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Flashing LEDs Could Help Self-Driving Cars Navigate Better At Night
When it comes to self-driving cars, I am quite sure that much more testing needs to be done, not to mention a whole lot of standardization being agreed upon before it is rolled out on a global scale. After all, machines are not 100% foolproof all the time, especially not when we hear about Google’s research team allowing their self-driving cars to actually break the legal speed limit. Driving around […]

LEDs Inform Riders Of Optimal Speed To Green Light On Bicycle Highway In Denmark
So, you have decided to go green by getting around on a pair of wheels, with you spending more time with your bicycle than in your car? That is great, but just to make sure that your cycling adventures are “optimized” even further, there is this particular LED signboard located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that will inform a cyclist to ride at a certain speed in order to get to the […]

New LED Lamps Could Help Save Money, Improve Safety
As we move more and more towards a paradigm shift in thinking, having a concern for the environment so that the next generation will have a place to live on earth, new advancements have been made to be more power efficient while lowering wastage. Take the Solar Impulse 2 for example – this solar-powered plane intends to circumnavigate the globe on solar power alone! It looks like Jersey’s street lighting […]

Philips' SlimStyle LED Bulb Available Jan. 2 For Under $10
Philips has been offering some interesting lightbulbs over the years that can do a number of things, one of which is save you a ton of cash on your electricity bills. Starting in January, the U.S. will put an end to incandescent bulbs as the country attempts to move on to a future filled with LED bulbs. Philips is stepping up their LED game with its new 60-watt-equivalent SlimStyle LED […]


NAVIGATE Jacket Uses LEDs, Haptic Feedback To Help Direct Its Wearer
Trusting your phone to navigate you through a heavily-populated city is something we’re sure many of us have done as we try our best to follow directions to get to our destination in a timely manner. But what if our clothing could be used to help direct us to our destination? That would help in cutting down how often we stare at our phones, and is exactly what the NAVIGATE […]

Philips Introduces LED Lighting System To Help Comfort Intensive Care Patients
The intensive care unit of any hospital is probably one of the most important areas considering patients need some serious care in order to survive their ailment. Medicine, surgeries and other forms of interventions are common for those in the intesive care unit, making trying to find comfortable surroundings rather difficult. Philips is looking to change that as they’re looking to improve patient care by simply using LEDs.

China Introduces Li-Fi Bulb That Lets You Go Online
This might be the modern day equivalent of an “Eureka!” moment, as scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics claim to have discovered the ability of a microchip to emit Wi-Fi after being embedded with a one-watt LED bulb, where the signal strength is good enough to offer Internet connectivity to not one, two, or even a trio of computers, but four! This particular discovery has led to it […]

Fo̱s Wearable LED Display Targets Athletes As Target Market
Now here is another piece of wearable technology, but it has nothing to do with the likes of Google Glass. Rather, the Fos is a new kind of wearable LED display that was designed by Anders Nelson, and it will target athletes in particular. Just what does the Fos offer? Well, it will come with a panel that will hold a bright LED grid which can be programmed wirelessly, using […]

Leo Messi Dons An Adidas LED Suit
We have seen the world of fashion and technology cross paths a fair number of times in the past, such as Rihanna’s LED dress that lit up her “Last Girl on Earth” tour, or how about LED kinetic hats that are definitely something worth checking out if you like to be in the center of attention all the time? Well, Lionel Messi of Argentina (and of course, FC Barcelona), whom […]

Custom LED Ring Lights Up When Its Wearer's Hands Are Held
Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes, from the more classic designs, to the more gamer-centric designs, but here’s a particular design which we’re sure will have both geeks and romantics gushing. As you can see in the image above, the light coming from the ring is not from glittering diamonds, nope, it’s actually coming from a couple of LED lights which has been embedded into it, and what […]

Clyde LED Desk Lamp Powered By Arduino
Is there nothing that the Arduino chipset cannot do? I guess if you were to answer the question on a purely technical basis, it should not be too difficult to do so, but just to get an idea on how flexible Arduino can be, how about controlling lamps in your home using it? A Canadian design company known as Fabule has come up with their latest “baby” known as Clyde, […]

Satechi's Touch USB LED Lamp Illuminates Your Empty Bottles
As I sit here at my desk, I see there are currently four empty bottles just sitting there, doing nothing to better themselves for the sake of our society. But if I had $25 to burn, I could magically turn these empty bottles into USB-powered LED lamps.Satechi has a new product called the Touch USB LED Lamp and what it does is basically what I described a moment ago. It […]

LED Wakeboard Is Definitely Cool
Patrick Rochon, a photographer and light painter for the Red Bull Illume international action and adventure sports photo contest, has managed to come up with a rather impressive photo shoot which should see jaws drop along the way. Rochon impresses as he not only managed to successfully capture expert wakeboarders in action, but he also worked alongside Evan Jones in order to come up with custom LED wakeboards that were […]

LED Backlight In Next-Gen iPad A Possibility
Another day, another rumor concerning the upcoming iPad from Apple, and this time around, said report that has been making its rounds around the Internet claims that Apple will in all probability, rely on a modified LED backlight apparatus in order to ensure that the next generation 9.7” iPad would lose as much weight as possible, in addition to not take up too much space in your backpack or bag. […]