Kinect adventure game prototype powered by emotions

We have seen the world of video games evolve from standard physical controllers to the novelty (which actually works quite well, actually) of motion-controlled games, with the Kinect from Microsoft spearheading the effort of using your entire body as a video game controller – and to much success, to. Tim Schafer and longtime colleague Ron Gilbert decided to try something different – by using the player’s very own emotions to […]

Kinect assists you for the perfect fashion fit

Who would have thought that something as simple as a video game controller like the Kinect could actually achieve far more than just letting you control your on-screen avatar? We are talking about the Kinect system making its way to the fashion industry, where Bloomingdale’s will offer customers the ability to step into a rather futuristic looking fitting room in order to select the right pair of jeans or the […]

Beamatron: a Kinect-enabled AR concept from Microsoft Research combines the physical world with the virtual world

The folks over at Microsoft Research have come up with a new augmented reality concept called the Beamatron. Combining a projector and a Kinect sensor on a pan tilt moving head, it allows people to combine the physical with the virtual world. This means virtual cars can be driven in a room, bumping into real obstacles and speeding over ramps – allowing for some interesting interactions between graphics and the […]

Holoflector interactive augmented reality mirror

Things are definitely getting more and more high tech these days, and here we are with the Holoflector interactive augmented reality mirror which is the result of the good people at Microsoft Research tinkering around with a Kinect, a Windows Phone handset as well as a bunch of ideas. This special interactive augmented-reality mirror will see graphics superimposed in the right manner on your own reflection that paves the way […]


Kinect for Windows academic pricing now available in the US

If you thought the Kinect for Windows was too pricey for you to purchase and tinker around with, especially if you’re a student – we’ve got some good news for you. Today, Microsoft announced a special academic pricing on Kinect for Windows in the US. If you’re a student, educator or faculty with an accredited school (university, community college, vocational school or K-12), you will be able to purchase the […]

Kinect offers creative expressions in classrooms

The Kinect is not only meant to offer gamers a different method of playing instead of just twiddling their thumbs and mashing buttons with their fingers on a standard video game controller. No sir, with a little bit of creative thinking, Kinect will even make learning in the classroom a whole lot less dreary. For example, first-grade teacher Cheryl Arnett, just 19 years of age, who teaches at the Sunset […]

Etronika Kinect app offers online banking capability

Ever wished you could perform your banking duties without the need for a mouse? That is not an issue, especially with the Natural User Interface (NUI) that Etronika employs, letting users control and interact with online banking without having to even touch a single keyboard or mouse. This application mirrors human identification by analyzing a user’s face, voice, as well as ease and simplicity of being identified through looking at a […]

Fruit Ninja Kinect achieves 1 million XBLA downloads

Milestones are definitely targets worth achieving (and surpassing), and Fruit Ninja Kinect has just passed the 1 million XBLA download mark. This is the perfect way for everyone’s popular arm swinging game to kick off the new year, never mind that we are already into the third month of the first quarter of 2012. Halfbrick is still very proud of the 1 million downloads achievement with Fruit Ninja Kinect, taking […]

Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle announced

If you have read all the hype about Kinect technology on the Xbox 360 system, and have yet to actually make a monetary commitment to Microsoft’s best selling video game console to date, then here is another chance for you to do so. Microsoft has introduced the Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle, whereby this will be a limited edition bundle that comes with the glossy white Xbox […]

LightBeam pico projector turns any surface into a display

One thing about regular projectors we have is the fact that they require a large blank surface to work with, which means you’re usually stuck with a few different walls or surfaces in a room. What if you use the blank box in front of you or a sheet of paper in your hand to work as a surface for the projector? Well, that’s where the LightBeam pico projector comes […]

Doodle Defense is played with a whiteboard and Kinect

If you’re a fan of tower defense games, you’re going to love Doodle Defense – at least I think you will. Played with a whiteboard, a Kinect, a projector, and a Mac computer, Doodle Defense takes drawing games and tower defense to a whole new level. While the concept of the gameplay is the same (prevent units from travelling from the entrance to the exit), how the game is played […]

Kinect used to aid reverse parking

A lot of cars have cameras installed in the rear to help drivers when it comes to parking, but most of them are pretty simple setups – with the camera acting as a pair of additional eyes. Well, some folks at the University of Technology in Sydney decided to implement the Kinect as a camera to work as a reverse parking assistant. The Kinect is able to generate a bird’s […]

Zumba Fitness Rush is Kinect for Xbox 360 exclusive

Majesco, the name behind the innovative Cooking Mama series that even had men don digital aprons to churn out something delicious on the Nintendo DS all those years ago, is also the publisher of Zumba Fitness Rush, where it will be the most technologically advanced, feature-rich title from the Zumba Fitness franchise. If you do not own the Xbox 360, then tough luck, as Zumba Fitness Rush is an exclusive […]