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Security Researcher Tracks Down Scammer And Messaged His Mom
Scammers usually get away with what they do because their victims don’t know what to do, and to be honest, the police usually have bigger fish to fry than to track down the guy who scammed you out of $10 on eBay. However in the past, we have seen how scammers have had the tables turned on them, and this latest story is an example of that.

Apple Warns Of Recent iTunes Gift Card Scams
By now we would hope that many of you guys are aware when you are faced with a scammer, but unfortunately that’s not the reality we live in and despite numerous warnings, people are still falling prey to all kinds of scams these days. Just recently it would seem that there is a spate of iTunes gift card scams that Apple has deemed serious enough to issue a warning over.

Apple Could Be Doing Away With The Star System In iTunes
On the current version of iTunes, users can rate songs and albums by giving them up to five stars if you really like what you are hearing. A star rating system isn’t new and we’ve seen this applied to various rating systems for movies, video games, and so on. However could it be that Apple has decided that maybe they don’t want to rely on the star system anymore?

iTunes 12.5 Will Let Users ‘Dislike’ Tracks
In iTunes, users can “like” tracks that they enjoy. The idea behind it is to give Apple’s algorithm a helping hand by identifying tracks that you like more actively, as opposed to the algorithm trying to figure out if you’re playing this song for the 100th time because you like it. However what about songs you don’t like?


Latest iTunes 12.5 Beta Should Please Classical Music Fans
With contemporary music like pop, albums usually come with a bunch of songs. Sure, there might be an overarching theme to the album, but for the most part the songs can be enjoyed by themselves in any order. However for classical music, it isn’t always the case which means that when it comes to arranging your music, classical music can be a bit tricky.

Apple Does Not See An ‘End Date’ With Music Downloads
With music streaming services like Apple Music, listening to music legally has become more affordable. Instead of spending $9.99 on an album, you can spend that same amount a month to listen to as much music as you can, which is why it isn’t surprising that there were rumors that Apple could do away with music downloads in the next few years.

Major iTunes Overhaul Rumored For WWDC 2016
Apple’s iTunes software has evolved over the years and naturally so as Apple comes up with new products and services in which iTunes kind of acts as a hub for it. For example you can manage your iOS devices from iTunes. You can buy and download music from iTunes. You can stream music from iTunes, and let’s not forget all the apps that you can access from iTunes as well.

Latest iTunes Update Should Introduce Music Deletion Safeguards
It wasn’t too long ago that someone made a blog post claiming that for some reason, iTunes had accidentally deleted their entire music library. Many had initially sprung to Apple’s (and Apple Music’s) defense, saying that there is no reason why this should have happened, and that maybe that person did it by accident.

Apple Confirms iTunes Music Deletion Issue, Promises 'Safeguards'
Apple has confirmed that it’s looking into reports of a compatibility bug in Apple Music that’s deleting local files without user permission, the company has also promised that an update will be released in the coming week which is going to bring “safeguards” to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Apple Rumored To Eliminate iTunes Music Downloads In The Next 2 Years [Update]
Update – Apple has since debunked the rumors. According to a statement made to Recode Apple rep Tom Neumayr responded by saying, “Not true.”Right now Apple has two services in which you can find and listen to music. One is through Apple Music, a streaming service where you can find songs that you want or tune into a digital radio station. The second is through iTunes in which you can find […]

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Will Be Available On iTunes
According to a report from yesterday, it was initially suggested that Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ album will only be available on Tidal. Right now there seems to be a war of exclusives going on with the music streaming industry, and given that her husband Jay-Z owns Tidal, we suppose this did not really come as a surprise.

Chinese Government Blocks iTunes Movies & iBooks Stores
Thinking of running a tech business in China? Chances are you will be faced with a host of limitations, from games having to be censored, graphics changed to avoid certain imagery, apps blocked, movies restricted/censored, and so on. Just ask Google who pulled their Play Store out of China (although there are rumors that they want to make a comeback).

iTunes Allowances For Children To End This May 25
Apple mentioned earlier today that they are more than ready to bring iTunes Allowances to an end this coming 25th of May, for the very simple fact that the program has more or less been made obsolete no thanks to the different iTunes features out there. As of today, many people are no longer able to create a new Allowance, according to Apple in a support document as well as […]

Jay-Z Pulls More Albums Off Non-Tidal Music Streaming Services
By now we’re sure many of you guys are aware of the fact that hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is the owner of music streaming service Tidal. While the platform does hold a lot of promise, especially to those who are extra particular about the audio quality of their music streams, Tidal does not appear to be gaining the same amount of traction compared to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, […]