The thing about more traditional methods of cooking is that for those who aren’t as experienced, it is very easy to overcook a nice piece of steak, or undercook a piece of fish. This is where sous vide comes in, where the idea is that by cooking food at a slow and constant temperature, it will allow you to reach the optimal doneness without worry about over or undercooking.

If you are considering giving sous vide cooking a try, you might be interested to learn that the SousVide Supreme Touch+ by Eades Appliance Technology has been launched on Kickstarter. For those who are familiar with the SousVide Supreme, this model is basically an upgrade over the previous model and will come with more hi-tech features, such as WiFi connectivity, an accompanying app, and will even work with digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

While the previous models featured a black lid to cover the food while it is immersed in the water, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ will feature a clear top which means that you will be able to see your food while it cooks. We suppose that’s not really necessary but it is a nice touch for those who want it.

The SousVide Supreme Touch+ is not the first connected sous vide machine as there are others like the Anova and Joule that offer similar features, so at the end of the day it depends on your preferences and also the price, in which the SousVide Supreme Touch+ will retail at $599, but if you pledge your support now there will be an early bird price of $299 which makes it pretty affordable.

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