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Nintendo NX Won’t Be A Digital-Only Console
With pretty much every game these days being offered digitally, it makes sense to think that digital will be the format of the future. After all it takes up no physical space compared to the boxes and CD/DVD cases that games used to come in, not to mention the manuals that are also bundled inside of games.

CD Projekt Red Says The Nintendo NX Will Be ‘Fantastic’
Right now little to nothing is known about the Nintendo NX, save for the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be one of the games available. That being said, it seems that The Witcher’s developer CD Projekt Red has teased the fact that the upcoming Nintendo NX will be, according to them, “fantastic”.

Nintendo Explains Delay Behind The Legend Of Zelda
Nintendo originally announced that they were going to launch a new Zelda game for the Wii U back in 2013, but unfortunately it has been plagued by multiple delays. It was scheduled for 2015 but it got delayed, leading to Nintendo having to reassure gamers that the game was still on its way.

Take-Two Keeping A Keen Eye On The Nintendo NX’s Development
The Nintendo NX is only expected to be released next year in March, but more details are expected to be revealed this coming fall. So far there aren’t that many companies who have publicly announced that they will be developing for the console (either no interest or Nintendo has not sent out developer units yet).


Nintendo NX Details Will Be Shared This Coming Fall
A couple of months ago, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo NX would be released in 2017. This was a bit disappointing as many gamers had expected it to be released in 2016 (rumors suggest that VR integration could be the reason for the delay), but many had hoped that at least we could be seeing the console shown off and demoed at E3.

Nintendo NX Will Focus On The Games, Not The Specs
During E3, Microsoft announced that they were working on Project Scorpio which is basically an upgraded Xbox One. Based on Microsoft’s announcement, it sounds like they focused very heavily on its specs and tossed words around like “teraflops”. Also Sony’s confirmation of an upgraded PS4 also hinted at more powerful specs, all of which we guess are to be expected.

Nintendo NX’s Delay To 2017 Was Due To VR Integration [Rumor]
A couple of months ago, Nintendo announced that their next-gen NX console would be released in 2017. The console was originally rumored for 2016 but given that it was a rumor, we assumed that it was just wrong, but now a report from DigiTimes has revealed some details that might explain certain things.

Nintendo Boss Says NX Isn’t A Pure Successor To The Wii U
We’ve all known for some time now that Nintendo is working on a new console that’s known as the Nintendo NX. The company has been providing hints about the new console and the latest suggests that it doesn’t view the upcoming console as a successor to what it currently offers. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has actually branded the NX as a “new way of playing games.”

EA Open To Developing Titles For The Nintendo NX
Just like smartphones and computers, how popular a console platform is will largely depend on its ecosystem. It could have awesome features, a slick UI, an affordable price, and powerful hardware, but if there are no games available at launch or if developers avoid developing for it like the plague, then there’s really not much point.

EA Exec Thinks There Will Be No More Consoles In The Future
Just like how mobile gaming has replaced the need for dedicated handheld consoles, will there ever become a time where consoles are replaced by other forms of gaming, such as PC gaming in the future? A couple of years ago, NVIDIA’s CEO seemed to think so and it looks like he isn’t alone in this line of thinking.

Nintendo Will Livestream The New Zelda Title On June 14
Last month Nintendo confirmed that the Nintendo NX will only be launched in March, 2017, and that they will not be showing off the console at E3 2017. Instead Nintendo stated that their focus at the event will be about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U (and also the Nintendo NX upon its release).

More Evidence Suggests The Nintendo NX Will Be Disc-less
With games and various software being digitally available these days, it isn’t uncommon to see computer makers sell computers without an optical drive. Plus with cloud storage, physical backup on CDs or DVDs isn’t as common as it used to be. However when it comes to consoles, discs are still very much required.

Nintendo Does Not Want To Rush The NX, Will Not Sell At A Loss
Despite the Nintendo NX being announced last year, the company revealed this year that the console would only be seeing a March 2017 release. This seems to have gone against speculation and predictions that the console would be launched this year, possibly during E3. That being said, Nintendo has revealed the reason why.

Koei Tecmo Working On Games For The Nintendo NX
Details of Nintendo’s upcoming NX console is scarce meaning that for all we know, Nintendo could possibly be working on creating the most powerful console ever. However all that power is pointless if there are little to no games available for it, kind of like having a $10,000 gaming PC but all you’re going to do on it is surf the web.