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Wallpapers From Upcoming Nexus Handsets Leaked Online
If the rumors are true, there will be at least two new Nexus handsets this year, both of which are said to be coming from HTC and they have been codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. Now whether or not the rumors are true remains to be seen, but the folks at Android Police have managed to get their hands on what they allege to be wallpapers from the upcoming Nexus handsets.

Gamer Pays $1,300 For Leaked Copy Of No Man’s Sky
No Man’s Sky has been set for a release on the 9th of August, and the 12th of August for gamers on PC. This means that gamers have about 1-2 weeks of waiting to do before they can officially get their hands on the game. However it seems that one gamer decided that he did not want to wait, and has reportedly paid $1,300 for a leaked copy of the […]

Could This Be Samsung’s New Gear VR Headset?
It has been a while since Samsung launched their Gear VR headset, so we guess a refresh is more than possible. After all we’re sure that with the launch of other VR headsets and based on feedback that Samsung has a newer and improved model in the works, right? Thanks to the folks at Phones Review, an alleged image has surfaced.

Alleged PS4 Neo Specs Have Been Leaked
Sony has confirmed that there will be a PS4 Neo. However in terms of specs, we’re not sure what to expect although safe to say that it will be more powerful than the current PS4. However thanks to a recent leak, it seems that the alleged specs of the upcoming PS4 have been revealed, although since they can’t be confirmed, take it with a grain of salt.


Additional Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photos Leaked
Yesterday a leaked photo gave us our first look at what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would look like in real life. Prior to this, we just had renderings to go on, although thankfully it looks like both the renderings and actual leaks look similar, meaning that in terms of rumors, everything seems to be lining up just nicely.

Alleged Renders Of The HTC ‘Sailfish’ And ‘Marlin’ Revealed
As you might have heard, the rumors are saying that this year, HTC will be launching two Nexus handsets codenamed “Marlin” and “Sailfish”, both of which have had their specs leaked not too long ago. However in terms of design, we had no idea what they looked like, at least until now thanks to the folks at Android Police.

Official Looking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Renders Leaked
We have been hearing rumors about the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note handset, which for some reason Samsung could be deciding to call it the Galaxy Note 7, instead of the Galaxy Note 6 which makes more sense from a chronological standpoint, but it’s still Samsung’s handset to do as they please.

HTC ‘Marlin’ Nexus Specs Leaked
Thanks to leaked specs the other day, we got an idea of what to expect from the rumored HTC “Sailfish” Nexus. Now if you were wondering why are the specs of a Nexus handset is so low, it is because the Sailfish is apparently one of two Nexus handsets that HTC will be building for Google later this year.

Full Alleged Fujifilm X-T2 Specs & New Photo Leaked
Just the other day we were treated to an alleged photo of the upcoming Fujifilm X-T2. The camera has yet to be officially announced but so far photos and leaked information has been steadily making its way online, and if you were after more information, you’re in luck as the folks at Digicame-info have published the entire specs of the camera and a new photo of the device.

Lenovo Vibe C2 Leaked, Rumored To Be The Moto E’s 2016 Replacement
So we’ve seen Motorola launch new Moto G handsets, and we’ve also seen them launch the Moto Z handsets. Now since Motorola said that the Moto Zs won’t be replacing the Moto X, we can only imagine that we will be treated to new Moto X handsets at some point, but what about the Moto E range?

Alleged Xbox One S Leaked Ahead Of E3
Microsoft has hinted that this year’s E3 will be a special one, and by that many have taken this to mean that the company could unveil their latest Xbox One. It has not been confirmed yet but thanks to a photo that has made its way online, it seems that we are looking at what could be the Xbox One S.

Injustice 2 Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked Promo Posters
About a week ago, we reported that the rumors were saying that we could be getting a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. If you enjoyed the original game, we’re guessing that you would probably not mind a sequel. The good news is that it looks like the sequel could be the real deal thanks to recently leaked promo posters.

New OnePlus 3 Promo Rendering Leaked
With the success OnePlus has seen with the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, and the OnePlus X, it’s no secret that a new OnePlus phone will be launched later this year in the form of the OnePlus 3, and maybe a new OnePlus X variant. With the former, we’ve seen leaked photos which shows off what the phone will look like.

New Moto G4 Render Surfaces Without Fingerprint Sensor
According to the rumors, we know that Lenovo has a new Moto G4 handset in the works. In fact  thanks to leaked photos, we even know roughly what the handset will look like. However according to a recent tweet by Evan Blass, it seems that the previous leaks we’ve seen might not have been 100% accurate.