Researchers Have Found A Way To Hack Monitors To Spy On You

The other day we reported that researchers had found that certain brands of wireless keyboards were vulnerable to hacking, which meant that a hacker could effectively hack the keyboard and spy on you in terms of what you’re typing and sending. Turns out that we shouldn’t be worried about just our keyboards, but we should also be worried about our monitors too.

Dell Unveils A 70-inch Touchscreen Display For The Classroom

In many schools around the world, the chalkboard or the whiteboard are more or less standard when it comes to classroom facilities. However Dell is hoping to change that narrative as the company has unveiled a 70-inch touchscreen display that can be used for more interactive and dynamic teaching in classrooms.

Thunderbolt Display With Integrated GPU Still In The Works

Just a couple of days ago, Apple confirmed that they had discontinued the Thunderbolt Display. With no successor in sight and with Thunderbolt Displays with integrated GPUs debunked, it seems like that could be the end of Apple’s ambitions to create standalone displays for its computers.

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display Has Been Officially Discontinued

Last month it was spotted that the Thunderbolt Displays from Apple were low in supply, leading to speculation that a refreshed model with a possible 5K resolution could be on its way. There were even rumors that a model with its own dedicated GPU could be in the works, although that rumor was later debunked.


NVIDIA Simultaneous Multi-Projection For Correct Surround Views

NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture called Pascal supports a feature called Simultaneous Multi-Projection. It is designed to handle up to 16 display devices with the idea that they will form a surround viewport. A 3-monitor setup is quite common, but you can imagine a larger setup, and don’t forget that stereoscopic views need twice the number of viewports. [photo credit: NVIDIA]

Sony Unveils PVM-X550 55-inch 4K OLED Monitor

If you’re going to be shooting video footage in 4K, or if you capture images at high-resolutions, you obviously will need a display with an equally high-resolution if you plan on editing it. After all if your monitor can’t properly handle the high-resolution, then checking the details of your photo or video will be pretty hard.

BenQ Announces Affordable 22-inch Monitor

If you’re after a new monitor that doesn’t break the bank, and you don’t necessarily need to have the thinnest bezels or the highest resolution, then you’re in luck as BenQ has recently announced the GW2270. This is a new monitor from the company that will be priced at a relatively affordable $119.

Dell 30-inch UltraSharp UP3017Q 4K OLED Monitor

Very few computer manufacturers are associated with high-quality displays. Dell has been among them ever since it came out with excellent 30” LCD monitors in 2006 (I still use the same one!). 10 Years later, the company announces a new 30-inch display with an OLED panel which sets the color saturation and contrast ratio to new heights.

Dell Announces UltraSharp 24 Wireless Monitor

[CES 2016] As if having cables running all over your table for speakers, your mouse and keyboard, power, external hard drives, and etc. wasn’t messy enough, you would also need a cable for your monitor. Or do you? Dell has recently announced a new model part of their UItraSharp lineup in the form of the UltraSharp 24 Wireless monitor. As the name implies, this is a wireless monitor that allows […]

Dell Announces UltraSharp 24-inch & 27-inch InfinityEdge Monitors

[CES 2016] We’re not sure how many of you guys remember back in the day of the good old CRT monitors. They were huge and packed massive bezels which kind of distracted from the content of the screen. However fast forward today, monitors have become increasingly thin, and their bezels have shrunk as well. Now for those who do prioritize such designs/aesthetics, Dell has recently announced two new monitors in […]

ViewSonic Unveils XG Series Of Gaming Monitors

[CES 2016] With so many monitors to choose from, it certainly feels like consumers are spoilt for choice these days. Now if you are after a monitor specifically for gaming, then you might be interested to learn that ViewSonic has recently announced their XG series of monitors that have been designed for gaming. These monitors come in the form of the XG2703-GS, which is a 27-inch monitor with an IPS […]

LG Unveils New IPS UltraWide Curved Thunderbolt Monitor

[CES 2016] Ever wondered why more OEMs are starting to create curved displays? It has been said that curved displays offer up a more immersive experience, thanks to the curved edges allowing the viewer to take more in compared to a regular flat-screen display. For some users they might not notice the difference, but for some this is an important feature. Now if you’d like to get yourself a curved […]

Lenovo Y27g Curved Gaming Monitor Launched

[CES 2016] When it comes to devices with curved displays, you might think of brands like Samsung or LG, but think again because Lenovo has recently launched their latest gaming monitor in the form of the Y27g, and in case the photos weren’t already obvious, this is a curved gaming monitor. Apart from being able to show off how far technology has advanced, curved displays are said to be more […]

Acer Announces R1, H7, XR Series Of Monitors

[CES 2016] Monitors are a dime a dozen and while that might be overwhelming for consumers, the upside is that there will be a lot of choices that they can choose from, meaning that manufacturers need to up their game if they hope to stay relevant in today’s market. For those shopping for a new monitor, Acer has announced new R1, H7, and XR series of monitors, all of which […]