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Fan Turns League Of Legends Into An Anime, And It’s Amazing
The thing about competitive titles such as League of Legends is that everyone is too engrossed into thinking about game mechanics, strategy, best hero picks, and whatnot that sometimes the fantasy and the lore of the game gets neglected. After all it doesn’t matter if a particular hero has a rich history, as long as he/she can be used to great effect in games.

Riot Sues League of Legends Cheat Developers
Developers hate it when players cheat at their games, because this not only ruins the experience that the developers had planned for players, but in multiplayer games, this ruins it for other players who are just trying to play normally. This is why it isn’t surprising to learn that Riot is suing the developers behind a League of Legends cheating software.

Overwatch More Popular Than League Of Legends In Korea’s Cybercafes
League of Legends has been around for a while and in certain countries like South Korea, it is an incredibly popular game. However it looks like we might have a new contender in town in the form of Blizzard’s Overwatch. It seems that the game has, for now, managed to overtake League of Legends in terms of popularity amongst the country’s PC bangs.

Riot Identifies Toxic Employees Using League Of Legends Chatlogs
Sometimes when you read what people say online, you really have to wonder if they are really that way in real life. Imagine if you were playing a game and the opposing team had a player who spewed forth the foulest things you’ve ever heard, do you reckon that is a good reflection of their personality?


League Of Legends Update Will Finally Fix Imbalanced Teams
Have you ever played matches in games like DotA 2 or League of Legends where someone leaves early on in the game, leaving you on the team with 4 players while the other team has 5? This probably happens more often that you would like, and while it isn’t necessarily a guaranteed loss, it does make things harder.

University Of California, Irvine Has League Of Legends Scholarship Now
What do you do when you go to college? To get a degree, or an education? Not everyone is able to afford the college fees, which is why scholarships are available for outstanding students who are also needy. The thing is, we are so used to scholarships for the usual fields of study like law, engineering and medicine, so much so that we forget there is a new trend emerging […]

League Of Legends Now Has A Companion Mobile App
As much as you love League of Legends, taking a break every now and then is a good idea. However if you want to take a break but still remain connected to the game somehow, you’ll be pleased to learn that Riot Games has since created and launched a companion app for mobile devices for the game.

League Of Legends Studio Acquired By Chinese Internet Giant
League of Legends fans might be interested in knowing that the studio behind their favorite game, which happens to be one of the biggest online games in the world, has been acquired by a Chinese internet giant. It was back in 2011 when said internet giant Tencent purchased a majority stake in Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends. It has been confirmed today that Tencent has now acquired […]

League Of Legends Will Deny Toxic Players Access To Features
If you have ever played online games, you will meet all sorts of players. There will be players who are extremely helpful and will be more than glad to help you along your way, and there will be players who will berate you everytime you make a mistake, or will troll you in annoying ways so that your experience will be a horrible one.Now in Riot Games’ League of Legends, […]

League Of Legends Testing Out Swifter Punishments For Players
No matter what kind of game you play, there is always a chance that you will encounter a troll within the game that will make your life miserable. Sometimes you might run into abusive players too who will fly off the handle at the slightest mistake and start making threats. This is the unfortunate reality of the online world we live in.However the folks at Riot Games are hoping to […]

Riot Starts Testing Their Reduced Lag League Of Legends Network
As skillful as you might be at a game, lag will negate that because if the server registers the other player’s move before you do, you will come out on the losing end even though you think you might have clicked first. This is a problem that League of Legends players were facing and dealing with, and something that Riot had announced early this year that they were looking to […]

MOBAs Expected To Earn More Than MMORPGs This Year
MOBAs are a big business. Look at Valve’s Dota 2 which manages to pull in $18 million a month in revenue alone, and let’s not forget Riot Games’ League of Legends which manages an average of over $100 million a month. What makes this so impressive is the fact that these games are free to play, meaning that the money made is from selling in-game items to players, such as […]

League Of Legends Will Not Deviate From PC And Mac Platforms
There seems to be a rise in MOBAs created for mobile devices in mind, such as Vainglory which was released on iOS and will be released for Android in the near future as well, which begs the question will PC versions of MOBAs turn to mobile as well to ensure their dominance, or will they let mobile versions of MOBAs run rampant?While we’re not sure what the plans Valve has […]

Microsoft & Tencent Team Up To Deliver League Of Legends In Windows 10 Store
Microsoft has just made an announcement concerning a brand new strategic partnership with Tencent, in an effort to push Windows 10 among the China market, not to mention to bring about Tencent apps and services to the mentioned platform. Do bear in mind that Tencent is far from being a two-bit company, as they are large enough to deal in a slew of businesses, ranging from media to advertising, not […]