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Somnox Is A Huggable Robot That Helps You Sleep
[CES 2018] Do you have problem falling asleep at night? There are several different ways that one can go about treating insomnia, such as through herbal remedies, clinical remedies, music, brown noise machines, and so on. However at CES, a Dutch company has taken the wraps off a huggable robot called Somnox that is supposed to help you sleep.

SensorWake Looking To Create A Scent Diffuser To Help You Sleep
Several years ago SensorWake launched a campaign on Kickstarter for a device that functions like an alarm clock, with the main difference being that instead of waking users up with sound, it wakes them up with scent instead. It was a bit of a novel approach, but now it looks like the company is working on a new scent diffuser, except this time it’s to help users sleep.

This Universal Lens Cap Could Be The Last Lens Cap You’ll Ever Need
If you’re a photographer who owns or has dabbled with interchangeable lens cameras like DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, then you know how annoying it is whenever you misplace a lens cap. This means having to spend more money, and in the meantime it could also mean that your lens glass could get scratched.

Visvo’s Novel Backpacks Are A Series Of Hi-Tech, Connected Backpacks
Backpacks are designed to hold our stuff, but with more electronics and gadgets finding their way into our lives these days, backpack makers have started to look towards creating products that can do more. For example we’re seeing backpack makers create backpacks designed to hold our gadgets, with some even creating slots for power banks.


Vixari Claims To Be The Most Portable Camera Tripod Ever
If long exposure photography and/or photos that aren’t blurry are your thing, then chances are you might have already invested in a tripod. However for the casual photographer, bringing a huge tripod with them on the go isn’t exactly ideal, and while there are small pocketable tripods, their size also means that they have short legs which can be a bit limiting.

SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot Gets The Job Done In 90 Seconds
If you particularly dislike cleaning your toilet, perhaps you will be interested in outsourcing the job to a robot. The SpinX toilet cleaning robot promises to get the job done in 90 seconds, it will clean and sanitize the bowl and seat so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Classic Mobile Game ‘Fruit Ninja’ Transformed Into A Tabletop Game
Back in the day when smartphones were still relatively new, games back then were a lot simpler, and for the most part they were designed to show off and take advantage of touchscreens and the various sensors embedded in our devices. One of those games, which is still a classic, is Fruit Ninja.

Razergon VR Is A Wireless VR Headset That Does Not Require A Phone
One of the problems we are seeing with most virtual reality (VR) headsets these days is that they are wired and usually require users to be tethered to a computer, or in some cases like the Google Cardboard, Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, and so on, require users to use their mobile phones to power the headset.

Infani Takes Baby Monitors To The Next Level
Baby monitors used to be just radios that would let parents listen in on their baby and be alerted when the baby cries or wakes up. For the most part baby monitors are still that way even until today, although in more recent times we’re starting to see smarter baby monitors that also allow parents to watch a live stream of their baby sleeping.

TEAMOSA Uses Ultrasonic Extraction To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea
Did you know that when it comes to making tea that it involves more than just pouring boiling water over tea leaves and then just drinking it? For the tea connoisseur, this is pretty obvious because if you did not know, different types of teas can be brewed in different ways to extract the best flavor from them.

Kickstarter Campaign Crowdfunds A Modern Day N64 Controller
It’s 2017 which means that consoles like the Nintendo 64 (N64) are clearly and obviously no longer in production, and for the most part most (if not all) gamers have moved onto newer and more modern consoles. However a company by the name of Retro Fighters has decided that in this day and age, perhaps there could still be a need for an N64 controller.

SousVide Supreme Touch+ Makes Cooking More Hi-Tech
The thing about more traditional methods of cooking is that for those who aren’t as experienced, it is very easy to overcook a nice piece of steak, or undercook a piece of fish. This is where sous vide comes in, where the idea is that by cooking food at a slow and constant temperature, it will allow you to reach the optimal doneness without worry about over or undercooking.

This Espresso Machine Made From Concrete Is All Kinds Of Sexy
Gadgets made from concrete aren’t new. Are they practical? Given how heavy they are, the answer is usually no, but in terms of aesthetics, it’s hard to deny that there is a certain industrial/raw feel that you get from concrete that adds a ton of appeal, especially if that’s the look that you’re going for.

ORII Is A Bluetooth Headset That You Wear On Your Finger
When we think of Bluetooth headsets, we picture those tiny little earpieces that are typically worn on one side of your head. However it seems that Hong Kong startup Origami Labs has decided that maybe the Bluetooth headset could do with a bit of revamping, and have since launched the ORII smart ring.