Baby monitors used to be just radios that would let parents listen in on their baby and be alerted when the baby cries or wakes up. For the most part baby monitors are still that way even until today, although in more recent times we’re starting to see smarter baby monitors that also allow parents to watch a live stream of their baby sleeping.


However the folks at Infani have taken the concept of a baby monitor and taken it to the next level by making the monitor even smarter. How is this done? This is achieved by adding features like depth-sensors, an IR illuminator, a camera, a doppler radar, and even using AI to help monitor your baby.

With such advanced tracking technology, the Infani baby monitor will be able watch over your child’s breathing pattern during sleep and will be able to detect changes to it, and will alert parents to it or when their child wakes up. There is an accompanying app that will also provide parents will all the necessary information, and also allows them to monitor their babies even if they aren’t home.

The Infani monitor can be setup over the baby’s crib which means that there is zero contact with the baby, so parents don’t need to worry about attaching monitors or sensors onto their child that might have the potential to fall off. For parents who might be interested in getting their hands on Infani, the Kickstarter campaign has recently been launched and it will set customers back $259 for one unit.

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