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PEGASI’s Smart Glasses Will Help You Sleep Better
There are some of us who are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep in an instant without much fuss. However there are some of us who from time to time struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be due to the stress of the day, or the constant worry about the things they have to do tomorrow, and so on.

FOCI Wearable Device Boosts Focus To Fight Tech Addiction
Addiction to technology is a serious concern which is why many companies and services are building time spent features into their products so that their users can see how much time they’re spending and adjust their usage habits if they’re spending more time than they should be. FOCI is a wearable device that aims to fight tech addition by boosting the user’s focus.

Nintendo Switch Vertical Grip Accessory Launched On Kickstarter
The Nintendo Switch for the most part has been designed to be played horizontally. However there are some games, such as classic arcade titles, that will be played vertically, but that also means that the current way the Joy-Cons are held will no longer be possible. However the Flip Grip is an accessory that will change that.

Myst 25th Anniversary Collection Launched On Kickstarter
Last month it was reported that there are plans to relaunch the entire Myst collection on the PC. The good news for those who grew up playing the game is that this has since been confirmed, as a Kickstarter campaign for the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection has since been launched where players will be able to get their hands on the entire collection.


Street Fighter Board Game Launches On Kickstarter other day we reported that Mario Kart had been turned into a board game of sorts when a Monopoly version of the game was launched. However it looks like it isn’t the only video game that is being given the board game treatment because it looks like Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise has been made into a board game as well.

DaLunchbox Is An All-In-One Kit For Drone Owners
If you’re looking to get into drones, there are quite a few options out there available right now, but some of them can get quite expensive. However if you want something that’s kind of like an all-in-one solution, you might be interested in a Kickstarter campaign for a device called DaLunchbox.

‘I’m Back’ Accessory Turns Analog SLRs Into Digital Hybrids
While many photographers might extol the virtues of shooting analog and film, claiming that it produces “warmer” images and has a certain tone/feel to it that digital can’t replicate, it is hard to ignore some of the downsides to shooting with film. This includes the inability to check photos after you’ve taken them, the time and money spent developing the film, and also the low storage capacity.

Kickstarter Patrons Is Funding For Those With Deeper Pockets
When it comes to discovering new projects and campaigns to fund on Kickstarter, the onus usually falls to the funder to try and seek out projects that they might be interested in. However Kickstarter is changing that up with a new pilot program called Kickstarter Patrons in which the focus will be on the funders, not the fundees.

More Tech Companies Join The Fight To Bring Back Net Neutrality Rules
With the FCC having repealed the net neutrality rules, and with it expecting to go in effect next month, there are many companies who are fighting to bring it back. In fact six major tech companies have announced that they will be joining the fight against the FCC in order prevent the repeal from going into effect.

Hello 2 Turns Your TV Into A Video Communications & Collaboration Device
For the most part, TVs do not come with built-in cameras, presumably out of privacy purposes and also because TVs are usually used for watching. However if you’re the type that has the need to use a TV as a video conferencing tool as well, you might be interested in a device called the Hello 2.

MyLiFi Uses An LED Lamp To Beam Internet To Your Computer
At the moment there are pretty much only two ways that internet can be delivered to your computer. One is through WiFi, and the other is through a cabled connection direct to your computer. There are pros and cons of either connectivity method, but the folks at Oledcomm are suggesting another way – through the use of light.

Capsulier Is A Machine That Lets You Make Your Own Nespresso Pods
As convenient as the Nespresso is (and other similar machines), the problem is that it locks you into the Nespresso pods. While the pods do make decent enough coffee, there might be some coffee enthusiasts who are more particular about their beans, plus it’s hard to beat freshly ground beans versus beans that have been sitting in pods for months.

The HyperDrive Is A USB-C Hub With Qi Wireless Charging
While the majority of laptop makers have yet to completely ditch current-gen USB-A ports, Apple has eagerly done way with those ports and for its newer laptops, have only included USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. This means that MacBook users have had to resort to dongles to connect older devices.

‘Raise’ Is A Split Keyboard Designed For Competitive Gaming
Most keyboards you see are straight in terms of design, and while this has been more or less the standard design for years, they aren’t exactly ergonomical, and long endless hours of using the keyboard in such a manner can be bad for your wrists. This is why there are ergonomical keyboards in the market as well.