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Samsung’s Smart TVs Will Support iTunes Movies And TV Shows, AirPlay 2
Samsung and Apple have a bit of an odd relationship due to the massive legal battle both companies fought against each other several years ago, but yet both companies appear to still need each other and still work with each other. However it was still a bit of a surprise when Samsung announced that its 2019 smart TVs will come with support for iTunes Movies and TV Shows and AirPlay […]

Netflix No Longer Accepting iTunes Payment For New Users
Apple takes a cut through the App Store whenever a developer sells something, whether it be the app itself or in-app purchases. Unsurprisingly some companies are too pleased with this practice and some have even encouraged users to subscribe directly from their website instead of through the App Store.

Apple Responds To Claims Over Deleted iTunes Purchases
Recently a tweet regarding Apple and iTunes movie purchases has gone viral, in which a certain Dr. Anders Gonçalves da Silva is claiming that Apple has deleted some movies he purchased via iTunes from his library. This has since resulted in people starting to realize that maybe their purchases aren’t quite as permanent as they had thought it might be.

iTunes Credit Card Fraud Being Investigated In Singapore
It is understandable that customers might be apprehensive when handing over credit card details to a company online. However given that a lot of shopping and purchasing does take place over the internet these days, there’s really not much choice, although to be fair many companies take active steps in trying to protect the details of their customers.


iTunes Is Finally Available On The Microsoft Store
iTunes for Windows has always been available as a download via Apple’s website. However if you prefer compartmentalizing all your apps and downloads from a particular storefront, then you’ll be pleased to learn that iTunes is finally available via the Microsoft Store, almost a year after it was announced.

Jimmy Iovine Thinks iTunes Music Sales Will ‘Inevitably’ End
It has been rumored for a couple of years that Apple could be looking to eventually phase out iTunes music downloads. The company has denied such claims many times, but could the iTunes music download model eventually be replaced? That’s what Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine thinks.

Apple Will Reportedly Discontinue iTunes LPs This Month
A new report claims that Apple is going to discontinue the iTunes LP multimedia album format later this month. The report is based on an email that Apple has apparently sent to people in the music business to inform them that it’s going to pull LPs from the iTunes store. This has even sparked some speculation that the company might be thinking about killing off iTunes.

Apple Confirms The HomePod’s Audio Sources
When Apple creates products and services, they typically try to make sure that it plays nicely with other Apple products and services. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the HomePod will be a very Apple-centric speaker, but exactly how Apple-centric was unclear until recently where its specs were revealed (via AppleInsider).

HomePod Users Can Access Their iCloud Music Library Via Siri
Apple’s HomePod speakers are currently available for pre-order with a release date set for the 9th of February. However apart from touting the speaker’s quality and some basic functions, not much is known about the HomePod save for the fact that it won’t work with any other music streaming service save for Apple Music.

Thor Ragnarok Leaked Online Due To Possible iTunes Blunder
Many have been looking forward to the digital release of Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok and it appears that a pre-order blunder on iTunes has caused the movie to be leaked online. According to a report, pre-order customers using Vudu and MoviesAnywhere were offered the movie for immediate download via iTunes. They predictably downloaded the copies and they’re now being furiously pirated online via torrents.

iTunes Won’t Be Available Via The Windows 10 Store This Year
For those who wish to install iTunes on their Windows computer, there is still the traditional route where you download the app from Apple’s website and install it from there. However these days we’re seeing companies shift from direct downloads to downloading from app stores, like the Mac App Store, Windows 10 Store, Steam, Launcher, Origins, and so on.

Apple Denies That They’re Going To Phase Out iTunes Music Downloads
There are multiple ways to consume music, such as through physical purchases of CDs and vinyl, or digital where you can buy your songs piecemeal or entire albums through platforms like iTunes, or stream them for a monthly subscription through services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Apple Releases Version Of iTunes That Has An App Store
Having a one-stop shop for all your needs is a great idea because in theory it sounds extremely convenient. However when you start filling up that shop with too many things, things start to get a bit messy, which was the case with Apple’s iTunes app in which it was meant to handle iOS devices, music, videos, ringtones, ebooks, and more.

Amazon 4K Content Prices Cut
Apple recently launched its 4K compatible Apple TV set-top box. The company announced at the event that it was adding 4K content to the iTunes Store for the same price as HD content. It was also going to upgrade all previously purchased HD movies to 4K for free so that customers could stream them in gorgeous 4K HDR. It appears that Amazon has now responded to Apple’s move by cutting […]