new gear vrIt has been a while since Samsung launched their Gear VR headset, so we guess a refresh is more than possible. After all we’re sure that with the launch of other VR headsets and based on feedback that Samsung has a newer and improved model in the works, right? Thanks to the folks at Phones Review, an alleged image has surfaced.

As you can see in the image above, it is allegedly that of the next-gen Gear VR that samsung plans on launching. Upon first glance it doesn’t look Samsung has done much to the headset in terms of design, but apparently this new version will come with support for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. It is also possible that there could be support for USB-C connectivity throw into the mix, but we’re just speculating.

Maybe Samsung could have improved upon the comfort levels, the fit, and so on, but since this is all we’ve been given, it’s really quite hard to say. Also it is possible that maybe this headset could be created with 2017 Galaxy S8 in mind. Last we heard, the Galaxy S8 is said to sport a 4K display and is supposed to be VR-ready and compatible with Google’s Daydream platform.

In any case IFA is coming up soon so maybe we could learn more then, or maybe even during Samsung’s announcement for the Galaxy Note 7 next week, but until then take it with a grain of salt.

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