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Netflix Releases Trailer For Upcoming ‘Umbrella Academy’ Series
If you love superheroes, there is a good chance that you might have heard of the comic book series Umbrella Academy. While the series itself is pretty good, what brought attention to it was the fact that the series was co-written by Gerard Way who before that was known for being the lead singer of rock band My Chemical Romance.

Resident Evil TV Series Reportedly In Development At Netflix
Now that the Resident Evil movies are done (at least for now), it seems that Capcom has interest in keeping the live-action version of the series alive. This is according to a report from Deadline in which it has been reported that Netflix could be looking to develop a TV series based on Resident Evil.

Hilton And Netflix Now Offer In-Room Streaming Via Hilton's App
It’s common to find Netflix on hotel room TVs, the app is pre-installed and guests can simply log in. Hilton and Netflix are taking this experience one step further by teaming up for in-room streaming through the hotel giant’s own Hilton Honors mobile app. Hilton’s guests will be able to log into their Netflix accounts and control streaming using the app.

Hulu Price Cut To $5.99 Per Month
Not long after Netflix raised prices for all subscribers in the United States, Hulu has decided to cut the price of its base subscription plan. It currently costs $7.99 per month for the ad-supported plan and Hulu has decided to cut its price to $5.99 per month starting February 26th.


Netflix Is The First Streaming Company To Join The MPAA
The Motion Picture Association of America is a powerful lobbying group in Hollywood and now Netflix is a part of it. The company has the distinction of being the first streaming service to join the MPAA as a member. It’s a watershed moment as this is the first time that a non-studio has been inducted as a member to this 97-year-old trade association.

Netflix Now Lets Users Share Show Titles To Instagram Stories
While Instagram was not the first to debut the Story feature, they certainly have had quite a bit of success with it where they managed to convince advertisers to start using it, and have been introducing a fair amount of new features for it too, such as polls, questions, and so on, turning it into a fairly robust tool.

Netflix Original Content Spending May Touch $15 Billion In 2019
Netflix spends a significant amount of money on content every year and the budget goes up with every passing year. It spent $12 billion creating original TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more in 2018. It’s expected that this number is going to rise to $15 billion in 2019.

Netflix Thinks Fortnite Presents A Bigger Competition Than HBO Or Hulu
Netflix as an entertainment service that provides video streaming to their customers definitely has their fair share of competitors in the form of Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and let’s not forget Disney who is planning on launching their own service later this year. However interestingly enough, Netflix doesn’t necessarily view them as big of a competition compared to Fortnite.

Steve Carell To Star In Netflix's 'Space Force' Comedy Series
Steve Carell has signed up for a new comedy series with Netflix titled “Space Force.” The company has revealed that Space Force is a workplace comedy and many of you will be aware that Carell is best known for a workplace comedy himself called The Office. Carell has co-created the series and will also be starring in it.

T-Mobile Will Cover The Cost Of Netflix’s Price Increase
Recently Netflix announced that the price of its subscription has increased, which means that customers will need to pay more money than before to keep using its services. However the good news is that if you’re part of T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” program, the carrier will be covering the costs on your behalf.

All Netflix Plans In The U.S. Are Now More Expensive
There’s some bad news today for Netflix subscribers in the United States. The streaming service is raising prices for subscribers in the country across all tiers. There isn’t going to be a cooling off period here as well. The price hike goes in effect immediately which means subscribers will be charged the higher rate when their next billing cycle begins.

Google Pixel 3 And 3 XL Seemingly Received Netflix HDR Support
There’s no shortage of HDR content on Netflix but the feature is only available on limited devices that have displays which can take advantage of the extended color gamut on the video streaming service. Netflix maintains a list of devices with HDR compatibility and while it hasn’t been updated to reflect this, it appears that the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have seemingly picked up Netflix HDR support.

Netflix Sued By ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Publisher Over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Interactive books that let you dictate how a story goes isn’t exactly new and have been around for decades. Interactive television on the other hand is new in which Netflix has attempted to bring into the mainstream with the launch of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. This is a movie based on the Black Mirror franchise where users can make choices throughout the movie that will affect its ending.

The ‘Bird Box’ Social Media Challenge Has Caused Its First Accident
It wasn’t too long ago that Netflix’s “Bird Box” movie was released, and by all accounts it was the platform’s most popular movie to date having been watched by over 45 million accounts. Unfortunately the movie spawned an internet challenge where people challenged each other and themselves to do things blindfolded.