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2TB Mac Mini Makes Its Return To The Apple Store
Back in October 2014, Apple finally released an updated version of their Mac mini computer. However apart from the slight upgrades, there was one thing missing and that was customers weren’t able to select a 2TB storage option. A 1TB storage option was the highest it could go, which meant that customers would have to resort to external HDDs or flash drives to store their files if they went over […]

Mac Mini Gets The iFixit Teardown, Found To Be Harder To Repair
According to a report from the other day, it was suggested that the newly announced Mac mini, unlike its predecessors, would have its RAM soldered to the computer. This means that if you wanted to upgrade your Mac mini with more RAM, you’ll have to do it via Apple’s online store where it would no doubt cost you more than it would outside.If you were hoping that wasn’t true, you […]

Apple's New Mac Mini Shows Improved Single-Core Performance
A few days ago, Apple finally introduced an update to the Mac mini computer which had not been updated for a while. However interestingly enough Apple had decided to go with a dual-core setup versus the quad-core setup from before, although in all fairness the new Mac mini computers will feature Intel’s Haswell chipset, versus the Ivy Bridge processors from the 2012 model.That being said, how does the new Mac […]

New Mac Mini's RAM Is Soldered, Not User Upgradeable
Yesterday and after what seemed like a really long time, Apple finally announced an update to the Mac mini computer. For those looking for an inconspicuous computer that can be used to perform simple tasks, we suppose the Mac mini is a pretty affordable option. The new Mac minis will all come with 8GB of RAM by default (4GB for the base model), but if you wanted more RAM, there […]


Mac mini Finally Updated
Apple did not spend a lot of time on the Mac mini, but its fans must be really glad that the mini is finally getting some upgrade love from Apple. The new model gets Intel’s 4th generation processor (including faster integrated graphics), WiFi AC and a price cut to $499.

Updated Mac Mini Rumored For October Launch
Apple hasn’t updated its Mac mini computer for at least two years now. For those who are looking for something compact and slim that they can hook up to their TV or monitors, then you might be pleased to learn that the new Mac minis have been reported to debut alongside the new iPads in October.This is according to the folks at MacRumors who claims that they have heard from […]

Mac Mini 2014 Model Referenced In Apple Support Document
The last time Apple released the Mac Mini it was back in October of 2012, meaning that it has been two years since Apple has released an update for the computer. However could that be changing soon? According to reports, it seems that some have spotted a support document on Apple’s website in which there is a reference made to a 2014 version of the Mac Mini.The support document in […]

Haswell Mac Mini Release Expected Soon
There hasn’t been much talk about the Mac mini. The last time it was refreshed was back in October 2012, when it came with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and the option to upgrade RAM up to 16GB. Mac mini happens to be the only product in Apple’s Mac lineup that wasn’t updated in 2013. The company refreshed its iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Intel’s latest Haswell processors, it even […]

Mac Mini Prices Increased In Some Countries
It seems that after introducing the new iMac with refreshed hardware the other day, Apple also made some quiet changes to the prices of their Mac mini computers for some countries, and not necessarily for the better either. The regions affected by the price increase include countries such as Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and Malaysia. For example over in Australia and prior to the prices being increased, the Mac mini was […]

The Mini Mac Is Both Cute And Functional
We’re sure you guys are all familiar with the Mac Mini, but what about the Mini Mac? It sounds like a rip off doesn’t it? Well in reality it’s actually a project by the host of RetroMacCast, John Leake, who took a Raspberry Pi computer, a handful of electronic components, and together with a Linux-based Mac emulator, the Mini Mac was born! In fact the whole affair is rather cute […]

Apple Moving Mac Mini Production To U.S. With Foxconn [Rumor]
It looks like we’ve finally found the missing piece to the puzzle. Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook broke the exciting news that the company is bringing back Mac production in the U.S. Mr. Cook also confirmed that Apple is investing $100 million for the said project and that the company will be working with “people.” The CEO did not specify what “people” meant, and there were speculations that […]

New Mac mini taken apart, benchmarked
The updated Mac mini was introduced to the world just a couple of days ago, and it did not take too long for someone to take one of these newfangled desktops and tear it apart, revealing to all and sundry what lies underneath the hood. Of course, we are well aware that Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors will power this puppy, with the option for one to configure the Mac mini […]

Mac mini refresh starts from $599
There is this prevalent school of thought that goes along the line of Apple products being expensive, and for most part, it was very true in the past, although the advent of high powered notebooks and Ultrabooks that run on the Windows platform have more or less caught up in some cases where pricing details are concerned. Well, the Mac mini is said to be the most affordable Mac to […]

Retina MacBook Pro 13 to start at $1699?
We’ve been expecting a Retina MacBook Pro in a 13-inch edition since the excellent 15-incher came out, and with an Apple press conference scheduled for next Tuesday, one huge remaining question is the price. 9-to-5 Mac has heard pricing information based on wholesale prices that tips the least expensive 13-inch Retina at $1699, with a higher-spec model costing a few hundred dollars more.