iPhone-6-review-7For those unfamiliar in the Apple vs FBI case, it seems that the law enforcement agency has managed to get outside help from the likes of Israeli tech firm Cellebrite, who has reportedly managed to successfully hack the iPhone 5c. However this hardly signals the FBI’s victory in the war, but rather the battle as phones after the iPhone 5c continue to remain unhackable.

However it seems that Cellebrite could have figured out a way to hack the iPhone 6, at least according to reports in which an Italian man by the name of Leonardo Fabbretti claimed to have sat down and had a very optimistic conversation with the company. Fabbretti was trying to access the notes, messages, and photos on an iPhone 6 that belonged to his recently deceased adopted son.

Fabbretti had initially contacted Apple who reportedly tried to help the grieving father, but when they realized that the phone was not backed up to the cloud, there was nothing they could do. Cellebrite caught wind and offered to help the man for free, and apparently have been successful in their attempts so far.

According to Fabbretti, “The meeting went well. They were able to download the directories with the iPhone’s content, but there is still work to be done in order to access the files.” It remains to be seen if this technique can be applied to all iPhone 6 handsets, but if the reports are true, Apple has their work cut out for them moving forward in terms of security.

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