Notable Apple Analyst Further Slashes Estimates Of The iPhone XR

Apple’s iPhone XR is meant to represent a version of the iPhone that for the most part, shares some of the high-end features of the iPhone XS and XS Max, but is priced slightly more affordable (relatively). One might think that based on this, it could be a hit amongst customers who’d rather not shell out over $1,000 for the iPhone XS.

Data Shows New iPhone Adoption Is Lower Than The Previous Year

There have been various claims suggesting that Apple’s new iPhones for 2018, the iPhone XR, Xs, and Xs Max aren’t selling as well as many, including Apple and their investors, would like. Given that Apple doesn’t plan to share figures of its iPhone sales anymore, we guess we’ll never really know 100% how many units they might have sold.

Verizon Turns On eSIM Support For iPhone Owners

One of the new features of Apple’s iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the XR is dual SIM, where models in the US rely on a single physical SIM and an eSIM for the second one. While this saves space internally and makes it easier to switch carriers, the only downside is that carriers will need to support the feature.

Apple Finally Begins Selling The Clear iPhone XR Case

Many have long wondered with Apple focusing so much on the design of their iPhones, why would people choose to hide it inside a case? Given how much the iPhone costs, it’s not hard to see why people would rather hide it than risk getting it scratched or dinged up. However with the iPhone XR, Apple has the perfect solution.


AT&T Is The First To Support The eSIM On The iPhone XR, Xs

When Apple announced the iPhone XR and iPhone Xs, they announced that their new iPhones would support dual SIM. However unlike most dual SIM smartphones that actually rely on dual physical SIM cards, the new iPhones will instead rely on one physical SIM and one eSIM (China’s version is the exception as it will use dual physical SIMs).

Apple Gives The Entire Audience On The Ellen Show A Free iPhone XR

We’ve seen instances on talk shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen Show where acts of extreme generosity are performed, like that one time Oprah Winfrey gave her entire audiences a car each. Now it seems that part of The Ellen Show’s 12 Days of Giveaways, the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres has partnered with Apple to give away free iPhone XRs.

Apple Claims iPhone XR Has Been Topping iPhone Sales Since Release

With Apple announcing that they will no longer be sharing details like how many iPhones have been sold, it has led many to wonder how well the company’s iPhones are doing. After all if they’re selling in the millions, it should be something worth bragging about, right? This was one of the concerns surrounding the iPhone XR, in which it has been suggested that the phone might not be selling […]

Apple Offering More Credit For Trade-Ins Towards iPhone XR, iPhone Xs

It seems that Apple really wants its customers to buy its new iPhones because according to a report from MacRumors, it looks like Apple is offering up customers more credit when they  trade in an older iPhone and are looking to get either the iPhone XR or the iPhone Xs. Note that this is a limited time offer so you might want to move fast.

Confirmed: The iPhone XR Will Be Cheaper In Japan

Earlier it was reported that Apple could be looking to discount the iPhone XR in Japan. Exactly by how much was anyone’s guess, but now it has been confirmed that the previous reports were true and that over in Japan, buying the iPhone XR on contract from carrier NTT Docomo will help customers save $100 over the course of the contract’s period.

Apple Could Discount The iPhone XR In Japan

If the reports are true, apparently Apple’s iPhone sales aren’t doing as well as the company had hoped. Even the iPhone XR which was hailed by many analysts to be a potential hit hasn’t exactly been selling like hotcakes either (assuming the reports are accurate to begin with), so much so that Apple could be forced to do something they rarely do: slash prices.

SIM-Free iPhone XR Now Available For Purchase

Contracts are fine if you are hoping to get a phone whose prices are subsidized, and if you don’t mind sticking with a carrier for the next 2 years or so. However if you enjoy the freedom of being able to switch between carriers, then buying a phone that isn’t locked to a particular carrier might be the way to go.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Slashes His iPhone XR Estimates

The iPhone XR is almost identical to the iPhone Xs in terms of design, and for the most part it shares the same hardware as well save for a few differences here and there. However the most appealing thing about it was its price, where it is priced several hundred dollars cheaper than the iPhone Xs, which is why some analysts were initially optimistic about the handset.

Analyst Claims Apple’s iPhone XR Inventories Are ‘Bloated’

Is the iPhone XR selling well, or is it selling poorly? That seems to be something that analysts can’t quite agree upon. Initial reports claimed that the iPhone XR pre-orders had outpaced the pre-orders of the iPhone 8, but later it was suggested that production boosts for the iPhone XR had been cancelled due to alleged low demand.

iPhone XR Production Cuts Could Have Been Due To Quality Issues

The iPhone XR was initially touted to be the iPhone of 2018 that would sell well, and initial reports even claimed that it outpaced the iPhone 8 in terms of pre-orders. However a recent report revealed that Apple had cancelled production boosts for the handset, leading to speculation that maybe the iPhone XR isn’t selling as well as everyone had thought.