For a brief moment in time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) seemed like it was in trouble. This is because due to an inability to negotiate a deal, both Sony and Marvel announced that they would no longer be working together, meaning that the third Spider-Man film would not be part of the MCU.

However, this spat did not last very long as both companies have since arrived at a new deal, which is said to be thanks to Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland. Now it seems that both companies are quite chummy with each other again, and during a recent roundtable, Sony exec Tom Rothman expressed his interest and hope that both Sony and Marvel could continue working together beyond the third Spider-Man movie.

Rothman was quoted as saying, “I think this was a classic win, win, win. I think it was a win for Sony, I think it was a win for Disney, and I think it was a win for the fans.” That being said, it is unclear what kind of new Sony/MCU movie there could be following the third Spider-Man movie, which is due for a release next year.

However, recently there was a report that revealed that Sony has a new Marvel movie pegged for late 2021, and given that the Spider-Man and Morbius movies have been announced, many are curious as to what this movie could be.

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