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Nissan Is Using Final Fantasy Characters To Sell Cars
Nissan is one of the most popular car brands in Japan, why wouldn’t it be, it’s based in the country after all. Final Fantasy is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the country so the two appear to be a natural fit. No wonder Nissan has decided to start using Final Fantasy characters in its advertisements to sell cars. The game’s character Lightning has been featured in a […]

Nissan's Semi-Autonomous Driving Features Being Prepared For The U.S.
We’re still a long way from fully autonomous cars but most major car manufacturers have already started offering semi-autonomous driving features with their cars. Nissan is one of those manufacturers. Its suite of semi-autonomous driving features is called ProPilot Assist and it’s already available elsewhere. The company has now confirmed that it’s preparing ProPilot Assistant for launch in the United States.

Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Electric Car Coming September 5th
Nissan had the Nissan Leaf electric car long before the Teslas and the Chevrolet Bolts of the world. The company is now gearing up to launch the next-generation Leaf EV. The official Twitter account of Nissan USA has posted a teaser image of the new car and has also mentioned that it will be formally unveiled on September 5th.

Nissan's Solution For Distracted Driving Is A Signal Blocker
It’s really unfortunate that distracted drivers take lives and injure countless others every year across the globe. It’s a very serious problem and despite genuine efforts to tackle the issue, there are only so many ways that you can police the behavior of someone behind the wheel. Nissan has come up with an interesting solution to the problem. It thinks that distracted driving can be prevented by making it impossible […]


Nissan Self-Driving Cars Take To The Streets In February
We’re still a few years away from fully autonomous cars being allowed on the roads but there are a plethora of tech and car companies that are now aggressively testing their self-driving car technology out on public roads. It has now been confirmed that self-driving Nissan Leaf cars will take to the streets in London next month making it the first time that the Japanese company will test its self-driving […]

Nissan Cortana Integration Confirmed At CES 2017
BMW is not the only car company that’s working on integrating Cortana in its cars. Nissan is doing something similar. As part of its current partnership with Microsoft through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the Japanese car maker is working with Microsoft on integrating its Cortana personal digital assistant in its cars. Cortana will be baked into the new Connected Vehicle Platform that Nissan is developing.

New Nissan Cars Will Send Owners Maintenance Notifications
Our cars will become increasingly connected over the coming years and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s going to take some of the pain out of car ownership and maintenance while making it much easier to live with our cars. Nissan has revealed that some of its new cars will have an option that enables the car to use big data technology in order to notify owners when maintenance […]

More EV Charging Networks Planned For US Highways
Electric vehicles today have certainly come a long way from what they used to be several years ago. Not only has their range improved, but there are more EV charging stations made available, meaning that you won’t always need to be so meticulous about planning your route anymore, although we guess it doesn’t hurt to be prudent.

Nissan Unveils The Autonomous ProPILOT Chair, Because Why Not?
We’re not sure what’s up with Nissan and creating automated furniture, but you might recall that earlier this year, the company unveiled an intelligent parking chair that would basically have the ability to push itself back under the table after being used during a meeting, or maybe at the end of the work day.

New Nissan Leaf Electric Car Will Have 200 Mile Range
Electric cars need to offer a substantial amount of range on a single charge for them to become a viable mode of transport. There are expensive options available in the market right now that provide a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge but in a year or so the entry cost will come down for people looking to switch. Tesla’s Model 3 and Chevy’s Bolt will both […]

Nissan Takes On Tesla’s Powerwall With The xStorage
Last year Tesla took the wraps off the Powerwall. This is essentially a battery designed for your home, meaning that in the event of a blackout, you will have spare energy to help keep the lights on. However Tesla wasn’t alone in their plans because it didn’t take long for other companies to launch similar initiatives.

Nissan Recalls Over 3 Million Cars Over Airbag Issues
Nissan has recalled more than 3 million cars in the United States over airbag issues. It’s not directly related to the Takata recall that affects millions of cars in the country, but it does affect around 3.53 million Nissan cars nearly all of which happen to have been sold in the United States.

Nissan’s LEAF Car Now Reads Minds
When the Nissan LEAF car was first released, it certainly caused plenty of waves, not because it had a design that split opinions right down the middle, nor for the fact that it is a small sized people mover, but simply because it was marketed to be an affordable electric car for the masses. It has since proven its worth on the road, and Nissan continues to make new strides […]

Nissan Issues Recall For 47,000 Leaf Electric Cars
Nissan has issued a recall for almost 47,000 of its Leaf electric cars, 46,859 to be precise, the recall includes Leaf models from 2013 to 2015 and has been issued because of potential braking issues. The Leaf might encounter trouble braking in extremely cold weather, and since braking is essential to the safety of the passengers and their fellow road users, Nissan has decided to issue this big recall to […]