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iTunes Movie Rental Window Extended To 48 Hours
If you rent movies from iTunes frequently, you will be delighted to find out that the iTunes movie rental window has now been extended. Apple previously allowed iTunes customers to watch rented content within 24 hours. The clock started after they played it for the first time. The rental window has now been doubled.

Latest iTunes Update Removes The App Store, Focuses On Music
iTunes has typically been Apple’s go-to store for pretty much everything. If you wanted movies, music, podcasts, apps, sync your iOS device, and so on, iTunes was the answer. The one-stop-shop model was convenient, we’ll admit, but if there was one criticism is that iTunes always felt like a very bloated piece of software.

10 Minute Song Of Silence Is In The Top 50 Of Apple’s iTunes Charts
Most of the time the songs we store on our phones are usually songs we want to hear. However when plugging our phones into our cars, most of the time it usually ends up playing the very first song at the top of the list based on alphabetical order, which means that it is possible that some of your favorite songs could be ruined by incessantly repeating it.

4K iTunes Listings Hints At Possible Revamped Apple TV
With 4K eventually becoming the standard resolution in which we watch our shows, how we play games, and consume media content on the internet, it is actually a little disappointing that the Apple TV never quite supported media content at that resolution, but that could soon be changing thanks to recent iTunes listings.


PayPal Can Now Be Used To Pay For iTunes Content
If you wanted to purchase something from the iTunes App Store or basically any of Apple’s online services and platforms, your options are either credit/debit cards or purchasing gift cards with credit in them. However soon it seems that Apple users will have another option, and this comes in the form of PayPal.

Apple Wants Music Labels To Settle For Less Money
Apple is reportedly holding talks with music labels to get them to agree to a reduction in the revenue rate that it has to pay out for its music streaming service. Apple is said to be renegotiating its licensing deals for Apple Music and iTunes with the three biggest music labels that collectively own most of the music that’s out there. Apple’s deals with the labels are said to expire […]

iTunes Will Be Released On Windows Store
Microsoft made a surprise announcement at its Build developer conference today. The company revealed that it has been working with Apple to get iTunes listed on the Windows Store. It’s not like you can’t already install iTunes on Windows. Just head over to Apple’s website and download the package. However, having iTunes on the Windows Store is going to make the entire process a whole lot easier for users.

How to Add Music On iPhone Without iTunes
You can definitely use iTunes on Mac or Windows to sync your music files. But, what if you don’t like iTunes, or don’t want to install it? We have four interesting ways to help you add music to your iPhone (or iPad) without using iTunes.

iTunes Movie Rentals Can Now Be Watched On Multiple Devices
When renting movies to watch on iTunes in the past, one of the drawbacks to the service is that if you rented a movie on your iPhone, you were pretty much stuck to watching it on your iPhone. This means that if you wanted to pause the movie and continue watching on your Apple TV or your computer, you’d be out of luck.

How to Authorize A Computer on iTunes
Whatever you get from the iTunes store is DRM protected. DRM refers to Digital Rights Management which (in layman terms) enforces security to prevent piracy of the content. In a nutshell, only you (the one who downloaded/purchased the content) will be able to play it.DRM protection is good enough but it comes with a problem of sharing the content across different platforms. So, it requires an additional authorization to verify […]

Weak Pound Sees UK iTunes App Store Prices Increased By 25%
The UK’s currency isn’t doing so hot at the moment, which many have attributed to Brexit which has created a lot of uncertainty about the future of the country. While the government is trying to sort that out, it seems that citizens have no choice but to bear the brunt of their choices, such as increased prices.

This Machine Converts Foreign Currency Into iTunes Credits
We’ve all been there where upon returning from a holiday in a foreign country, we’re left with spare change that’s just too small to bother changing back to local currency. What we do is we keep it and tell ourselves we can use it for our next trip, but if you wanted a more practical way to use that change, you’re in luck.

Apple Negotiating With Hollywood To Get Movies Earlier On iTunes
Have you ever missed out on the opportunity to watch a movie in the cinema? You know that when you do, this means you’ll have to wait for it to appear on digital platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and etc. to watch it, or you’ll have to buy the DVD/Blu-ray for yourself. However the time it takes for movies to arrive on disc or digital platforms can take a while.

Apple Officially Launches iTunes ‘Spoken Editions’
If you’re too tired or too lazy to read, would being read to be something you might be interested in? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Apple has officially launched the iTunes “Spoken Editions”, which is basically narrated content from a variety of online publishers that Apple has partnered up with.