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The iPhone XR Is Currently Dominating iPhone Sales In The US
While the iPhone XR might not necessarily be the most hyped smartphone, it does represent one of the more affordable iPhones in Apple’s lineup. For the most part, it features almost identical specs as the iPhone XS and XS Max, save for a couple of differences in the display and camera.

Apple Extends Its ‘Limited Time’ iPhone XR, iPhone XS Trade-In Deal
Last year Apple launched a trade-in program for the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. The idea was to help drum up sales, but Apple had stated back then that this deal would be a limited time deal meaning that customers shouldn’t expect to see it available all year round. However as it turns out, Apple is now extending the deal.

Apple Releases Hilarious iPhone XR Commercial
Apple has really been pushing the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR represents Apple’s cheaper iPhone which would appeal to customers who might not otherwise want to spend $1,000 on the iPhone XS. The company has been launching all kinds of deals and discounts for the handset, and now they have also released a new commercial highlighting its capabilities.

Apple Introduces New iPhone XR Trade-In Deal
It seems that Apple is really pushing for customers to buy the iPhone XR, more so than the iPhone XS or XS Max, presumably because they know that it is too expensive. The company has recently expanded on its iPhone XR trade-in program where they are now offering customers an option to make monthly payments for the iPhone.


iPhone XR Discounted By Another Japanese Carrier
The iPhone XR represents Apple’s more affordable iPhone. However even at around $750, the iPhone XR is still not necessarily affordable, which some analysts believe could be the reason why iPhone sales aren’t doing as well, where the iPhone XS and XS Max are simply too expensive, but the iPhone XR isn’t particularly affordable either.

Apple’s iPhone XR Claimed 39% Of iPhone Sales In December
Some analysts have claimed that the iPhone XR is doing badly, but others seem to be a bit more upbeat. Even Apple themselves had stated that the iPhone XR was selling well, but stopped short of actually providing any figures. Now according to the latest figures, it has been revealed that the iPhone XR accounted for 39% of iPhone sales in December 2018.

iPhones May Only Come With OLED Displays Starting 2020
The iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display and the company followed that up with new models in 2018. It still offers an LCD model but 2019 might be the last year for this display technology in Apple’s lineup. A new report claims that Apple is going to go OLED only for iPhones starting next year.

Next-Gen iPhone XR Could Feature 4x4 MIMO Antenna Design
While some of the differences between the iPhone XS and iPhone XR are pretty obvious, like the camera and display type, some aren’t so obvious, such as the antenna design where the new iPhone XS and XS Max use a 4×4 MIMO antenna design which in tests has proven to be faster.

Apple Targeting Owners Of Older iPhones With iPhone XR Emails
The iPhone XS and XS Max are just too damn expensive and Apple knows that. Why do we think that? Simply because according to a report from Reddit (via MacRumors), it appears that Apple is targeting owners of older iPhones with emails asking them to upgrade to the iPhone XR, the more affordable iPhone out of the trio of handsets the company launched last year.

Apple’s New Smart Battery Cases For The iPhone Are Official
We have been hearing about Apple potentially launching a new Smart Battery Case for its iPhones. For those who wouldn’t mind the added battery life, you’ll be pleased to learn that the cases are now official and they have been launched with support for all three iPhones from 2018. This includes the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

Analyst Thinks Apple Needs To Make ‘Significant Price Cuts’
Apple’s iPhones in recent times have gone up in price by so much that the base flagship models are starting at $1,000. The iPhone XR on the other hand was meant to be positioned as the more affordable model, although at its current pricing where it is priced starting at $750, it doesn’t really quite feel that way.

Instagram Is Now Optimized For The iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max Again
A couple of weeks ago, Instagram issued an update that seemed to sort of “break” the app for iPhone XR and XS Max users. Basically due to some compatibility and crashing issues, Instagram had to roll back to an older version of Xcode that they used to compile the app, which turn meant that the app was on longer optimized for Apple’s larger iPhones.

iPhone XR Reportedly On Track To Outsell The iPhone XS Max
It’s easy to see why Apple’s iPhone XS Max is a more attractive option over the iPhone XS. Price aside, the larger display alone makes it more compelling since it is the largest display Apple has ever used for an iPhone. This is why it isn’t surprising to see that Mixpanel’s data (via Cult of Mac) is showing that the iPhone XS Max is outselling the smaller iPhone XS.

Current iPhone Production Has Reportedly Been Cut By 10%
Usually everyone wants to start the new year well as it helps set the tone for the rest of the year. Unfortunately for Apple, it doesn’t seem to be the case as not only has the company slashed its own revenue estimates, a new report from the Nikkei Asian Review has revealed that Apple might have cut the production of its new iPhones even further.