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Sequent Self-Charging Smartwatch Aims To Change The Game What’s the biggest drawback of smartwatches these days? You have to take it off and charge it. That’s not a problem that you face with a conventional Quartz watch or even a mechanical watch that can be hand-wound. A company called Sequent is looking to change that. “Building upon traditional Swiss watchmaking,” it lays claim to a smartwatch revolution with its self-charging smartwatch.

The Aumi Mini Is A Smart Night Light With Notifications
If you’re someone who uses a night light in their bedroom, maybe because you don’t want to stub your toe at the foot of bed when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, perhaps you might want to consider making an upgrade to the Aumi Mini night light which is a night light that comes with smarts.

KADO Is A Wall Charger That Can Fit In Your Wallet
We are still at that point in time where the batteries on our phones aren’t quite lasting as long as we would like. Sure there have been improvements made over the years, but squeezing our two days worth of use is rare, which is why battery packs are pretty common since carrying around a wall charger isn’t exactly the most convenient/ideal.

The FUSE Porta Rista Lets You Brew Coffee On The Go
You might recall that back in 2016 we talked about a certain device called FUSE that is basically a portable espresso machine that you can take with you on the go. Portable coffee makers aren’t new, but one of the differences with FUSE was that it offered users modular components to brew different styles of coffee.


Your Sneakers Just Got Smarter With Digitsole's Smartshoe
Shoes help protect our feet, they help with fashion, and they help in sports and training where some shoes are better suited for running, while others are better suited for basketball, football, and so on. However apart from that, shoes have remained pretty much the same save for changes in design and materials.

Jelly Is A 2.45-inch Smartphone That Runs Android Nougat
When it comes to smartphones these days, a lot of emphasis is placed on the display of the phone because a larger and sharper display makes playing games, surfing the web, and watching videos more pleasurable. However it seems that’s not what the creators of the Jelly phone are going for.

‘Friday The 13th’ Game Set For May 26 Release
Have you ever wondered it might be like to play as Jason Voorhees? Sure, some of you guys might have found that out while playing Mortal Kombat, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to chase helpless victims through Camp Crystal Lake, you might have heard that back in 2015, a game dubbed Friday the 13th was launched on Kickstarter.

Monograph Smartwatch Wants To Help You Remember Moments In Your Life
Pretty much all smartwatches today do the same thing, which is that they track your vitals like steps, distance walked, calories burnt, your heart rate, display notifications from your smartphone, let you check/send messages/emails, control music playback, and so on. However the Monograph smartwatch wants to be different.

The miniRIG Will Help You Shoot Better Videos On Your Phone
While our smartphones have become considerably better at taking photos and videos over the past few years, there are just certain things that it can’t do that a proper camera could. For example audio recording on smartphones while taking video is less than ideal and so is stability in the footage.

PaperLike Wants To Make Your iPad Pro Feel Like Paper
While Apple’s iPad Pro is definitely not the cheapest iPad we’ve seen, and the Apple Pencil being one of the most expensive stylus we’ve come across, reviews of the tablet and the stylus have been fantastic. Artists and graphic designers have lauded praise onto the combination, claiming that the experience offers up an almost lag-free interface.

ClickPack Pro Is An Anti-Theft Backpack For Your Gadgets
If you carry a lot of your tech gadgets with you on the go, like your laptop, tablet, smartphone, battery packs, memory cards, and so on, chances are you will rely on a backpack for that. While most backpacks do a pretty decent job of carrying your stuff around, there’s always the concern of having your stuff stolen.

You Can Now Buy A Real-Life PONG Table
You might recall that last year that a group of people came together to help create a table that essentially recreated the real-life version of Atari’s popular PONG game. We were wondering if that table would ever become purchasable by the masses, and the good news is that if you’re willing to spend the money, you can own it.

Penna Is A Mechanical Keyboard With A Typewriter Feel
There are plenty of mechanical keyboards out there today, but if you’re after something that has a unique design and is also wireless, then you might not have to look further than Penna. This is a mechanical keyboard that has been designed to sport the look and feel of a typewriter from the good old days.

Superscreen Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Tablet
Our smartphone screens have increased over the years, although in recent years, we all seem to be hovering around 5-6 inch mark, which seems to be a happy middle. However compared to a TV, desktop monitor, or even a tablet, that’s still a pretty small screen to be watching movies on, especially for long periods of time.