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Another Nintendo Patent Hints At The NX’s Detachable Controllers
If the rumors are to be be believed, the upcoming Nintendo NX console is said to be more of a handheld console than a traditional home console like the Wii U, PS4, or Xbox One. However there is a feature that lets users dock the console if they’d prefer playing it in the living room on a big screen TV.

Bethesda Not Ruling Out Developing For The Nintendo NX
If there was an issue that gamers had with the Nintendo Wii U, it was that compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, there weren’t that many triple A titles released for the console, save for Nintendo’s own first-party titles. However could all of that change with the upcoming Nintendo NX? We suppose that remains to be seen, but the good news is that Bethesda could be considering it.

Nintendo NX Graphics Will Reportedly Be Between The PS3 & PS4
Are graphics important when it comes to gaming? For some gamers yes, but for others, not really. After all back in the day, there were many gamers (and there are probably still quite a few) who were into MUDs, games that were completely based on text and where it was pretty much left to your imagination.

Nintendo NX May Get Mario, Zelda, And Pokemon Games In First Six Months
There is a lot of anticipation surrounding Nintendo’s new console, the first it has released in many years, and we have already heard a lot of rumors and reports about the Nintendo NX. A new report published today claims that the Nintendo NX is going to receive Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon Go games within the first six months of launch. The report claims to have obtained this information from “sources […]


Ubisoft Has Some Surprises For The Nintendo NX
The Nintendo NX has yet to be released or revealed in full, but it seems that even ahead of its launch, it seems that developers are already singing its praises. For example the developers behind The Witcher franchise have stated that the console will be “fantastic”, and previous Ubisoft had also expressed optimism about the console and how it could draw in casual gamers.

This Is What The Nintendo NX Could Look Like
The other day a report from Eurogamer revealed some potential details about the upcoming Nintendo NX, and now thanks to a follow-up report, additional details about Nintendo’s console have been revealed, along with a mock-up of what the console could look like based on information from Eurogamer’s sources.

Nintendo NX Could Play Nice With The Company’s Smartphone Games
A report from the other day revealed some pretty telling details about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. According to the reports, the NX is said to be a console that focuses on portable gaming, although at the same time when players are at home, they can dock the console and play it on the big screen.

Nintendo NX Is Reportedly A Proper Handheld Gaming Console
Not much is known about Nintendo’s next-generation console right now, only that the company is currently working on the NX. A new report suggests challenges the basic idea that many have about this console. Apparently, the Nintendo NX is going to be a 100 percent fully portable handheld console, so if this report is believed, it’s not entirely going to be similar to the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox […]

Heart Rate Monitoring Rumored To Be A Nintendo NX Feature
Details of the Nintendo NX are scarce and pretty much everything we know about the console is based on rumors, speculation, or patent filings, none of which provide guarantees in terms of features. The most recent rumor comes from the Chinese Commercial Times report in which it suggests that heart rate monitoring will be a Nintendo NX feature.

Ubisoft: Nintendo NX Will Be Able To Draw In Casual Gamers
The way most Nintendo games have been designed make them appeal to gamers who just want some quick entertainment. This is because their games for the most part let players jump right in and out, and that there’s no need to level their accounts/characters, collect loot, and so on. A good example would be Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, where anyone can just start playing.

Nintendo Is Getting Ready To Manufacture The NX
The Nintendo NX has been set for a release come March 2017, although there are some analysts who thinks that Nintendo could miss that date. The good news is that it looks like that might not happen because during the company’s annual general meeting, Nintendo director Hirokazu Shinshi revealed that they were getting ready to manufacture the console.

This Is Why There Aren’t Many Details About The Nintendo NX Yet
When it comes to the Nintendo NX, not much is known about the console which is why some analysts have speculated that this is because Nintendo isn’t ready with the console yet, and could miss their planned March 2017 release. However according to an interview with Associated Press (via Nintendo Life), Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto explained why this is the case.

Analyst Thinks The Nintendo NX Will Miss Its March 2017 Release Date
Nintendo announced not too long ago that they would be releasing the Nintendo NX come March 2017. This is slightly later than many had expected, which was a release this year, but we guess Nintendo is still working things out. However according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Nintendo could very well miss that date as well.

Trademark Hints That The Nintendo NX Could Use Cartridges
A patent filing from last year seemed to suggest that the upcoming Nintendo NX won’t have an optical drive. However if you thought that this meant that the console would digital-only, think again. Instead we have been hearing rumors that the Nintendo NX could actually be going back to the good old days of cartridges.