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Alleged iPhone 7 Sketch Shows Similar Dimensions To The iPhone 6s
When it comes to the iPhone’s design, Apple tends to refresh it every two years, which means that this year’s iPhone 7 should feature a brand new design. However it turns out that maybe this year’s iPhone might not be too different from last year’s model, at least based on recently leaked sketches courtesy of (via 9to5Mac).

iPhone 7 Rumored To Sport Larger Batteries Than The iPhone 6s
Compared to many Android smartphones, Apple’s iPhone batteries have always come across as a bit of a joke, although thankfully in recent years Apple has been making improvements to both battery capacity and also power efficiency. That being said, would-be iPhone 7 users will be pleased to learn that the device could be getting a bump in battery size.

Apple Reportedly Further Reducing iPhone Production Due To Sluggish Sales
The iPhone is the biggest cash cow for Apple and if recent reports are believed, it appears that all is not well, as the company is believed to have told its suppliers to maintain reduced output of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus since it expects sluggish sales to continue through the end of the June quarter. This leads some credibility to rumors that year-over-year declines in iPhone sales […]

iPhone 6S Purchase Turns Out To Be A Chinese Pancake
You know what they say – when something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There is a line that needs to be drawn between greed and common sense, and we have seen such cases happen in the past. This time around, a man saw an ad for an iPhone 6s that was going for $230, and the seller claimed the price was so low because the […]


Man Buys iPhone 6s, Receives Padlock Instead
You know what they say, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. The same applies even more so to online deals, as you can never quite tell just what you are getting even though the seller might have his fair share of shiny stars for his online profile. Well, it looks like an online retailer known as 11street has assisted someone else to sell a […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Versus iPhone 6s In Camera Shootout
With the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung has made some pretty huge changes and improvements to its camera. For starters it packs a 12MP sensor and a pretty wide aperture of f/1.7, making it quite a beast in low-light conditions. It also has phase detection autofocus and based on our initial review of the handset, the camera of the phone is very impressive indeed.

Apple Investigating iPhone 6s/6s Plus Battery Percentage Bug
If you own the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, and you’ve realized that your battery percentage has disappeared suddenly, you can rest assured knowing that you are not alone in this. The good news is that Apple has also acknowledged this bug and has stated that they will be looking into the issue.

iOS 9.3 Adds More Features To 3D Touch
iOS 9.3 is expected to be a pretty major update that will add a fair number of new features to Apple’s mobile operating system, but more importantly for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners, you will be pleased to learn that 3D Touch will also be getting more functional as Apple will be adding more functions to the feature as well.

Facebook Rolls Out Support For Live Photos
One of the features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the ability to capture Live Photos. Basically these are photos that captures moments before and after the shot, giving your photos a bit of context and also just in case there are moments you don’t want to miss out on. For the most part these photos can be shared only on Apple devices, but not anymore.Facebook has recently […]

Director Uses iPhone 6s Plus To Shoot An Entire Music Video
High-end smartphones cameras have become so advanced that many low-budget productions are now being filmed using handsets instead of traditional video cameras. There have already been a few examples of music videos being filmed with a smartphone and director Sven Dreesbach has done precisely the same thing: using an iPhone 6s Plus to shoot an entire music video.

Web App Lets You Use Your iPhone 6s As A Weighing Scale
With the launch of Apple’s latest iPhones, the Cupertino company also introduced a new feature called 3D Touch which measures how hard you’re pressing on the display, in which based on the pressure different menus and functions will be available. The idea of potentially using 3D Touch as a weighing scale has been explored before.However Apple was quick to prevent such apps from making its way onto the iTunes App […]

iPad Air 3 Not Expected To Get 3D Touch Display
As we’re about to enter the new year capital market analysts are already making their predictions about how some of the biggest companies on the planet will perform in 2016. A Morgan Stanley analyst has already predicted that Apple is going to see a decline in iPhone sales in the coming year, while another well known Apple analyst expects that the iPad Air 3 is not going to get the […]

Apple Displaying iPhone 6s Popup Ads Inside Their Own Apps
It’s safe to assume that there probably aren’t that many popup ads that users actually look forward to or are happy about. This is why browsers come with popup blockers, and why ad-blocking software exists. However it seems that recently Apple has been displaying popup ads within its own apps, much to the displeasure of its users.

Apple Debuts Official Smart Battery Case For The iPhone
If you wanted a battery case for your iPhone, you’d probably have to turn to third-party companies like Mophie and Belkin, both of whom have been battery cases for iPhones for quite a while now. Official cases from Apple were only the regular silicon and leather cases, at least until today.In what can only be described as a surprising move, Apple has officially taken the wraps off the Smart Battery […]