairs which are often cheaper. However, one of the tradeoffs is that you might end up with non-official parts.

Demand For The iPhone 11 Is Exceeding Expectations
Last year when the colorful and more affordable iPhone XR was launched, there was some skepticism towards the handset’s success as some viewed it as Apple’s new attempt at the iPhone 5c. It turns out that the iPhone XR was an even bigger success than the iPhone XS and XS Max, with reports claiming that it accounted for the majority of iPhone sales.

Apple Could Have New Smart Battery Cases For The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
Earlier this year, Apple launched the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. With that being said, it makes sense that the company would want to carry on that tradition with the 2019 iPhones, and now thanks to the folks at 9toMac, they have discovered evidence that suggests that new Smart Battery Cases could be coming for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, […]

Demand For Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Reportedly Better Than Expected
For the longest time ever, whenever Apple released a new iPhone, it was guaranteed to be a smashing success. However, in the recent years, that hasn’t always been the case. While far from being a flop, the combination of a matured market and also ever-increasing prices has resulted in demand not being as strong as it used to be.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Could Have Reverse Wireless Charging, But Disabled In Software
One of the features that we’re seeing more handset makers introduce to their phones is reverse wireless charging, where the phones themselves offer wireless charging capabilities which can charge other devices, like another smartphone or wireless earbuds. This is a feature that had been rumored to find its way to the iPhone 11 lineup.

iPhone 11’s Portrait Mode Will Be Able To Detect Objects And Pets
While on the surface, the differences between the iPhone XR and the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max seemed superficial, like LCD versus OLED, single-camera versus dual-cameras, and so on, there were differences in its software as well. For example, when it comes to taking photos of objects or pets in Portrait Mode, the iPhone XR fell short.

Mophie Already Has Battery Cases Ready For The New iPhone 11
Apple already makes battery cases for its iPhones, but if you’d rather not wait, it seems that Mophie has you covered. For those unfamiliar, Mophie has been creating iPhone battery cases for many years already, so it’s not surprising that the company is back with a new battery case designed for Apple’s new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

It’s Official: Apple Has Killed Off 3D Touch From Its iPhones
Several years ago when Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, they introduced a new hardware feature in the form of 3D Touch which brought pressure-sensitive displays to smartphones. It sounded promising in theory, but it was quickly shown that it was more exciting in theory than in practice.

Apple’s iPhone XR Just Got Better With The iPhone 11
With the flop of the iPhone 5c, we’re sure many were skeptical of the iPhone XR when the device was launched last year. However, apart from the color options, the iPhone XR proved itself to be nothing like the iPhone 5c where it actually outsold the flagship iPhone XS and XS Max models.